My VIA character strength results

– Hi guys. Now I recently made a vlog
all about how you can find out what your own particular
unique character strengths are and it’s via the VIA
Character Strengths Survey, which is very quick, it
takes 10 minutes, it’s free, and they do one for kids as well. And at the time, I threw out a challenge to see if anybody would
be able to guess what my particular top strengths are, and in fact nobody guessed correctly. So I thought I would share with you now what my own strengths are. So here goes. At number one, my top
character strength is honesty, and if you follow my vlog on my blogs and all the rest of it, you can probably tell that
that particular aspect of my personality does actually
come through quite strongly. And at number two, I
have social intelligence, which is very useful in
my job as a health coach ’cause obviously you have to
connect with lots of people. Number three, I have gratitude. Number four is love and
number five is curiosity, also very useful in my
job as a health coach. So those are mine, and if
you haven’t done so already, I would definitely urge you
to go and do this free test and find out what your strengths are because a lot of research shows that if you know what your strengths are and if you can apply them,
start to mindfully leverage them in your day-to-day life,
then you will be happier, you will be healthier, you will
be more successful in life, so it’s really worth finding
out what your strengths are and then thinking about
how you can best use them. So I’ll put the link again, the VIA Character Strengths
Survey, and go and do it. Get your family to do it as well. It’s very insightful, and I hope you get a
lot out of doing that, and I’d love to hear from you if you do. So thank you for watching. I’ll speak to you soon. Bye.

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