Myth #4: Transgender Healthcare is “Special Care”

There’s somehow a myth that healthcare related
to someone transitioning you know is elective or just someone’s choice or just someone’s
preference or cosmetic or experimental or something like that. In fact nobody is having
transition medical care unless that care is medically necessary. If you what to utilize
the word special every person has special needs you know whether you’re you have pancreatic
cancer or you have lupus. You know your care your medical care may not be the same as someone
else’s that doesn’t make your medical care any less legitimate than someone else’s.
It is so important for the medical community to be educated on on all issues to provide
culturally competent care you know whether you’re black, white, transgender, gender
nonconforming, its important for good comprehensive care SEIU and the labor movement have long
fought for dignity, humanity, and respect for every human being and this is part of
that making sure we fight for good comprehensive care for everyone. It’s not aesthetic it’s
a necessity of this community, every person has different you know needs, these are the
needs of the trans community. Unfortunately there’s a long history of transgender people
being very worried and rightly so about going pre healthcare. I can tell you personally
as someone who visits medical schools and surveys the health care professors all the
time in connection with my work here at HRC, that actually the healthcare profession is
changing. Doctors and other healthcare providers, they’re really interested in transgender
healthcare it’s one of the hottest topics right now in medical education. And we have
at HRC, a whole slew of training programs that says, “Interested in providing better
care as transgender people come in for care? We’ve got answers for you. It’s really
something to see, the medical profession is really starting to want to do much better
by trans patients and they are.

6 Replies to “Myth #4: Transgender Healthcare is “Special Care””

  1. We have more important things to worry about and provide for than transgender a who want to mutilate their bodies. Pay for it on your own and leave the sane world alone.

  2. Why are liberals so scientific when it comes to certain things but when it comes to this subject they are no different from a religious person on the matter..

  3. This definitely is a myth! I simply go to my primary care physician for my hormone replacement therapy.

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