Natty Or Not – Nick’s Strength and Power- Is He Giving You Sound Advice and Content

debunking myths and helping you find the
best information you can on the web about your health and fitness is one of
the things we do on this channel and today we’re covering a youtuber that has
done just that but so much more with his YouTube channel and his message dealing
with health fitness in the bodybuilding community and we’re gonna take a look
right now in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately better right but to fail to read it just text what’s good YouTube you’re back in the
building with y’all know what I love you know feelin I’m seeing all-powerful damn
on everything the sexy as hell hopes and this is the life gains fitness and
wellness channel where I help you guys make better informed decisions about
your fitness and your health hopefully can get you guys in shape and today
we’re reviewing influencer on YouTube who has done just that but has also
turned into a big business for himself his name is Nick strength and power and
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scrolling below so right here we’re reviewing Nick strength and power and
this is a young man who decided that he wanted to do so much more than resurrect
his own body and transform it but he wanted to be a impact in the fitness and
health community and he has done that in a huge way so he went through and gave
you his life story of how he did what he had to do to get in shape to get to the
way he is and some people in this community would be happy thinking that
they can continue to grow their channel just based off that and I’m not saying
that you can’t because you can you can make a big message just off your
personal transformation your personal fitness story you can certainly do that
but what Mick figured out is that not only could he do that but he could
report and use his excellent skills of editing video and social media to do
more and he started doing that by doing other great YouTube videos on what’s
going on anybody what’s going on with celebs and
bodybuilding health and fitness and other health and fitness news and
generally the information he puts out is usually on point it’s targeted and it’s
great information to follow my favorite video of his it’s when he talks about
the difference between bulking and getting ripped and lean and why people
make excuses for bulking he really goes in depth with that video you’ve been
seeing clips of that particular video right here and I would say if you
haven’t subscribed to Nick strength and power channel go on down there and his
link is in my video description and do it he is not a milk ID bump in the
middle for him he is a checkmark in the life gaze influences that can help you
reach our goals keep you motivated and excited and I’m
proud that he’s doing what he’s doing because a lot of people want to make
money from YouTube but a lot of people don’t necessarily want to be training
clients he took his gifts and made a great niche
on YouTube as a youtuber with adding his personal story to the myth so go check
him out he won’t do you wrong and continue to come back and see this
channel if you want to know about more debunking people in the fitness industry
health Mills all those good things as we grow on the life gains Fitness channel
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  1. There is a lot of fakers and liers in the fitness community. In this video we review a youtuber to let you know if they are legit when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding info.

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