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Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a recipe for natural deodorant that you can make at home. Some of you may remember the spray deodorant I used to use when I lived in Malaysia. Well as time went on I wasn’t stocking those ingredients anymore and I wanted to find a new recipe with things that I did have around my house. Additionally, I wanted to make something that my husband could use as well, as he had been trying about three or four different men’s deodorants from the store and they weren’t working at all. And I’m happy to report that this deodorant works so well for my husband that he’s actually convinced some of his own guy friends to start making this recipe. So here’s the deodorant. This is about 60 milliliters [or grams] or two ounces and the cost per serving is $2.42. Now I live internationally so I was able to find all of the ingredients on and I’ll link more information about that in the description. Now one drawback to this recipe is that because it does include coconut oil if your house is warmer than 76 degrees the consistency can change. And if that’s the case you can keep this recipe in the refrigerator, or simply make sure that you mix well every time that you use it. So there are just four ingredients to this recipe: coconut oil, arrowroot powder, baking soda and essential oils. Now if you are sensitive to baking soda this recipe probably is not for you. Now to supercharge this recipe I personally use tea tree and eucalyptus essential oil. But if you don’t need that extra strength you can use any blend of essential oils that you like. If you do choose to include essential oils make sure that you are cautious with the dosing. According to Jessie Hawkins from Vintage Remedies, she recommends a 2% dilution, which is roughly 12 to 14 drops per ounce, for healthy adults that will be using the product on a regular basis. However if you’re pregnant or considering using this product on children you need to first check that the oil is appropriate for such use. Many aren’t. And if you find that it’s safe to use that essential oil then a 1% dilution, or roughly 6 drops per ounce, is more suitable. For example, topical use of eucalyptus oil should be avoided by those under the age of 7 without additional guidance in proper dosing. So please do your own research, and you can always speak to a certified aromatherapist, preferably with experienced and aromatic medicine, if you need to. When in doubt you can still use this recipe without any essential oils at all and it still works very well!

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  1. Would be nice if you said how to apply it. We all know how to use the stick or spray and perhaps can come up with something; it would be nice to hear how you do it.

  2. For warmer climates you could ad bees wax and/or cocoa butter. I use sage oil  (Salvia officinalis). I apply it with my fingertips, about 1 pea per armpit.

  3. Yes!!!! Natural deodorant is amazing I just posted a video on how to make a diy deodorant and how it saved my pits, my underarms are so fresh and healthy now🌿♻️🙌🏽 – 6 months using only diy natural deodorant I love it. Also started replacing baking soda with food grade diatomaceous earth for no irritation works magic

  4. Hi Tara, I followed your recipe and it has worked really well! Thank you! I want to share my experience because there are a few things to consider (my apologies in advance because of my english!)

    I live in a very warm city/country and I made the recipe just some weeks ago, during the beggining of summer: the deodorant was liquid at room temperature, so I put it in the fridge minutes before to apply it. Sometimes I left the deodorant during hours in the fridge but if you do this, you have to wait to at least take a little of the product to apply easily, because you have to feel it like a body cream. The problem is that the baking soda lays on the bottom of the jar (or whatever you use to storage) due to the density of the ingredients and you have to mix it with the oils and cornstarch/arrowroot powder before applying it every time. If you don't do this, at the end of your deodorant you will be applying only baking soda and very few oils and because this is a very dry ingredient, you will have your armpits full of b. soda, not stickig in yiour skin and falling on your clothes and bed, making a mess (I had my sheets covered by grains of baking soda and it was very annoying!!). So take this into consideration, mix the deodorant first and then put in the frige and cool it only before to apply, a few minutes before (I would say 15 is enough).

    Edit: and don't apply it after removed your armpit's hair!!

  5. What is the purpose of arrowroot? Can it be replaced by another ingredient? Doesn't this deodorant stain your shirts? (Since it is oil based)

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