Navigating Health Care with a Disability: Our Stories, a Focus on People with Disabilities

[ Music ]>>People with disabilities
can face challenges accessing healthcare.>>With going to the ER, if I
don’t tell them how to treat me, they would just treat me like
any other patient who walks into the ER, and it would
hurt me more than help.>>The ambulance came, and
the paramedics told me that — that they could take me, but they couldn’t take my
dog — my service animal.>>For medical appointments, sometimes it involves navigating
the office a little differently than other people do. So, in the dentist office, I
have to wheel my wheelchair next to the seat and do
a full tilt back.>>Healthcare providers
are required to offer everyone access
to medical services without discrimination on
the basis of disability. This means that although
your needs may differ, the quality of your
care should not.>>I find that providers
who also see OBGYNs, who also see patients in
wheelchairs won’t even bring up the issue of a pap
smear or a breast exam.>>So, going to any doctor’s
appointment or going anywhere in this world, it’s really —
it’s not made for wheelchairs, or at least wasn’t initially
made for wheelchairs. [Music]>>It’s important to work with
your provider and advocate for yourself to get
the care you need.>>One of the best
ways for a doctor to really accommodate my needs
is when they ask me questions and they don’t make
an assumption of what I can and can’t do.>>Being healthy and having
a healthy relationship with a provider goes both
ways, so the provider has to be proactive in looking into
my condition, but I also have to be doing the proactivity,
where I — I need to looking
to do the research for what provider I need,
and communicating my need to my provider because
they’re not going to know, unless I tell them.>>Tell your provider, we
are going to need more time, likely an extra aide in the
room because that’s going to be needed for
mobility and to move you.>>You don’t have to do this
alone, but at the same time, you need to be the captain
of the ship, but you — you need to be very
engaged in your care so that you can take care
of yourself and your future, and ask for help
when you need help and to not be afraid to do that.>>To learn more about how you
can work with your provider to get the care you need, and prepare for your next
appointment, visit our website. [ Music ]

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