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I feel fine.
I can feel it. I feel… Leave me alone. Hi, I’m Nellie.
-And I’m Dzifa. Welcome to…
-Our Drugslab. Every other week we test a drug
to see how it affects our body. This week, Marcello…
-Jason… Banjopicksandchicks…
-And Irritation… …were curious about
the South East Asian drug… Kratom. This is our kratom. It’s a powder.
It has a brown-greenish colour. It smells like stale tea. I’m wearing my heart rate meter.
My temperature is fine. Kratom is a tropical tree
mostly found in South East Asia. There are three kinds of kratom,
distinguishable by the leaf’s veins. Kratom made from leaves with
white veins has a stimulating effect. Kratom made from leaves with
red veins has a numbing effect. Kratom with green veins is
a mix of the two. That’s what we have. This is the so-called Maeng Da kratom.
Translated that means: ‘Pimp-quality kratom.’
-Great. You can take kratom in three ways. You can chew it, the traditional way,
just like they do in South East Asia… but it’s very chewy and hard to digest. You can smoke it,
but that has no advantages. The best way is to pull tea,
which is what we’re going to do. You need to dissolve 5 to 10 grams
in 100 to 150 ml of water. The water should be hot but not cooking
and then you stir it. Besides your body weight
and how sensitive you are to kratom… the dose depends on
the potency of the kratom. A dose of 2 to 5 grams of regular
kratom will cause a euphoric mood. A higher dose of 5 to 25 grams
will have a more numbing effect. This will cause you to calm down
and your muscles to relax. It helps people to sleep easier. This is the more potent variant,
so we need less. 1 to 2 grams of Maeng Da equals
3 to 5 grams of regular kratom. We’re starting off with 3 grams to see
if we can achieve that stimulating effect. If you feel good and confident
you can take another 3 grams… to reach the next level.
-Sounds like a plan. Yes, it’s still warm enough. This is to get rid of that nasty taste.
-2 grams. Okay, I’ve added 3 grams.
-Let me stir the bottom. I feel nauseous already.
-I get that. Shall I drink this over there?
-Go ahead. Enjoy it, girl. It’s really bitter. I understand why people mix this
with orange juice or chocolate milk… because the bitter taste is intense. Get a hold of yourself. Kratom contains several
active ingredients, like mitragyna. Mitragyna is
a so-called opioid antagonist. That means it affects
the opioid receptors in your brain. With a low dose, mitragyna stimulates
the delta receptors in your brain… which is responsible
for the stimulating effect. When you take more, mitragyna begins
to stimulate the brain’s mu receptors. That can cause a numbing effect. In rare cases, kratom can be
physically and psychologically addictive. Not much research has been done yet. I feel fine.
-I’ve noticed. You seem happier and more alert.
-Indeed. It feels the same as having two or three
alcoholic beverages. A bit tipsy. Has your vision changed or is it…
-It’s just how I feel. Your mood?
-Yes, my mood. I suddenly feel like doing things.
-Really? You want to do something,
so we’re going to play a game. You have to set a fast time
with a race game. And we’ll see if you’re faster
after taking more kratom. I’m looking forward to this,
but I don’t know how it works. Press this button.
Go. Now. The race has begun. You have to press this button.
Now turn. That’s it. You’re doing surprisingly well.
-This is fun. No, no, no. Oh, yeah. Isn’t it intense that the screen moves?
-No, I like it. It’s making me dizzy. I find it difficult to concentrate.
-Yes, that was your fastest lap. Your time was 2 minutes, 53 seconds.
-I got better as I played. That’s because after one lap
you know what’s coming. It was fun, but I always find
computer games exciting. The physical effects of kratom,
include a dry mouth. I have that.
-Okay. You can feel dizzy or nauseous,
but that usually passes over. Yes, I felt nauseous when I drank it,
but that quickly passed over. You need to go to urinate more often.
I haven’t noticed that yet. And it stirs up sexual desires.
Have you noticed that? Because you feel more comfortable,
your need for affection grows. It’s not like I’m soaking
and about to slip off of my chair… but I feel very at ease with myself,
so I’m more in the mood for sex. And an important effect, more energy.
-Definitely. I brought along something fun for that.
Wait a second. That’s a real treadmill.
-A treadmill. Now we can really test your energy. Well, off you go.
-Let’s go. I’ll set the speed at five. Everyone at home. Run on the spot.
Here we go. At a brisk pace. You know, it’s funny standing here,
but I feel calm. I find this very chill. You don’t mind doing this?
-No. Okay, I’ve had enough of this. Really?
-Yes. Just five seconds to reach
seven minutes and then you’re done. Come on, one final sprint. I thought it went really well.
You were really up for it. I didn’t have to coach you to go on.
-I enjoyed that actually. How do you feel now?
-Great. I think it’s time to take more.
-Let’s do that. If I had done this recreationally,
I would’ve said: I’ve had enough now. You’re at 3 grams,
how much more do you want to take? My gut says to double up.
-So, another 3 grams? Don’t take seconds too quickly,
because it can make you nauseous. It’s important to mention
never to mix kratom with other drugs. Especially not with MAO inhibitors,
as that can have lethal consequences. We’ve decided to give it a try with
my favourite drink, chocolate milk. We’re going to see if it tastes better
with chocolate milk. That’s enough. I feel sorry for you
that you have to drink this nasty sludge. Kratom with chocolate milk.
It still smells as nasty as before. And? You know what makes it gross now?
It’s very sweet and very bitter. The last of the sludge. All gone. Ten minutes have gone by since
you’ve taken seconds. How do you feel? Much calmer.
-Indeed. You’re also talking much slower now.
-That’s odd. A moment ago, I was active and calm,
but now I feel… I can tell by your eyes, they’re…
-That’s so bizarre. It happened really fast.
-I’m not really tired, but suddenly just… I enjoyed the first effect more.
That was more fun. This is nice if you want to crawl
under the covers, but it isn’t fun. You played a game before. It went well.
54 seconds is the time to beat. I want to know how fast you are now.
-I wonder if I’ll be faster… because I feel relaxed and focused. Or that I’ll be very slow-minded
and drive slowly. Deadbeat.
-Go. I’m more relaxed. A moment ago
there were all these sounds. Look, I’m going to make a jump.
-Wow, you’re making all the jumps. I feel like my driving has improved,
but that I’m slower. You’re sort of driving safer. Two minutes, 47 seconds.
That’s faster. If we were hanging out and you had
such a change in energy, I’d think… Something’s wrong.
-Exactly. Do you feel like going on the treadmill?
Not really, right? You stepped onto the treadmill
like an old granny. I feel really fine,
but I just don’t feel like talking. I don’t feel like moving.
Leave me alone. Come on. Keep going.
-The thing is my eyes keep falling shut. My legs feel ridiculously heavy.
-Forza. Great job. I’m constantly trying to snap out of it,
but I can’t. Golly, I feel so tired.
-You really need to go to bed. I wonder if you’ll have
a hangover or something tomorrow. I feel great again.
I was very tired, drowsy and a bit… I ate well, I slept well.
It’s just really intense… to go from feeling up to feeling…
But besides that I feel great. Guys, doing drugs is never without risk,
so if you do, do it as safely as possible. Enjoy your weekend
and check us on Instagram. And don’t forget to subscribe.
Have a great weekend. Bye.

100 Replies to “Nellie’s stamina is put to the test after Kratom | Drugslab”

  1. It's also great to help come down off of withdrawals. I definitely prefer the NUMBING kind. The "stimulating" kind makes you waaaay too agitated. Also – it is better if you HEAT the water like tea to get more of the drug into the solution. Adding sugar to it also helps it go down way easier. You can also straight up take it in pll form.

  2. Why would you drink Kratom? Put the powder in caps & swallow. Duh. Because honestly it tastes horrible. Why are they saying it’s addictive? Sugar is fucking addictive & kills people too but I don’t see warning labels on chocolate bars. You have to work really hard to abuse kratom. Buy a super concentrated tincture & drink it by the bottle. You cant “od” on it either.

  3. I bet it tastes like poppy seed tea. Had to throw away that. Was making me want to throw up too much. Too bad because I wanted to see if it helped as a painkiller.

  4. i first tried kratom around a year ago after seeing it on here and while I wouldn't say I love it, I do enjoy the effects of the white vein variety in the 4-6 gram range. I mix it into yoo-hoo just like she did here and can barely taste it. I don't use it that often, but I keep some in my desk at work (since it's legal here) for when I'm feeling really drained and tired. my personal reaction to it is that it doesn't get me high, it just makes me really focused. like I know what has to get done and I just do it, and really fast without getting distracted.

  5. Next time try Opium. Now Nelly understands why Opioids are so addictive. I predict that Nelly will become an addict lately in a matter of time. I can see it in her eyes.

  6. To rid of the REALLY bad taste, you can throw it in a hot cup of Chai Latte and add some honey or cane sugar. It still won't be good, but at least it'll be bearable.
    I use the Drink Me – Chai Latte, as it reminds me of the Chai latte's I had at various psy festivals, but any Chai would do…just don't forget the sugar xD

  7. I tried this once but I projectile vomited so bad I had to go to bed not sure I felt much of an affect apart from the vomiting

  8. Nellie does all my favourite drugs and both me and my girlfriend wants to see her do some porn, atleast a racey shoot, please Nellie, much love, YOUR BIGGEST number 1 fan.

  9. kratom forces you to moderate your dosage. if you use even semi regularly, you will not get anything from high doses but a stomach ache. its a wonderful low risk drug if respected

  10. I normaly mix Kratom with Coffee, The bitterness of the coffee pretty much takes away all the nasty shit when it comes to taste.
    And its easy to get it down that way.

  11. The ingredient is mitragynine, not mitragyna (written in caption 3:50) and it's an opioid-recepter agonist, not antagonist, antagonist blocks the recepter to prevent the binding of agonist(agonist, instead, binds to and stimulate the recepter)

  12. This is pretty much like me on alcohol, up to some point its fun but then i just become sleepy and irritable lol

  13. They're both so fine all I can think about is how fun they'd be to smash. I'll eat some Kraton first.

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  15. Kratom is pretty neat. I use it to wake up in the morning because I don’t like the jittery feeling I get from drinking coffee. It makes me feel more alert, energetic, and way more easy going

  16. KRATOM if taken, must be CYCLED. 2-3 days on, 2-3 days off. This way you will experience MAXIMUM effects FOREVER 😉 Just use something else in between (if you really need something). I strongly recommend taking WILD KRATOM from Borneo Energy in Indonesia, the only wild kratom on the market. It has the purest and most potent effects…

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