Never too Late – maintaining strength as we age

It’s no coincidence that our risk of
falls and fractures goes up as our muscle mass goes down. From age 30 we
lose three to five percent of muscle every year unless we take steps to
maintain it. And for those of us who are over 60, activities like walking and
gardening don’t usually strengthen our muscles and bones enough to keep them
healthy and strong. If you don’t currently do any strengthening exercises, you’re not alone. A recent review reveals only a quarter of women and a third of men do strengthening or balance activities twice a week as recommended.
The good news is the solution is incredibly simple and can be fun. Nordic
walking, dancing, racket sports or ball games, to name but a few, help to retain
our muscle mass and reduce the risk of falls as we age. To learn more about the
changes you can make, visit

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