New ABOG Portal Tutorial: Fellow Dashboard

Welcome to the new ABOG portal. This short video will highlight key elements
of what we refer to as My Dashboard. When you log in, you’ll land on your custom
dashboard. All your personalized status information and
tasks will reside on this main page. Under the title of My Dashboard, you’ll see
your ABOG status as pertains to certification. For example, this dashboard is displaying
information for an individual who is an Active Diplomate pursuing an ABOG subspecialty and
shows the cycle and year pertaining to the Maintenance of Certification program. On the top half of the page are a set of graphics
that will contain your personal information for your Maintenance of Certification, such
as your article progress, article score, and your Performance Pathway running average, as well
as status information and task progress related to your subspecialty, such as how many days
until your exam application is due, and how many years you have left in your eligibility
period. Clicking on any graphic will direct you to
a page where you can complete that task or to a page with more details. The information displayed here will depend
on where you are in the certification process, so you may see different graphics than the
ones displayed here. Under the graphics is a list of your Certification
Tasks, where all the tasks that you’re required to complete for your annual MOC program will
reside, as well as tasks that you’re required to complete to become certified by ABOG in
your subspecialty. Clicking on a pending task will take you to
a page where you may complete that task. You also have the ability here to hide completed
tasks or make them visible again. Again, the information displayed here will
depend on where you are in the certification process. In the top right corer where your name is
listed, you’ll see the menu. In this menu, you can access your profile
and a section called My Files. On your profile page, you can change your
password or email, and update your personal information, including your address, phone
number, medical licenses, and medical schools. Under My Files, you’ll find historical items
such as payment receipts, reference to completed MOC tasks, an MOC application summary, exam
applications, your certification status letter, and any necessary forms. If you’d like to get back to the dashboard,
you can use the dashboard button in the menu or click on the ABOG Portal logo in the top
left corner. If you’d like to visit ABOG’s public site,
click on the button above the menu. This concludes our video tutorial about the
new ABOG portal dashboard. If you’d like to watch more tutorials about
other sections of the new portal, visit the links below in the description of this video
or visit our YouTube channel.

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