New Safety App; Women’s Health in Haiti: The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}

Welcome to the Week at Duke in 60 Seconds. LiveSafe is Duke’s new safety app for students,
staff, and faculty. With the app, friends can virtually monitor each other’s whereabouts,
and submit live tips about suspicious activity to Duke Police. Scientists at Duke are using technicolor zebrafish
to study how cells work together to make new skin tissue. Each genetically programmed cell
glows a different color under a microscope. Scientists can then study the movement and
regeneration of the cells. Family Health Ministries, Duke Global Health
Institute’s primary partner in Haiti, recently opened a women’s health institute that provides
Haitian women with medical exams, and a safe place to deliver babies. Finally, a Bass Connections project called
Citizenship Lab helps refugees in the Raleigh-Durham area. Faculty and students work to help refugees
adjust to their new environment and become active participants in their communities. For more Duke News every day, visit Duke Today.

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