New to Australia – Medicare Card and Health Care Card

This is the Australian Medicare Card. Most people who live
in Australia have one. Anyone 15 years or older
can have their own Medicare Card. Children under 15
can be on their parents’ card. Having a Medicare Card means
you can get medical treatment for less, or for free. You use your Medicare Card
when you visit a doctor; when you get treatment
at a public hospital; or when you get your
prescribed medicines at a pharmacy. It’s important that
we have your correct address, so we can send a new card
when the old one runs out. If you lose your Medicare Card;
if it gets stolen, or if you want to update your details,
you can do it easily by: calling 131 450
to speak to us in your language, or by visiting a service centre, or online through mygov A Health Care Card gives you
a range of concessions on health care costs. A Health Care Card can reduce the cost
of some health care services or prescription medicines. For example, when the doctor
prescribes you medicine, you may pay
less for the medicine. Some services let you pay less
if you have a Health Care Card. Sometimes these include public transport,
household bills and education. Many places in the community
also offer concessions if you have a Health Care Card. You will have to show your card and always ask whether
there is a concession available. Concessions are different
in each state or territory, so it’s important
that you check. If you get a Centrelink payment,
you may get a Health Care Card. It’s important that you tell us
about changes in your life, like changes in how much money you have earned; if you get a new job;
or if you change your address. If you leave Australia
for a short time, your Health Care Card will generally
remain valid for up to six weeks. For more information:
visit a service centre, call 131 202 to speak
to someone in your language, or go to

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