New Video from the Women’s Health Research Conference!

Researchers from the Department of Veterans
Affairs Office of Research and Development recently gathered in Arlington, Virginia,
with other leading women’s health experts with one goal in mind: improving the lives
of Women Veterans through research. The three-day VA women’s health service research conference
kicked off July 14 at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington
National Cemetery. Participants included VA program officials, researchers, and clinicians,
as well as partners from the medical and scientific community, federal agencies, and Veteran Service
Organizations. Congressional staff members also participated in the event. It is our
mission to understand and treat the effects of military service on women’s lives. We know
that there’s a rapidly expanding population of Women Veterans. VA is preparing for that
as a lifetime effort for us, that we need to make sure we serve all the needs of all
the Women Veterans. [laughter] – Thank you very much. The night’s events included presentations
by leading women’s health researchers. – Improving the quality of care for Women Veterans
is a passion of mine. narrator: and a visit by Dr. Robert Jesse, Principal Deputy Undersecretary
for Health, Veterans Health Administration. Conference-goers moved to downtown Arlington
for the remaining two days of the VA Research Summit. The stage was set by Dr. Joel Kupersmith,
Chief Research and Development Officer, who emphasized collaboration with research partners
but more importantly with Veterans and their representatives. – Research is a partnership.
We partner with clinicians, the people who see patients. But i think our most important
partnerships are with Veterans. We have partnered on many large studies with Veteran Service
Organizations and with Veterans. We’ve done surveys about research. And it is important
that the Veterans be our partner in what we are doing. – We follow these issues very closely,
DAV, Disabled American Veterans. These are critical issues. we’re really looking forward
to the new research that’s coming out. We’ve been very involved over the past several years
with many of the researchers to brief us and update us on what’s happening with women’s
health issues. Narrator: With the aim of conducting research to advance women’s health care, topics
discussed during the research conference included enhancing research-clinical partnerships,
mental health research, post-deployment health, gender differences, and trauma. The women’s
health research discussion summaries will be used to further enhance the VA women’s
health research agenda and accelerate research impacts on policy and practice. – We have
a slogan. We say, “You served; You deserve the best care anywhere.” And we believe that
not only are we providing care that’s going to serve Women Veterans; it’s going to be
the best care available in the nation.

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