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That was pretty cool we had the new alt AZ
stuff, what’s going on with that man? Nice, we got the new alt AZ, we got summer ends
music festival coming up here. A new format , it should be good. Format, ya, likes what?
Alternative, all kinds of alternative good music up. Keep tuning and you’ll be able to
listen and win some cool stuff and see some good shows, should be good! What else is there?
Don’t you have a show to do? Don’t you have a show going on, right now? S**t! Get out
of the way! Hey guys, what’s up? Joel from the Vape Channel here! This week I want to
talk to some of you that might be a little bit newer, if your going to get into vaping,
what nicotine strength you should choose. Choosing the right nicotine strength right
off the bat can be a little bit challenging for newer vapors, but fear not because after
you learn what it is, you know how to control it and help bring yourself down how you want
to do it at your own pace. There is no exact schedule for anyone at home going well I’ve
been doing 12 mg for two months so I should bring it down. you go when your ready and
that’s going to help you be more successful in the long run to eventually drop down all
the way to 0 mg, no nicotine whatsoever. The hardest question that I ever get every day
here at Vape Escapes is “Well I don’t know how much nicotine to get because I don’t know
how much nicotine is in my pack of cigarettes.” That is the most impossible question for me
to answer. Why? I’m glad you asked! When you get a pack of cigarettes I don’t care if you
getting a pack of Newport’s or Cools Or Marlboro, Berry’s French twist whatever, Winston
Salem light thingys. Whatever you get each cigarette in that pack is going to be different
from each other meaning cigarette 1 is going to be different from cigarrrete 20 at the
end of your pack. The reason why is because your going to have a bunch of crushed up leaves
and they all have nicotine inside them and some are going to have more leaves than other
, some are going have more. You can have some that are 2 or 3 mg that go all the way up
to 17 or 18 mg. that’s the hardest question that we ever get to answer. The good news,
we do have good news. When your picking a nicotine strength , when we do it at our store,
we start at about 12 mg, now 12 mg we have found over extensive study and science, what
we found out that 12 mg is sort of the equivalent to someone who smokes about a 1/2 a pack a
day. Now this doesn’t matter if it’s the little slim Virginia slim ones or a pack a
cools or a pack of something harsh like that. 12 is a good median range to start at. Now,
if you smoke a little more than a pack a day but less than a pack, you might want to bump
that up to 18. If you smoke a pack or day or more, you might want to crank it up all
the way to 24. Now after that I’ve had some people say well, the 24 is not enough and
I need more. The problem that I have with that is that when you do anything over 24
its just too much nicotine, then your going to start feeling kinda sick. If you have ever
seen in cartoons where they get sick and they turn green, I never knew why that happened
until I tried a 36 mg nicotine bottle of juice. If you smoke less than 1/2 a pack a day, there’s
an alternative to that too. You can turn down your voltage and you can also go down to 6mg
or if your doing this just for the little hand to mouth and you want to cut nicotine
out of your life completely , you can get flavors with 0 nicotine altogether. That’s
right, you can vape and you don’t need nicotine. For some people out there they go that’s
ridiculous, but I have had people that have come into my store and I know plenty of other
stores where they have done this where they go in there and they’ll do it just because
they like the oral fixation and the little hand to mouth. Lets have a little bit of fun
right now. I want to show you because what we have already talked about mechanical mods,
stuff for rebuilding and we have talking about electronic mods. I wanted to show you some
of the cool stuff out there that you can use for mechanical mods and rebuilding if you
like to rebuild at home. This is just a way you can personalize your experience to show
who your are. The first one I’m going to show you is the miraxis. The miraxis is a
mechanical mod, which means no wires no funky do hicky stuff, no adjusting it. All it does
is take a battery and it’s adjustable . It’s telescoping, which means I can stretch this
thing out here and I can put an 18650 , which is the tall battery. It’s got a bottom button
on it and I can put a small battery in there . I can put an 18 500 , an 18 490, an 18 350
and I can get thing this small If you want to keep it a little more compact. why does
it have a button on the bottom, cause it looks cool when you vape it like this . coming up
next in our mods is the black stingray, the stingray kit like the miraxis is telescope
but in a different way. Instead of twisting it up and down you can take different sized
tubes to put it together to accommodate different sized batteries. Its also mechanical, its
got copper on it in some places and it comes with its own neat little drip tip if you don’t
want to vape it, you can just look like a duck. This is bada** if your in the fast and
the furious movie, I don’t know why I said that cause its got a dragon on it I guess.
I can put this on the side of my car while I’m riding high with my nitric. Living my
life a quarter mile at a time . The dragon emperor mod is a clone, but it’s got this
neat little patina and shines to it so its black in some places and it looks copper in
others. It’s nice on the hands, nice little springy button on the bottom. Nice little
mechanical mod for dripping. That’s the dragon emperor. So you say you like to drip,
but you need more power and 3.7 volts isn’t enough, why don’t you switch to watts. Do
you need 30clone, which was originally made by someone else but this is a clone, this
is the clone! This thing is awesome because it does 30 watts that is unheard of, well
it was unheard of a few months ago. 30 watts on a mod is amazing if you like a hot vape
and you like to drip 30 watts, this is money. This is the scull gun mechanical , it is heavy
why because there is a big freaking skull on here with some guns. Its a bottom button
, its a 18 650, its a bit heavy, but boy if you like to show off in front of your friends
its got these little pretty blue eyes, they have some that have red eyes, if you spin
it around you see its got a nice little pipe logo on the back, If you like going out into
public and showing off you love to vape, this thing is mean! So, Joel what if I want to
sport major wood, I can do that too. This is the smoke Syllenis, or whatever, it looks
kinda like a boat handle but for some reason I’m in love with this thing. This thing is
elegant, its classy, it feels like a real smooth wood. No not like that ! This thing
is an electronic mod which means its not a mech mod, which means you can put dual taanks
on it and go nuts on it but its got a little bit of weight to it. This thing will do 6
volts and 15 watts, it’s got a little adjuster ring right here on the center. Its pretty
cool , I want one! Can I have one? he said no, this is neat, and I like this because
it kind of looks like samurai armor. this is the chi U clone but it’s called the Chi
corrosive. Its got these neat little refined, I’d got these neat little patterns on it
. If you have a kick in there you can put it in there and adjust, that way you can turn
your mechanical mod into an electonical mod. i still got more wood, we got these cameron
kay fires right here. This thing is just a step up when you know that you like vaping,
this thing is really neat because its made out of wood, this got an adjustable ring at
the bottom that does 3.2 -4.8 volts on it. It’s got a little beauty ring up here. 4.8’s
are the duel, its pretty cool. Its nothing out there that’s too crazy. but you can
still show a little flair when you go out at night. The last one I got for you is for
those of you like to keep it simple and like to be discreet and all that stuff you saw
before is just a little too much . This kit right here is pretty neat, It is call the
Emily. Its got different little skins you can put on but I like putting the wood on
there because who doesn’t like wood? Cool thing about this is that it is apcc ( personal
charging case), in lamens terms, these two little e-cigs right here charge inside of
this unit. I can pop them out 1 at a time . Its a small battery when you have a smaller
ecig but as you use it you feel content, you feel good you pop them back in there , charges
in your pocket or your purse or your car or wherever else you want to do it. The cool
thing about this is , slide action! And its got two electronic cigarette, So if your doing
1 and your just having a bad day, you’ve also got the back up there all charged and
ready to go. Instead of being and auto battery these they have buttons!! So it only goes
as you want to hit it. Before we wrap it up today alot of these mods are really new so
everything you see on the vape channel should be on vape escapes website,
Until then, keep it real , keep it fresh keep it real fresh!

40 Replies to “Nicotine strength & Mods The Vape Channel”

  1. Hello, I'm new to vaping due to trying to quit smoking cigs. I wanted to ask if the kanger subox mini starter kit would be a good pick. I'm looking for something that will help me quit smoking but also put out some decent clouds. (Don't have much money to spend also).

  2. ill tell you right now if you are quitting dipping get the 24mg right off the bat. i needed 30mg to even work for me at first . i stay at 18mg now

  3. It's funny how fast mods have advanced.

    "30 watts is unheard of"

    Now, a year later, 200 and 250 watt mods are becoming commonplace.

  4. Hello, I am brand new to vaping and wanted to start because it smells so good, I ordered a kanger subox mini and just got it in the mail today. Its reading at 0.5 ohms and set at 20watts, I rinsed the tank and let it dry and then put in 80VG/20PG 3mg Cotton Candy e-juice from Mount Baker and did one direct lung hit. I waited about twenty minutes and got nauseous, had to go to the bathroom and felt very lightheaded, I laid down and felt better an hour or so later. Do you know what I did wrong? I've heard everything from too high of a PG content could do this but this is high VG. Ive also heard it could have been a slight nicotine overdose however I was craving a cigarette the whole time I was feeling bad, if I had enough nicotine in my system to OD I def wouldnt be craving a cigarette right? Because I can smoke 1 cigarette and feel no cravings at all for days. I really hope someone can help me figure out what made me feel sick cause I REALLY wanna vape and this was a really bad experience for my very first hit ever, I literally only hit it one time and didnt even think it was that big of a hit

  5. I smoked a pack a day for 20 years and 18% nic was just too much for me. Now I've ordered a 6% bottle and hopefully that'll allow me to vape more.

  6. ,new to this channel, but love it….crazy question though. you went from figuring out nic strength right to mech mods, what was that about. don't know if that was smart being that you were talking to new vapers. if you don't know what nic strength you use, you probably don't need to know about mech mods quite yet.

  7. Man I bought a bottle of 24 miligrams and I am gagging. I used to smoke a pack a day but this is killing my throat worse than cigarettes.

  8. I just bought the kangertech drip mod and it is super smooth, it's my first rda and it's the best thing I've ever used! The squonker is great on it

  9. haha I don't know about this channel its dumb but funny. and informative haha yeah I'm gonna subscribe haha

  10. I vape at 18mg, but keep thinking I should go to 12. As for mods, I'm a total know nothing much at all lol. However, I have found that I do not like the mods with removable batteries, I prefer something I can just plug in and charge with a built in battery.

  11. Help please. I was never a big smoker, only smoked when I was out drinking. Still I bought a sub ohm (1.8) with 0.6mg of nic and it is really reallly strong for me. I smoke it at the lowest setting which is 3.2 volts. Would it be better to go down to 0.3 or 0 even? Will I be able to enjoy it more?

  12. hey i have a question, I've been vaping for a good amount of time now using 0 and 3 nic I'm a none smoker and i am wondering will 3 nic have bad affects on me?

  13. I smoked a pack a day and was recommended 6 mg when I started a little over a week ago. I'm fine though I vape almost constantly (when not at work). I'm just wondering if maybe the strengths are gauged differently state to state or something? Or maybe that individual was just unsure of what they were doing. Because what you're telling me in this video is way off from what they told me about the levels.

  14. wish i found this channel before i bought my first juice.Got a bottle of juice with 90vg/10pg with 6mg nic paired with my innokin t18 and i don't get any throat hit at all or taste either it's leaving me hanging for a ciggy! :/

  15. I sat down and got some old college calculator and a bunch of paper and this is what i found out, a 30ml bottle with 3 ml of nicotine is roughly the same as 90 cigars about 4 packs and half…so you need 0.66 ml of juice at 3ml to get the fix you get from one cigar, if you go to 6ml nicotine you need half so 0.33 ml is like 3 or 5 40 watts full hits in something like a baby tank…bottomline you need to hit your mod 4 times every time you need a cig

  16. 2014: We have tubes, with buttons, and you have to rebuild it every week.

    2018: This LCD screen shows you the date and time, can adjust wattage, voltage, temperature, curves, and a built in calculator. Also has an alarm clock and bluetooth so you can surfer the internet on it. This mod features a state of the art ergonomic design and can fire up to OVER9000.

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