Nioh 2 Last Chance Trial Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

hello guys and welcome so in this video I wanted to give a tutorial about the Nioh last chance trial so this is for Nioh 2 and it’s only gonna be available and literally until the 1st of March 2020 so is critical now if any of you are interested the reward for finishing this mission and defeating the last boss is you get an item which you can redeem for the main game when it comes out which you can only get during this trial you can’t get it ever again that’s why it’s called the last chance trial it did exactly the same thing during near 1 that’s how I got into Nioh was because of seeing one of the stream as I watch called maximilien dude I just happened to log into his dream while he was playing The Last Chance trial for the first game and I was like hell yeah I want to do this so the second that came up for the second game I was interested now I did play the first Neil so as you can see you don’t actually have William who was the character from Nioh 1 in the second game bar if the game detects that you have got save files and install files of the first game on your PlayStation then it will allow you to transfer transform into William generally you start off with your own character which you can make it be male female you customize the look whatever you like now the way this game was the way the 12 works you have these sort of blue gravestones now these are assistants that you can actually summon to you and you need the Oh choke oh coach Oh cups in order to some of them you get those you have to kill revenants revenants or something from the red graves as with the other you know game you have the shrines and you can see surrounded by the Kodama what you can do here when you go here you can level up so here we go I’ve been I’ve been playing like for a couple of hours now so you can level up right here as well and also as well you can [Music] make offerings to the kodachi which is a good way to recycle all gear so you see here make offering so if we make an offering let’s see I’ve got a lot of useless gear which I simply don’t need so for example I’ve already got this level sixty-six legs I don’t need all the other ones if I just get rid of the other ones then I can get elixirs I can get other things out of it now of course when the main game comes out I wouldn’t recommend to recycle everything like because you will be able to dismantle these and craft them into new items but for the sake of the demo I would say just offer all of them and use the whatever items you get in order to level up now gear drops on the slowing increasing scale and that’s how it is and games like this so initially you’ll only get really crappy gear but the more you play the better gear that will drop all the time so make sure you always keep you gear up today also as well the way the combat works is that you have different stances are holding r1 you can change from high stats to medium stance to low stance I would really recommend to go through the tutorial mode in order to learn how to do the game but I’m using a weapon called a node achi like sepharose Masamune and I have grown accustomed to the mid stance because I’m just used to this style of combat but if I set it to low stance and most times generally will offer low quicker attacks that do less damage but you’re able to pull off more of them and high stance will use more and more of your stamina and hit harder but you can see it’s lower and leaves you more vulnerable to attack what your self in the game is something called key pulse so if I drain my stamina then just as those dots are surrounding me I can press r1 to help restore my stamina quicker so let me do it again like that so in the middle of combat is obviously you want to maintain your stamina the last thing you want is to start going into fights and being drained so what do basically you have to be careful the game like this so think of this game like Dark Souls or blood-borne whatever those soul games like you can die really really easily there’s not like other games where you’re gonna just mow down everyone with your sword no they can mow you down like really quickly so you do have to keep in mind what’s going on now what I would recommend as well in terms of combat is simply if you have to especially at the beginning wait for them to attack Dodger slide away from it whatever and then counter by or let them drain their stamina and so on like don’t try and muscle your way through the game until you’re much higher level than that your opponent if you try muscle your way through a game like this like Nioh like Dark Souls like all of them then god you’re in for very horrible I you really are and one thing I’d recommend as well is to keep an eye out for any extras that you can find so obviously this guy we can’t get to it because of this game there’s nothing we can do we can find eventually a path to get to him so exploration is also very useful in the game to lock on to enemies you press are free so and you see so I’ve locked on to this guy to block hold l1 and the main thing as well that’s a really big advantage especially for the demo is something called the burst counter to do that you press R to hold r2 and then you press circle so at the right time you can burst count our enemies so let me show you what I’ve been learning along the way so these little guys stay away from them they go that’s the burst camera when they were out of stamina you can then do a big attack on them it’s not always a guarantee kill but it’s definitely good when you see this all red circle rather than just press triangle and they can be done with so where is quick attack and triangle is strong attack let me do this one thing I find as well that’s really good with this all burst count there is I just throw into my rotation so I do three quick attacks as my fourth attack always as well be mindful of pressing r1 and at the right time to help restore your stamina so guys at the very beginning you might find this game very very frustrating why even the simplest mobs will kill you but as you get your rhythm into the game as you level up more and so on you get used to the weapon style and the attacks that the monsters do believe me I get it trust me it gets easier it really gets easier Oh probably if you like me it only takes a couple of hours to get into it if you have real problems with the game you could always summon friends and so on as someone ran the people from the the blue gravestones and as you can see God I’ve been playing this all day I’ve been having so much fun with this but like I said with the red ones you can see level six revenant but let’s fight the revenant so all the ears basically is a version of a actual players character and do not underestimate the hurt at all it’s okay for me now because I I’ve been doing this for ages but don’t underestimate them at all so you see I got so much Oh Cho Cole cups and I can use those to summon um a helper so let’s someone to help her again this is a representation of another player but it’s controlled by an NPC now when you have these sort of great auras it means that it’s just a youkai more of a more powerful mob but you only have to kill them once I’ll sit there dead forever till the end of the mission if you want to fight them again on a certain mission then literally all you have to do is what’s it called all we have to do is start the mission again now you can see these auras the yokai aura that they left behind this will really really strain and slow down you can see my stamina bar is going up really really slowly but the way to get rid of those one they can expire but – if you do your key poles that move while inside of those auras then you can dispel them completely and then in order to heal simply you assign by default is up on the d-pad you can see the bottom left you have all these different items which you can assign so the way you do it you simply assign items to the to the D to the D pad so if I select for example elixir set a shortcut then I’ve set it there and that’s the way I do it so by default is art but you can set different items for different things you’ll get talisman as well which you can use by training up magic but I don’t want to really go into too far into that so as I say guys just to keep this as brief as possible this last chance trial of co2 is only available this weekend it’s downloadable free PlayStation 4 go for it if you can finish it and finish the last boss in time then you’ll get be able to redeem an item from the PlayStation Store which you won’t be able to redeem ever again so here’s your last chance to get the item it’s just a cosmetic but it’s just a nice trophy to have I feel happy that I’ve got the one from the original Nioh and Nioh – Nioh – I believe comes out in two weeks time on the 13th of March so and I will try and cover the game and play it through because I said I really really enjoyed Neil I don’t I really usually have a really hard time playing source Ahlborn type games but Nioh one actually did finish all the way and the replayability is you can do in harder settings you can try different weapon styles as many different weapon styles and you can also as well try and scour the entire levels looking for all the Kodama those little green guys because the more than you find the better it is for you and it’s just a sense of accomplishment as well that you’ve returned all of them to your shrine so yeah so that’s it and then if you want to do gestures you might have seen people do just use of ‘literally click options on your controller and then you can select which gesture you want yeah nice so and you can see that there’s many it’s like nerve why why can I not play games 24 hours a day why do I have to sleep okay guys all right so like I said I’m having a huge amount of fun with this game please check it out while it’s free while you have a chance it’s a good chance to try the game see if you like it before the main release and decide if you’re gonna buy it or not hey right so anyway guys that’s it for this video if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up you can watch around the video over they watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe thank you guys bye bye

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  2. Not a game for me, not a fan of the hard for hard sake as a mechanic. Im waiting on ghost of Tuishuma myself, however I am truly happy this game came out so soon as you can see the quality of the game and it has legions of fans.

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