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  1. ERRR..? "8PERCENT OF NORWAY'S GDP AND 16PERCENT OF THE USA's"????? Well…..I'm making a really, really "wild guess" here, but could the reason POSSIBLY BE that Norway has a GDP MORE THAN TWICE AS HIGH AS YOU??? wiki it!!! NORWAY 99 000 DOLLARS, The USA 47 000 DOLLARS….

  2. Norway's Health Care System is not free.
    Hospitals have a lot of old equipment by 20 -30-year old they use today. Bioengineers use 20 years old equipment that constantly breaks http://www.nrk.no/sorlandet/ma-bruke-20-ar-gammelt-utstyr-1.11695292 

    They have money problems, and hospitals closed down one by one. modern cancer medicine has become too expensive in Norway, Norwegian Death Panel

  3. The tax rate in this clip is pure bullshit, if u dont have any deductioan at all the max tax rate are as follow : Using the tax calulater for 2012 this is the actual max  taxes:
    NOK 300 000 = US$ 47 800 – max tax = NOK 72 820 = US$ 11 610 = 24,2%
    NOK 400 000 = US$ 63 744 – max tax = NOK 108 620 = US$ 17 317 = 27,2%
    NOK 500 000 = US$ 79 718 – max tax = NOK 145 320 = US$  23 169=  29,1%
    NOK 750 000 = US$ 119 577 – max tak = NOK 257 320 = US$ 41 026 = 34,1%
    NOK 1 500 000 = US$ 239 154 – max tax = NOK 614 428 = US$ 97 962 = 40,1%

    Taxes for 2014 are a lil bit lower

  4. Norway is said to be the best country to live in, also I was born and raised in Norway and traveling out of Norway is somehow not for me, I like my little country, which is not that little. 
    We have a lot of income and why not use it on the country and people of the country than just a few people. In other words America, change your way of doing things. it works for us, if you do it too, more people would take care of themselves. 
    I am not angry with America's way of doing their health system, but it does not make sense. 


    btw did they tell you 70% of all medical advancements come from the USA

  6. You can compare the US to their buddy Russia, they both go the "we are the greatest nation alive" propaganda, you don't pay 45% tax.. More 30%, and with that you have free health care, mental health care, dental care, free education and youre being payed to attend high school. You will get an scholarship calculated on your parents pay, and these benefits also go over to higher education in different forms. The Us is so scared of socialism cause its "communism", in that case ill chose communism any day over what ever its going on over there.

  7. This is so incredibly biased. CNN is just trying to make the USA look better than Norway. Last time I checked, Norway had the highest ranking on the Human Development Index, several years in a row.

  8. People in Norway waiting not only for care, norwegian people waiting for all to long time. People not understand effektiv working, like much more relax and holiday. Resultat all is very expenced in Norway. I living in Norway. Friend from me is dead in Norway, diagnostic from doctor come to late. Him speak when i can't diagnostic you for 4 month's i'am can't rescue you, now is to late for help. My friend waiting over 7 month's for a date by the doctor. Next problem here, you can't not chance doctor in Norway, norwegian state-administration search for you a doctor. Norway have a Centralpolitik and brainwashsystem. Norwegian people thinking whe have the best Country in the world. I come from Germany and can't speak Norway have big problem's whis socialsystem and this country is not the best in the world. Healt-care system in 3. world is much better. I have testet in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Better not syk in Norway that's can't your dead here. Sorry for my english!

  9. hahaha… Realy old video from norway. the video used here to display norway is from the 80`s. hahaha. CNN sucks! lol

  10. This is just bullshit. They have no clue, and try to bring down a good working system for political reasons.
    All the time they find new ways to heal many decieses.  That make new waitinglists. When they build up the system to take new groups of patientsin to treatment.We are a small country, so to have everything in place from the first day is imposible.
    Than we send people to ther countries to shorten the watingline, when we build up for new treatments.
    We dont pay 45% taxes. The taxes are around 37 %. Next time, do the homework.

  11. I live in Norway, and I'm very pleased with our health care system. -Escpecially if compared to the US system. 
    We get free help, we don't need insurance. Mediines are free, and surgeries are free. -However, we pay taxes to cover it up. 
    There's a guarantee that you will get help, no matter how old/sick/poor you are. The state will provide and cover it for you. 

    This security is good to have in mind. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, or which class you're from… you will get both education (up to university) and health care for free. 

    This is why I find it a bit strange when Americans believe that their system is better than ours, when all statistics tells us the oposite.

    A strict control by the government, or socialism, is a good way to control a country. There's not a big difference between rich and poor, and jobs available for everyone. -Yes, we pa our taxes… but we pay them because we know how the system works.

  12. "..people in Norway pay more than 45% tax-rate"  WTF!!?? How dear you CNN?! Dont you ever,EVER try to black-paint Norway again! CNN tricksing with the numbers so that the american people think its hard to live here, or, its not better than the USA. I pay 36% tax, and thats a lot! 
    It is newschannels just like you CNN who makes the american people more and more ignorant and naive, thinking that USA is the best all the time. Well, your not.

  13. in norway you do not pay 42% tax it's more around 30% and the healt care is much better than in the US

  14. income taxrate of more than 45%? where did that come from? You pay 0% if you only make like $6000 a year. Then you pay about 16% if you earn about $20000 , 23% if you make $25000 and so on. If you make over $170000 you pay 45%, if you make over $200000 you pay 46% and so on. I've called progressive taxation, look it up. In USA, you have something called regressive taxation. Go figure…

  15. Oh look its CNN in an Election year being slightly inaccurate about a left of centre country with a distinctly NON private / insurance system. Are we surprised they even got the tax rate wrong? NOPE! The Norwegians are free to tax how THEY see fit and if they don't like it they have elections. Its called DEMOCRACY you idots at CNN!

    And here in the UK we spend about the same GDP as Norway and everyone gets cared for regardless whereas in the USA they spend nearly double the GDP and leave 40 million to go and die …

    Somehow I think we have a bgetter more civilised system. Oh wait .. Republican Yanks think only wealthy people deserve civilisation …

  16. Most norwegions og to Sweden if its a long waiting line, so it aint no big problem as long as we got Our Brothers in te East 🙂

  17. I am Chinese and I am glad that my parents moved to Norway and not USA.
    No one in Norway needs insurance to pay for surgery and we definitly dont go bankrrupt or paying millions for surgery!
    CNN you are full of shit!
    Norway is 10 times better country then America!

  18. around 30 – 36 max wtf guys they dont know a shit about norway go to
    live here for a 1 year and you would want to live here forever
    (im Norwegian)

  19. I'm from USA, Living in Norway! THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM HERE IS LIGHTYEARS AHEAD OF THE USA!!!I I can't say that enough! High quality, super cheap or free….beautiful facilities, nice friendly staff…it's like a dream too good to be true…but it is TRUE and we can have that in USA too! The freedom to feel safe and secure with our health is the least we can have as tax paying citizens! #feelthebern

  20. Socialised medicine can work or fail. In my country I have to pay huge sums for it but I receive no healthcare because of law loophole. The waiting lists are so long that I just use private doctors because a simple checkup takes 6 months of waiting. One guy in my country had to wait 20 fucking years for therapy. The joke is you could add your place on the list to your last will.

  21. uuuuuuuuh… where the fuck did they get the income tax of 45% from? That is not true. If you make less than the average salary of 36 000 USD you pay 28%, if you earn more than 36 000 USD, you pay 34%.

  22. I work as captain at sea, and i pay 13 %. Seatax as i pay is low becouse we have long way from land, but my salary is more higher then on land. I have private health insurance, so the waitinglist is not long as in ordenary list

  23. We don't pay that much tax. It really depends on how much money you make, and everyone is equal when it comes to health care. As I student, I don't work that much and so I don't pay that much tax, but I still have free health care… and free university tuition. 😀
    I wouldn't change our system for anything. Free education and health care benefits the entire country.

  24. Yes, on some treatments – there are waiting lists in Norway. But ofc there are no waiting lists for mortally sick patients or urgent surgery. Yes – you may need to wait some months to get new knees, hips or a gastric bypass, But No, you do not need to wait to get chemo or your appendix removed – ofc not. If you are in a car crash – ofc you get immediate help, and ofc you get paid during your stay in the hospital, and NO – ofc you don`t pay for the treatment when you leave. That is what higher taxation gives you when there are no economic stake holders.

    12 months paid maternity/paternity leave
    5 weeks paid vacaition
    Paid sick-leave
    110EU in monthly child benefits per kid
    830EU per month for children between 1-3 years, if you chose NOT to work in that period
    2 years of unemployment pay if you are so unlucky that you lose your job

    Normal taxation rate in Norway is 28-35% on the average sallary. There is also a pretty flat 25% VAT on most goods and services, and cars, alcohol and tobacco are higly taxated as well. So the sum of taxation is high, but the security and benefits are extremely good.

  25. American health care, no money go die in the streets, and here is a $3000 bill for showing up with no insurance, don't pay that we'll ruin your credit, see in America you pay Zionist Maffia first

  26. As a Norwegian I don't know what the fuck that person who made the news article had been injecting into his veins, so bullshit.:D

  27. We pay thru our asses for a shitty health care system with long waiting lines. If you do get in the hospital for an operation you can expect to be stowed in the hallway because the is not any rooms available. They may even send you home because they did not have time to do your operation and ask you you come back another day, so don't think for a moment this is great health care. I have been living here for some years so i know how this system works.

  28. BS again . . . Norway HAD long waitinglists . . . but that has changed . . . the point here is that EVERY Norwegian citizen is covered . . . can america say the same ?

  29. Hehehe asking Cato institute to evaluate a country following very progressive policies isn't going to give you much of an objective answer. Norway does everything opposite of what Cato institute fights for.

    The statements on rationing of care, might seem a bit more extreme than it is. I know people who have kids who requires care costing over 200 000 dollars in care every year. It is not like they turn off that care and say it is not worth it. Instead what happens is that if you are 87 and they are considering whether you should get an operation that can extend your life with 2 years, they might prioritize you lower if it is very expensive.

    Lines for elective surgery is of course an issue, but you can often skip that line with private health insurance or clinics. And no that is not comparable to the US, because private health care is very cheap in Norway, for a number of reasons. A major expense for health care providers is providing 24/7 readiness, and hospital beds. Private health care in Norway doesn't do that. They are open 9-5 like any other office. As soon as they have done your surgery they send you to a public hospital for recovery.

    Complaining about waiting lines in Norway is a bit silly given that the only reason there are none in the US, is that the lesser off can't afford to stand in line. And anyway you can skip that line with private insurance just like in America.

  30. there isnt an avarage tax rate in norway,,,,,,,,,,,,, if you earn say 10.000 dollar you pay 0 tax
    but if you earn close to say 100.000 dollar you pay around 50% tax which is max % direct tax
    but on top of that you pay 25% tax on almost anything you buy,,,

  31. They don't have a military, pay 45% income tax and there is a waiting list for health care? give me a break, someone is getting shafted, bad.

  32. 45% Average tax rate, AND long waiting lists? And just HOW is this supposed to be better than what we have in America?

  33. this is so increadibly biased, and factually half-true. As someone with a double citizenship, Norway knows whats up. I broke my femur skiing. A hellicopter-ride, 4 surgeries, drugs, 3 weeks in the hospital and physical therapy cost me a total of 200 USD. Check mate.

  34. As a Norwegian I get so pissed with this false information. Get the fact straight if you are gonna compare Norway against America. Argh….

  35. i gane tell you in amrika its maybe 20000 for a borken arm in norwey its just free in usa you cant even fik it when kids get born in use 30 prosent die i norwey 0 porent die mayde one.

  36. I would rather pay for my health care then wait in line and be rationed and have to wait for procedures

  37. Im Norwegian. We have a very good healthcare here and mayby 90% av satisfy. But we have some problems with waitinglists.

  38. USA is a business, not a real country. The USA country was lost over 100 years ago when they let big financial institutions dictate the country's future. Presidents and Congressmen literally signed this country over to rich bankers and foreign elites.

  39. HOW did she come up with that number on how much tax we pay..? 😂😂😂😂
    Normal people pay around 28-34 % tax.
    If you earn much, you pay more, but to get up to her procentage, you'll have to earn A LOT.

    Waiting lists CAN occur, but ONLY if it's medical secure to let you wait …

  40. Norway has 5 million people has a medical budget of 4000, USA has over 3 million people and uses 7000 in medical budget.

  41. Norway might be the best in the world, but that doesn't make it great. Sure, I don't want to be anywhere else and be sick, but it still sucks and has enormous potential for improvement

  42. In Tucson i can't even find an available doctor. Gtfo of here with this lie that we have some kind of great availability with doctors let alone quality!

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