Novartis Social Business: Transforming primary healthcare in Asia

Novartis Social Business focuses on patients who struggle to access good quality healthcare in least-developed and lower middle-income countries across the globe. And we look to create sustainable business models to serve their needs. We don’t work the same way in every country. We start by understanding the public health needs, we then look to understand what the strategy is for the Ministry of Health and then we look to see where Novartis’ strengths are to create a sustainable business model. Our longest standing program in Asia is Healthy Family. We started it 11 years ago. We partner with the local doctor who comes in and free of charge does a diagnostic camp and then we make sure that there is also access to good quality, affordable medicines in the pharmacies and doctors’ surgeries that serve these communities. The second big program that we do is Novartis Access. Here we partner with governments to provide a portfolio of 15 molecules very much focused on noncommunicable diseases. By putting these molecules together, selling them to government for USD 1 per monthly treatment, we really can make a significant impact on this huge disease burden. We also collaborate with digital partners because we are looking to utilize digital as a way to rapidly scale our operations in our markets. If you think about what patients want, they want to have good care from their local community, treated by people that they trust and to have good quality of service. We believe the way to achieve this is by bringing together lots of partners to address the gaps that we currently have.

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