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Helping the poor is making some people rich
… next, on the American life League Report. You may recall that last Spring, Bishop Thomas
Olmsted announced that a nun had excommunicated herself for authorizing an abortion at St.
Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix. And after St. Joseph’s and its parent group,
Catholic Healthcare West, refused to acknowledge the immorality of the abortion, Bishop Olmsted
announced that the hospital is no longer Catholic. But not twenty-four hours after Bishop Olmsted’s
announcement about St. Joseph’s hospital, Sr. Keehan of the Catholic Health Association
had this to say: St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in
Phoenix has many programs that reach out to protect life. They had been confronted with
a heartbreaking situation. They carefully evaluated the patient’s situation and correctly
applied the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services to it, saving
the only life that was possible to save. This is the same erroneous reasoning that
Bishop Olmsted specifically rejected after a full review of the case. So why is Sister
Keehan even tossing in her comments at all. I mean, what does she have to do with this
case?. Well, as it turns out, Catholic Healthcare West isn’t just, as
Sister Keehan stated, “a valued member of the Catholic Health Association,” but the
CEO of Catholic Healthcare West has been the chairman of Catholic Health Association’s
board for the past three years. Check it out. Catholic Healthcare West is a member of the
Catholic Health Association. Lloyd Dean is the head of Catholic Healthcare West and Sister
Keehan is the head of the Catholic Health Association. But Dean was also the Chairman
of the Board for CHA, so apparently the fact that both groups ignored the bishops
on Obamacare, and the fact that they are now both ignoring Bishop Olmsted, is not a coincidence.
And what’s truly staggering is how these organizations conduct business. Both Catholic Healthcare West and the Catholic
Health Association style themselves as non-profit organizations who place helping the poor at
the top of their priority list; Well okay, that’s good. But if helping the poor is
such a priority, why is Catholic Health Association helping
itself to twenty-five percent of its annual budget to pay for six employees including
Sister Keehan’s $900,000 a year salary. And from Catholic Healthcare West Lloyd Dean
is being paid a whopping 8.8 million dollars. Who would’ve guessed that helping the poor
was so lucrative? And here’s something else to ponder …
considering Sr. Keehan defended an abortion by a “valued member” of CHA, she probably has no problems with the list
of activities we reported on, such as the sterilizations performed by CHW staff physicians, Or, the fact that CHW’s Chief Executive
Officer was the co-architect in the creation of a city health plan called Healthy San Francisco. On its brochure, Healthy San Francisco lists
“Family Planning Services” as one of the services covered, and according to the San
Francisco Chronicle, this includes abortion. And then there’s CHW’s community grants
program. Every year, CHW members grant funds to groups in their communities, including
pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality groups like the Glide Health Center and the San Francisco
Health Plan. San Francisco Health Plan’s 2010 Summary
for Providers plainly states that it covers abortion for children as young as 12. And the Glide Health Center runs homosexual
activist groups while its founder, Cecil Williams, has presided over same-sex
“weddings” for over 4 decades. The real question here is, just how Catholic
are Catholic Healthcare West and the Catholic Health Association? Given how these two organizations
defied the bishops on Obamacare, defied Church moral teaching by defending an abortion, and
betray the Church by funding her enemies … how else will they betray the Church and
her bishops? [Keehan: We’re working closely with our
bishops.] Thankfully, Archbishop Niederauer has taken
Bishop Olmsted’s startling discoveries to heart and has announced that he is initiating
his own inquiry into Catholic Healthcare West whose headquarters are located in his archdiocese.
And while that conversation is taking place, perhaps the USCCB should reconsider its relationship
with Sr. Keehan and her magisterium of nuns. For American Life League I’m Michael Hichborn.

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  1. I totally agree with redbaron998. And how about that vow of poverty that I grew up always hearing the good sisters took on entering the convent and the good brothers always took upon entering the priesthood? And $8.8 Million would feed a lot of hungry mouths in the 3rd world that Mother Theresa ministered to wouldn't it? Thanx for the whistle blowing.

  2. @MrGibson11111 You are an idiot. What does his skin color have to do with ANYTHING? Why would you imply something so horrible?

  3. Pray for the people at CHA and CHW. Their true "god" is money, of course. As to the special place in hell, I actually hope not. If you've ever read St. Faustina's descriptions of hell, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, not even people as dishonest as these. Besides, the most powerful witnesses against abortion are former abortionists. Pray for them.

  4. @carcabe Immoral and disgusting. Nuns are supposed to BE poor. That's why there's a salary cap of $15-45 for all priests per day.

  5. Lol LOOK the Baby died because of the mother being close to death, and only could save one person! Thats allowed by Catholic Standards

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