Obamacare and October 1st: Healthcare Triage #1

Hi I’m Dr Aaron Carroll. And in this new youtube
show we are going to try and help you under stand how medical research and health policy work. We are going
to make sense of a lot of the confusing information in the world, and we are going to have a lot
of fun doing it. We are officially launching in a few weeks,
but today, we’re going to give you a little preview., and talk to you about Obamacare.
So I have this friend that is a little bit of a hypochondriac, his name is John Green.,
and he’s been asking me a lot of panicked questions about Obamacare. John: Wait Aaron I heard the cost of my families
insurance is going to triple in the next year?. Aaron: No John: Well my uncle told me his medicare is
being taken away, thats true, right? Aaron: That’s not going to happen. John: Alright Aaron, what about this? I heard
that under Obamacare medications are now going to have side effects. Aaron: That was already the case. John: I just got this email from a friend
who said under Obamacare anyone over the age of 45 will be euthanized. Aaron: Wow, absolutely not.
John: Also, that reminds me, I just got an email about someone whose lupus was cured
by Aliens. Why don’t we just get our healthcare from Aliens?
Aaron: Well I suppose…wait NO thats not how we get healthcare. Okay, clearly we need to start with the basics.
Let’s talk about what Obamacare is, and what it isn’t. And what changes are in store for
you. Health Care triage
Although Obamacare was passed in 2010, the big pieces of the law are scheduled to go
into effect on October 1st, just days from now. But what does that mean to you? Will
your insurance change? Will you still be able to get medical care? If you don’t have insurance
right now, how will you get it? No matter what you think of the law politically it in
your best interest to get as much out of it as you can. So today we are going to explain
how Obamacare works, and how it will affect you.
(Over 47,000,000 Americans were uninsured in 2012)
For decades the most glaring problem in the United States healthcare system has been that
millions of people are uninsured. We are one of the few industrialized countries in the
world that doesn’t provide universal coverage to its citizens. Here is a list of some of
them that do. For the past few years the number of people that lack any coverage for a year
has hovered around 50 million people. Is that list still scrolling? We’ll wait. By the way
all of those countries are democracies, they all voted to get that universal coverage. Lots of people don’t have insurance because
they have some form of chronic illness. That’s not a surprise, because I mean come on, if
you’re already sick, what insurance company would want to cover you? And if they do, the
policy that they will give you will likely cost a fortune. And that’s a whole other problem,
health insurance is really really expensive. Last year the average employer sponsored health
insurance policy cost almost $6000 for an individual. The average plan for a family,
cost more than $16,000. The average 2 bedroom apartment rents for about $12,500. I’m just
saying, thats too much money for many americans to afford.
The architects of Obamacare had a number of very straightforward goals. The first was
to make sure that no one could be denied insurance if they wanted to buy it. This idea is called
guaranteed issue. The second is that people should all be charged a similar amount, even
if they have a chronic condition. They shouldn’t be punished for being sick. This idea is called
community ratings. That’s not to be confused with the TV show community’s low ratings,
which are infuriating cause that show is awesome. These are the major thrusts of Obamacare’s
regulations, but there is a problem here. If you make it so noone can be denied a plan
if they want it, and no one can be forced to pay more if they’re sick; there’s no reason
for health people to buy insurance. They can just wait until they get sick, and then they
can go buy a plan for the same amount that they could have before they got sick. But
if only sick people buy insurance, then the price of premiums go way up. This leads to
even more health people to skip buying a plan, only sick people are left, price goes up even
more, more healthy people opt out, and we get what we call a death spiral for the private
insurance industry. Which while it sounds really cool, we really don’t want that to
happen. To avoid this, we need to come up with a way
to convince healthy people to buy insurance. One way it to charge people a penalty if they
don’t. Obamacare handles this by charging people a fine of $95 or 1% of their income
if they don’t buy insurance. That’s the individual mandate, but that creates one more problem.
Who do you make people pay for something if they can’t afford it? One way would be to
subsidize it. And people who make less that 400% of the poverty line, will get a tax credit
from federal government to help them pay for the insurance. These are the subsidies of
Obamacare. These three factors , the regulations, the
individual mandate, and the subsidies from the three-legged stool of Obamacare. The reason
we call it that is because it only works if it is balanced. Remove anyone of the legs
and the stool is going to fall over. Remove any one of these three things from Obamacare
and the law would just fall apart. So that’s how Obamacare works. It also happens to be
pretty much how Massachusetts’s health care system works. And Switzerland’s for that matter.
And those systems are working pretty well. I mean have you seen the healthy glow of those
swiss people and bostonians? But what will all of this mean to you? You,
like John, may have heard some pretty nasty scary things about Obamacare. But here are
the facts. If you are 65 or older and you have medicare, nothing will change for you.
By which I mean you keep your medicare, nothing changes. You need to sign up for nothing on
October 1st. If you have insurance from you Job, or from
someone in your family, then it’s very very likely that nothing will change for you either.
Most people in the United States get their insurance this way, and you will continue
to do so next year too. You also need to do nothing, on October 1st. If you get your insurance from medicaid, or
from the veterans administration, or from some other government source. Then nothing
will change for you either. You’ll still get your insurance from the government and you
too need to do nothing, on October 1st. That leaves the group of people who really
need to pay attention to what’s coming up on October 1st. And those are legal citizens
who are uninsured right now, or thing they might be uninsured next year. That’s who Obamacare
is really going to affect, and there are just over 30 million of you. You should go to www.healthcare.gov.
That’s been set up to help you get insurance that you are going to be required to have
in 2014. The site will ask you a few simple questions, and use that information to make
some recommendations for you for insurance. If you make less than 133% of the poverty
line, you’ll qualify for medicaid., which is free. Some states unfortunately aren’t
participation in the medicaid expansion which will be a problem for very poor people in
those states., but that’s still in flux. Everyone else will go to the insurance exchanges. Where
companies will offer plans at bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels. The more you’re
willing to pay, the more robust your coverage will be. But it’s your choice. If you make
less that 400% of the poverty line, you’ll get a subsidy to help with the premiums. And
the vast vast majority of people who are uninsured in the united states are going to get those
subsidies. And for many of them the bronze level plans will be pretty affordable.
And that’s it! There are other bells and whistles to Obamacare, and we’ll be covering them in
future episodes., but this is what you need to know right now to get ready for 2014. So
whether you like the idea of Obamacare or you hate it., it’s coming on October 1st.
You owe it to yourself to at least take a look and consider your options . Go to healthcare.gov
and see how much insurance is going to cost you. It’s not going to be as scary as you’ve
been told. Even if it’s not as awesome as getting health care from aliens.

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  1. Excuse me but why the most powerful country in the world is lack of taking care of her own citizens in terms of health system by her own sources (means taxes)? Furthermore, government makes them pay to private companies to do the job? let me guess 30million citizens means billions right especially for "those companies"? it is not democracy, it is not freedom but capitalism and  dictatorship.

  2. Hahah "We need to find a way to convince healthy people to buy insurance, one way is to charge a penalty" Convince?  What a joke, are you serious?  Look I rarely join the conversation but this is a load of crap.  You aren't convincing a person to pay their taxes by creating a penalty, you are MAKING them pay.  What if Apple said we need to convince people to buy iPads by charging them a penalty if they don't?  Give me a break.  

  3. It's immoral to force someone to pay for a service they do not want, and do not believe they need, and Obamacare of literally founded on this principle. It's founded on immorality. It's great and all if you THINK they need it, but unless they do also, your opinion shouldn't matter in their life.

  4. Who owns your life? You? or someone else? You are responsible for all aspects of your life. This includes your healthcare. Letting someone else be responsible for your healthcare is to acknowledge their ownership of you, in some small way.

    That's fine for the poor and extremely sick, because they are willing to compromise self-ownership for their health. I doubt 99.99% of the population would make the same choice willingly.

  5. You are so naive.  As are all socialists.  See how well the roll out is going.  Not a surprise to people that aren't blinded by their own, misguided, utopian-ism…

  6. America is such a backwards country in so many things. Look, you pay for insurance, through a private plan, you pay for other people's healthcare. It's a pool, thanks to a coupe of Scottish priests, in the 18th century, there became this system, were by you can pay a company monthly payments, they use this money, along with that of thousands of others, as well a from companies, to pay for healthcare of those covered. They negotiate with providers, to reduce their costs, they float the company and generate capital from investment in, and also invest out, diversify, to generate more. This way they make profits. That money you pay in, you don't get back. It funds other people who've been sick that year, and bought in. Thus, you are paying for other peoples care. People who theoretically could afford their own. They also want to, by nature, cover as little as possible, to retain as much as possible in profits.

    They nature of this system, leaves the most needy, most vulnerable. Those who cannot pay in, are not covered. Those who cannot afford excessive payments, wind up under covered.

    So not only are you paying for other people,. you're paying for other people who need it less than other's not being covered. Come on, even the 'Right' in the US has to be able to see that unless you feel that only people of means, deserve life, even if to you it doesn't make sense to pay for other people, it makes even less sense to pay for other people who don't need it, so third parties can gain wealth, gambling on over all public health, your health.

    It still works.. but it leaves the most needy behind the eight ball. This is the fundamentally flawed assumption of the 'Right' in the US. All people who don't have means, are lazy moochers who don't want to work or have money, and the security and freedoms it brings, they just want to sit about… doing what? I don't know… and bludge.. collecting food stamps, welfare cheques, and free healthcare. They have engineered their own "neediness".

    I cannot even begin to list all the studies both inside the US and without, which show that this section of society is the smallest. The reasons for low income, or unemployment, are diverse.. but conscious choice is one of the smallest sectors. To begin with, America's 'Starvation Wage' minimum wage is huge part, as is outsourcing labour, entrenched poverty, generational poverty, mental and physical health, lack of facilities and opportunities within communities, even poor business choices, or crime (such as people having their wealth wiped out by white collar crime)… are all by far the more prevalent reasons for people to need welfare, including subsidized healthcare.

    How can anyone feel such negativity towards doing something, paying for other's, they already do, when they should really be feeling revulsion at paying for other's don't need them to, and more, those who don't need it at all…  the high income bracket folks buy the same insurance you do, but through many many means, can in turn negotiate to pay less in, for more out… with you footing the difference.

    People in the Right in the US who oppose socialized medicine, also oppose Abortion, in most case.. they are pro life ( a compromised position the moment you form a mob and do violence at abortion clinics, I would argue)… but then when the teenage girl from a broken home, a third generational poverty home, who's family failed her, who's community is underserviced, and where opportunities are lacking, falls pregnant… and keeps the child… is cited a s burden on society. Hang on a minute, you won your argument, no one is born with morality.. it's conditioned… your arguments of right to life, worked… but no…    she's a burden… she's not .. not working because she is a single woman who lacked opportunities, had a broken childhood, and lives in a place which is underserviced and has no money to get out, and now has chosen to keep and raise her baby as a single mother… she's a ;leech who had a baby for bucks.

    I could go on and on about examples. I wont.

    I will say that a single user pays State system, with a private option for anyone who wished, funded through a set levy, which can be discounted for those on low income, and voided for those who cannot afford it, would be less than many of you are paying now for healthcare, and would effectively eliminate the thirty million American's not covered, and the, by some reports, forty million under covered.

    What would it cost your hip kick? Nothing.. in Australia.. 500 bucks a year… lets say it cost American's a thousand flat, still less than what it costs your per capita now. As stated in another video about outcome, Survival Rates V Mortality Rates, by Dr Caroll, it wouldn't effect outcomes all that much either. In fact, in some areas.. the statistics are clear. Dr Caroll used Cancer for his explanation, but look at life expectancy, and infant mortality rates…almost ALL the countries on this videos list, have HIGHER L.E. and LOWER infant mortality, and achieve it for HALF or closer even to a THIRD of the costs of the US.

    "But America has 300 million people"… the last argument. Japan has 130,000,000 million… they spend less than any Western nation, according to a 2008 WHO study, and achieve the highest outcomes. The difference between Denmark's 5 million, and the US pop. of 300,000,000 is significant, but the difference between 360,000,000 and 120,000,000 isn't any where near as much.

    No matter how you look at it, there's NO real excuse, except 'I pay my way, you pay yours'.. but in that case.. withdraw from Society. Please. Because like or not, Society is a collective (evil commy word isn't it….  predating the word Communism as political word and ideology by centuries, but meh)… you drive on state funded roads, you are defended by local, state and federal police, you are protected by the Military of the State, you have education, and healthcare, and even interest rates on loans… indirectly supported by the State. EVERY SINGLE Conservative/Libiterian/Capitalist right, you people cite as Negative Right, inviolate, which is the only kind there is, is in fact a positive right, because you remove yourselves from this 'Collective' called "Society" then you remove yourself FROM all aspects of it… including having ANYONE in a uniform of with a gavel from having TO ACT to enforce your 'Negative Rights'

    Greed and selfishness, mixed with fear, and brainwashing, is a horrible thing America. Consider things like Obamacare, a mild trial course of part of  a cure. You already had them water down your medicine enough it might not work.. but I hope for the sake for millions of your fellow Americans, it does, if just a little.

  7. I disagree that people who get their insurance through their employer won't see a change. Employers are always looking to lower spending on healthcare for employees. They now have a way to do that significantly by cutting it all together, leaving employees to get insurance on their own. So now you have a large group of individuals looking for plans, instead of one large group. Prices of an individual plan are going to be significantly higher than when they were able to bargain as a group.

    I'm not saying that we don't need change, but at the same time we shouldn't rush something through before we worked out the problems. Of course the ultimate test will happen when it's implemented.

  8. Obamacare IS the equivalent to obtaining healthcare from aliens, undocumented aliens such as Barry Soetoro! TNX for the video!

  9. I think the over simplification of who will be affected by Obamacare is not productive in the discourse about healthcare in the US. A better way of explaining it would be to talk about the the changes or additions to regulation of the healthcare industry and how they the lawmakers intend for it to work and how analysis forecast its effectiveness.  

  10. Seems more like "how Obamacare is planned" than "what it is". Well, it would be impossible to make the video on anything else than plans right now, it will take a few months of the program running to get any analysis. Still, I can bet listening to this in a year will be pretty funny. What here looks like a simple, clear regulation will act in a very convoluted way – and may need a lot of changes on the fly (it was already postponed).

    I don't even live in your country, so kindly stop expecting a redneck on this side, just for negative outlook. In Poland we actually have supposedly universal healthcare – and in a similar way to USA. It's not that every citizen is automatically treated, while also being automatically taxed. It's the same kind of idiocy – with everybody supposedly insured, just by different providers. If you're working – employer pays, if you're employing people you pay for yourself (mandatory), if you're studying or unemployed – State pays. Results are dreadful. Huge wait times and pretty bad service across the board. Poland is poorer than USA so no chance to expect miracles, but private care on the same specializations (frequently even the same doctors that work 2 jobs) that is available here beats public on an extreme margin. And is not that expensive (for specialists, limited surgeries etc, for hospitalization – it's pretty much unavailable and probably very expensive). I've read that Canadians will likely go to USA for any serious life-threating problems and use their universal healthcare when they can afford to wait, or can't afford to pay USA prices. In Poland you just pay out of pocket – or wait and risk sloppiness. While all the time paying in to public healthcare one way or another. Politicians can call one pot of money "insurance" another "retirement" another "general taxes" – but they will switch them around in a pinch – so you are not really paying in to a program. It's just another tax.

  11. 1:55 "And all of those countries are democracies; they voted for it…"


    "And to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands…"

  12. LOL @ openly shilling for Obamacare while trying to come off as objective. Must have missed the memo that 30,000,000 will still be left uninsured. Also, it's a tax, not a fine. Otherwise, the law is unconstitutional. Anyway, I bet they wish they had waited until after October 1st to make this video.

  13. You sir, are a shill. You may have a medical degree from some off-shore but you are a political face-man! You may fool the youngsters but not us oldsters! Besides, working for DHS, CIA, or whoever you really work for must beat ordinary pediatrician hours! Thanks!

  14. I make about 10k a year and when i went to the site i got told i didn't qualify for a subsidy and the plans weren't less than 170 amonth.

  15. you know something is fishy when its only painted in positive light. What about the doctors that do not exist ? Do you force people to become doctors to handle the extra traffic ? I would like to see an objective video rather than leftist propaganda that starts off with, if you differ in opinion you believe obama is hitler and wants to murder your children. I was not even close to convinced and i am open minded, thanks for being a douche bag a bully by painting anyone curious of the down sides as retarded. You know, questioning major issues, thats just stupid after all

  16. So,Im a teen,Im also an idiot,an ignorant one at that,which is why I wanna ask the following,so if you think Im an idiot for asking this,Im not denying that.
    I am a teen,16 years old,but does that info matter when I want to sign up?
    Do I sign up for it regardless?Or do I make my parents aware of this info and they do it?

  17. I'm Canadian and I just explained my american girlfriend why it was important that getting private insurance would be mandatory in the new healthcare system they have. I felt smart. I'm happy that the law is finally comming into action. I would assume insurance corporation would have been jerks about her having had a car accident and hospitalisation last year. I'm glad she can enjoy paying the same as everyone else her age.

  18. I know this is an older post, but I have a friend who claimed that due to Obamacare he is no longer able to get Oxycodone 30mg covered by his insurance. Is there any accuracy to this?

  19. My question is, would it not be cheaper to pay the fine than it would to pay for the insurance?

  20. Aren't we all glad it worked out perfectly and nothing bad like people loosing coverage and insurance costs tripling for less comprehensive care didn't happen!

  21. Thanks a bunch for doing these videos. I've been having a difficult time getting a clear explanation on a lot of the things you cover.

  22. Dear producers, you demonstrate from video one that you are either funded by deep pockets with agenda or you are simply presenting boiler plate bias. Nothing you can say from here can hold any credibility. From one healthcare exec to another. This was two steps away from propaganda

  23. What about the VA? I heard the budget cuts were terrible for that. And I believe that veterans should come first. And then the army is about to be cut down to pre ww2 size, but that's a different story.

  24. Hi Aaron (and other youtubers),

    It's doubtful that you or anyone else may see this, but I have a burning question. What happens to the minimally housed in emergency rooms? Are they already under Medicaid, or is there a more complex set of circumstances that governs that area? How are medical expenses solved for them? 

  25. Do you see that nail in the wall neart the upper right corner? It almost gave me a heartattack, I thought my screen was damaged. 😀

  26. Aaron
    Absolutely love your healthcare triage videos. I have been preaching these messages for years but your presentations are terrific. Other topics:
     -Screening test misconceptions
    -Unnecessary tests
    -When meds can be stopped or tapered
    -Hospice myths
    -Misconceptions about bone health, vit D and calcium
     Keep up your good work
    Don Zacharias MD

  27. Hello, I'm from Spain, adn as you may know we have an universal healthcare system so we get coverage for allmost everything ('cos dentost and stuff like that dosen't seem to fit in the public system if you are grown up). Anyway, the system is not perfect, as virtually anythingcan improve (things can allways improve).
    The thing I've come to think lately is that our system is compatible with private healthcare insurances, so I wonder why the rest of the world don't work on having a system like ours. It's expensive, everybody gets that, but isn't it worth paying (and I mean taxes paying) to be sure that you can have medical services and it its not going to be an extra strike to your month money? And I think I stop right know, 'cos it's allready too long for a youtube comment ^^
    Have a nice day 😀

  28. So, @Healthcare Triage, it has been 11 months since this video. Any chance of a revised video with reflections and updates? I'm not trying to be political here, just using (many many examples of) anecdotal (NOT DATA!) evidence of issues with this program that looked great on paper. To quote your antibacterial soap video: …but here in the real world…"

  29. Please do updated video on Obamacare! I just got done with school and I have health insurance thru my employer. It's a High Deductible plan, benefit HSA card, but I still feel like I'm bleeding money for my meds AND my health insurance. Since the open enrollment period is coming up, I would love an updated video 🙂

  30. can you talk about the healthcare in South Korea? I think it would be interesting, since Obama himself seemed to approve of it!

  31. Excuse me, I liked the video but I got hung up at 4.00: Did you really mean earning 400% LESS than the Federal Poverty Line?  I'm not that good at math but that seems like an EXTREMELY low amount to qualify for the subsidy? 

  32. healthcare.gov told me I don't qualify for subsidies, but am also exempt from paying a penalty for not having insurance. So nothing changed for me as well…still uninsured and not getting penalized for it. 

  33. Heath Insurance does not make sense for me and i'm sure many many other people. I just went to the healthcare.gov after learning I will be penalized on my tax return this year for not paying for Health Insurance.  The "affordable rates" promoted on the website are anything but… For my area the average was 111 dollars a month with either a 5 or 6 THOUSAND dollar deductable.  I make on average 1200/month.  My budget is 550 for rent, 100 for car insurance, 80 for phone, 50 for internet, 80 for gas, 200 for food.  And all of these are low estimates that total to 1060/month.  If I were to get this health insurance that would leave me with 29 dollars a month.  It would take me 207 months to pay off a 6000 dollar deductable.  Is health care reserved for those who make thousands of dollars a month?

    Rant over, can you explain why health care is so expensive?

  34. Go and watch psyco (documental about universal healt) its awesome to watch and see wtf its happeing in usa… and for those that says i dont want to pay for a service i wont use… trust me nobody its planing to get sick…. its not on their plan get cancer….

  35. as an Indian citizen I was a little surprised that you put India on the list of countries which provides universal coverage. While this is theoretically true, as we have government funded hospitals and various states have programs covering the costs of poor citizens in private hospitals and clinics, the general quality of the government funded healthcare is poor and our public health policies rarely yield desirable results. Public hospitals are filthy, understaffed and unequipped to provide proper care and most people use private health insurance. This isn't to say that universal healthcare is bad as i do support universal healthcare programs. But you should definitely not put India on that list as most people given the choice would go to a private insurer…

  36. Is there a video where Obamacare gets revisited?  I imagine some of the things noted have changed, and there is more detail to go into regarding what has gone on.

  37. This seems like a REALLY complicated way to make healthcare work. I mean, in the UK you're not penalised for not having healthcare, you just automatically pay for it through taxes if you are over the untaxed income. It's that simple! And then, if you ever need to see a doctor, you just turn up and make an appointment or go to the A&E (or ER) and you don't have to worry about having to sell a kidney to save your heart.

  38. Not sure how you, in good conscience, can produce something that is so incomplete. I mean, I appreciate what's here, but to lampoon people who disagree or have concerns by insinuating that they believe that aliens cured lupus is just sad. Far more compelling would be to acknowledge the drawbacks and challenges of universal healthcare being run by the government and then talk about how those challenges could be addressed. Too bad. I've been looking for an impartial source of info, and it looks like my search will have to continue elsewhere…

  39. The number of people predicted to get insurance from Obamacare is about the number of people expected to lose their plans.

  40. First point, it saddens me to know that people with pre-existing conditions have had a harder time getting insurance for healthcare and have even been denied in the past. With Obamacare no one can be denied insurance and they are charged the same amount as those that do not have a pre-existing condition. A point was brought up that with this new healthcare system, healthy people would be less likely to buy insurance because they can just wait until they're sick. With Obamacare those people that do not buy insurance are charged a fee. I think this is a good idea because ultimately it costs more to not have insurance and it costs more to be sick. I would rather buy insurance and be covered than get in some sort of illness and have to pay the fees myself.

  41. As a young 20-year-old college student I have not seen any difference since this Obama care has been put into effect. After watching this video I believe this system is a very well thought out system. All the poor people will be able to afford this care, even if it is from the help of the government. All the sick people will not be screwed out of a deal just because they are sick, like really?? You are going to punish someone because they are sick? Something that they can’t even help? Also for all the “rich” people who are saying, “I don’t want to buy health care if I don’t need it” well there are also options for you. Either pay the fine, which in all honesty is not all that much, or just realize healthcare is a good option and just buy it. Healthcare is beneficial for everyone because say you get in a car accident, you don’t have health care and the payment will be horrible for you. The price of that bill will be way worse then just making payments. So even is you do not want to have health care just get it as a back up plan because you never know what is going to happen to you. That is why I believe this is a good system.

  42. It's also important to note that if you make under 10.5k a year, you dont get fiend for not having the insurance.

  43. 4:57 – 5:05

    Actually, something did change for me, the price of my deductible and premiums. The prices went UP, way up! So, fuck you.

  44. Capitalism: giving u the freedom to buy what you want and competitors striving to get better.
    Socialism: forcing you to buy something against your will because it's the law.

  45. ? what if I live overseas but am an american citizen and get my health insurance here over seas am I being charged a penalty right now?

  46. Finally made it to the end of the playlist! After watching all the episodes I can only think how it might be better if it played from oldest to newest. Or maybe Youtube could work on a way to allow people to watch playlists in reverse order. Also, if anyone running the show comes back to look at old comments, keep up the good work, I love what you all do.

  47. What people fail to realize is, Obamacare is put in place to help them. Those who aren't insured or who were denied insurance in the past are finally going to get the insurance that they deserve. Health insurance is a must, rather you are a healthy person or not. It is horrible to think that a person would be denied insurance because of a preexisting disease. The people with these preexisting diseases are the ones who actually need insurance because of all of their medical supplies and doctors’ visits. It is near impossible to afford to live without insurance because of the price of the medical care. With Obamacare these patients are no longer denied coverage, which is wonderful. Although, not everything in the American health insurance world is changing, many things are. Some changes are; with the guaranteed issue patients cannot be denied insurance, with community ratings everyone is charged the same amount and no one is punished for being sick, if an individual chooses not to buy insurance they are charged $95 or 1% of income (individual mandate). But, if the patient is insured under their employer, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or any government insurances nothing will be changing for them. With Obamacare everyone is treated equally, though many believe they shouldn't be forced to buy insurance if they wish not to, it is actually beneficial to them because they might not be sick today, but can’t say the same for tomorrow.

  48. Is Obamacare still at risk of getting repealed or defunded? The reason I ask this is because I have heard that Obamacare keeps getting delayed. If people choose Obamacare what are the benefits of switching and how could this help people?

  49. I understand the general concept of Obamacare however, penalizing people who don't want insurance is wrong. In my mind, insurance is a luxury for people. If they choose not to partake in that luxury than so be it. It is not the place of the government to force someone into buying government insurance. I see it as a person handing someone a ticket for an all inclusive cruise and saying "you need to have this therefore you will buy it whether you get seasick or not". If someone does not want to be insured through the government then that is their business. Now, if someone wants to be insured but can't afford it, this is where I see the positive in Obamacare. This really just boils down to which way will get the government the most money and they do not really care about the well being of individuals. Making it difficult on citizens who want to keep their own private insurance by having them pay a penalty which supplies the insurance for others is ridiculous.

  50. I completely agree with the ideas outlined in Obamacare but I can see where some people are upset by the concepts it involves. For example, it is clear to me why many citizens are upset by the fact that they are being forced to buy health insurance even if they don’t want it just because it will help benefit those that do need it. They might say that this infringes on their personal autonomy to make decisions for themselves and instead they are being forced into something they don’t want by our government. But having health insurance isn’t a bad thing and you never really know when you’ll need it. I suppose this is why some say they’ll just purchase it when it becomes necessary but sometimes that is too late. And why should we care about those people that do need it? Why not just have every man for themselves in this dog-eat-dog world? Well, in order to be morally just beings, there are some ethical principles we need to abide by. One of which is benefice. This principle states that we need to take positive steps to help each other, not just refrain from harmful acts. By not purchasing healthcare because it doesn’t benefit our personal lives, we are breaking this rule because it does effect the lives of others negatively. The cost of their health insurance goes up considerable, making more people bail out, and the cost goes up again. The so called “death spiral” for private insurance companies is not a myth and to avoid it, it is crucial that we all purchase health insurance. Furthermore, this principle doesn’t effect us all, like it stated in the video. The only people being effected by this law are those who do not currently have healthcare, which is not the vast majority of us in this country. And there are subsidies available to help those that will be forced to buy it but cannot afford to. Our government isn’t making people pay money that they don’t have. Obamacare is set out to help us, not hurt us.

  51. Like most with most things, people are uninformed; of course, it seems that being uninformed causes everyone to engage in mass panic and make up stories and facts that get twisted along the grapevine. Make sure you know a source is credited before you believe it! The plan for Obamacare is simply trying to do its best to provide healthcare that is readily available for those who cant afford it, and everything only works if it is balanced so I would suggest that people are educated about it and do their best to go along with the new system.

  52. The introduction to this video I would agree would catch anyone’s attention. Simply because these are a lot of questions you average American would ask about Obamacare. Thinking the nonsense questions come from people doubting what Obama can do for us as a president. Many not paying attention to the things he has done in the past, but listening to those who know just as much as they do. Stating what Obamacare is exactly helps those who are confused or don’t know what it is or what is has and is doing for us as citizens. Guaranteed Issues and Community Ratings being the two that really stood out. Guaranteed Issues being because it states that NO ONE should be denied insurance if they wanted to purchase it. Just because they are sick does not mean it is necessarily their fault, it could be something that is airborne or even they could have received it unknowingly. And, Community Rating is the fact that everyone should be charged the same no matter whether rich or poor, sick or healthy. Based off the Philosophy courses I have taken, this raises the question of should the rich pay for the healthcare of the poorer families? To me this should be something that should be put on the to do list of the government. Though no one will get denied insurance, how will they pay for it when they don't have the funds. Knowing that there is a way around the poor having to pay for insurance puts many people at ease, the process called Subsidies of Obamacare. Making it so the government can pitch in and help out as much as possible, showing that Obama really does want everyone to try and have health insurance. To me, it’s good for everyone to have insurance, because growing up and knowing people who didn’t have insurance, were always so afraid to even get sick because they knew they would have to pay an arm and a leg in order to get better. It breaks hearts to know that many go without because they don't have the funds. Having Obamacare is very much a benefit to this Country.

  53. I usually like what you have to say on this channel but I'm still trying to figure out how charging "healthy" people a penalty is not extortion. Because it obviously is…

  54. I keep thinking obamacare was invented to target people who don't file or pay income tax, they seem to be in the same category as the uninsured. and guess what? you have to file and tell them your income for the year before to get qualified. it is my belief that it was bait to catch non filers.

  55. Propaganda. Social systems are inherently inefficient and detrimental as proved again and again and again yet the lefties continue to harass the free market and cause instability and inefficiency.

  56. Did he just say the average 2 bedroom apartment is $12,500! There's no way that's correct! Oh wait, maybe he meant per year.. That'd make more sense

  57. Having India on that list of countries who have universal coverage is just misleading. The coverage is of 400 dollars a year. The vast, vast, vast majority of people have no access to quality care, and in alot cases any kind of modern care at all. The only quality care is extremely expensive private care, which majority of the country can't afford, even with insurance. I get that the US healthcare system is an abomination, but please don't cite India as an example of the places where they get it right.

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