Obstetrician Gynecologist: Lucy M. Schenkman, MD

My name is Lucy Schenkman,
and I’m an OBGYN with Duke. It’s wonderful in OBGYN how
we get to be in part of such important moments in a patient’s lives. And really get to develop long
term relationships with people, from helping young women
transition into adulthood, and then going on to deliver their babies, and then also sometimes more painful,
and more vulnerable moments. And I think that’s a real privilege
to be part of those personal times in patients lives. That’s one of the things that I like
about my job, is that it’s sort of always an interesting challenge to find
the solution that works for each person. In most of my free time, I guess I spend
with my husband and my three kids. My husband and I both play violin. Actually, we met because
we both play violin, though neither of us is
a professional musician at this point. But we play a fair amount
of chamber music together, with the musicians in the area so.

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