Obstetrics & Gynecology Raymond Foster, MD

Hello I’m Dr. Raymond Foster, I’m a female pelvic reconstruction surgeon at Women’s and Children’s Hospital at the University Missouri. We provide treatment to women who have complaints in the three areas of pelvic functioning: bladder functioning, bowel functioning, and sexual functioning. A lot of the care that we offer is actually minimally invasive or not invasive at all. The pelvic floor is really a system of a set of muscles that support the three hollow organs in a woman’s pelvis: the rectum, the vagina and the bladder. And these muscles also allow for bladder functioning, bowel functioning, and sexual functioning. And so when the muscles and the nerves that control those muscles aren’t working properly, women can leak stool, or leak urine, or they can have trouble emptying their bowel or bladder, or they could have pain with sexual intercourse. The problems that we deal with are generally pretty personal, so we want people to feel like they can tell us what’s going on, because our mission here is to get them better. I guess the best piece of advice I could give to the women in general would be make pelvic floor health part of your daily routine, pelvic floor exercises, bowel function, etc.

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