Ocasio-Cortez defends quality of VA health care

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  1. The VA’s a perfect example of what Americans will face when Government takes control of OUR healthcare! God Bless/Protect OUR Troops, and first responders!

  2. This woman is truly the most ignorant, arrogant fool ever elected. This belief is beyond Partisan; she is an embarrassment, & I dare say a possible danger to the Republic.

    ROMANS 3:23
    ACTS 4:12
    ROMANS :

  4. SHe ought to try waiting 9 months of a primary care appointment. Let her get her care thru the VA for a couple of years.

  5. OF COURSE she defends quality of VA care. Thats because she’s all about ILLEGALS FIRST, American Service members LAST!

  6. It’s a broken system. My dad is a proud Vet who has been shot defending this country. The wait list to get him in too see a doctor is outrageous. If we had Medicaid for all it would be Ran the same way as the VA. No thanks

  7. Now she's an expert on health care. She seems to have a problem with people making a profit….. unless of course it is herself.

  8. As a Canadian liberal , with Trump throwing illegal immigrants back at their faces. By stating that all illegal immigrants will be shipped to sanctuary cities. They’re so dam hard headed to fight Trump ( we have lost on multiple levels ) We look like absolute morons. We look as if no matter what idea or proposal Trump has , we are Automatically going to run against it. No matter how good or bad the idea is , Just because it’s coming out of Trumps mouth. Honestly , I’ll vote for him in 2020 , judging by how the liberal are acting in the states. ( Canadian liberal are no different ) why in the world , can’t these egotistical liberal leader Instead on crying , take his idea to make republicans look horrible and turn it against him!!?? Bring them all in to sanctuary cities , have them clean , work , help on roads , parks , homeless . Statically it’ll cost cheaper to house them in homeless shelters then and detainment at the boarder , plus actually getting them to work on a “ beatification program “

    I don’t understand why liberals are so gun hoe on making Trump look bad , when every act they do against them back fires. Honestly . It’ll show how loving we are , how we come together , and if any of them break the law , ship em back. They really can turn this into something that can change the country. It will give a new image for immigrants. Put them to work , give them a chance to earn their green card. It’ll make Trump and supports look absolutely ignorant turds, and will give us a good chance in 2020. Politicians need to drop their ego .

    I’m sick of these imbecile politicians leading us. Truly done with B.S . It should be common sense . I would love to have immigrants here in my city , beautifying , helping the homeless , the elderly , for 4 years before becoming a Canadian citizen.

  9. So let's put ALL Congress people and Senators on VA health care!!!!!! Let them show how much they support the vets and how much they trust the level of care at the VA!!!!!!

  10. AOC is truly a complete idiot. She is so brainwashed by the delusion of big government she can't see beyond her glasses.

  11. Yep AOC! Its great! Yeah right. Had my yearly appointment cancelled at the last minute a month ago and did receive a new one. Called and left a message, since my primary care people did not answer the phone, asked them to call me with new appointment date. Still no return phone call. Very efficient. Oh, one time my primary care doctor held off on good treatment and I ended up in the emergency room when another doctor saw me as a walk in. If that vein had ruptured in the middle of the night, I would have bleed out. Yep, good VA system. Good thing I prefer to stay in shape and only count on EM care through the VA, but you can count on them not paying on time and it will probably go to collections. Oh, that EM visit did not go to collections as I was sent directly from the VA outpatient clinic. At least I have something, though, for the years I protected her, and many others, right to be an idiot.

  12. Let's make it mandatory that ALL elected officials can ONLY USE THE VA MEDICAL SYSTEM. See how fast they realize what a broken, veteran killing agency it is.

  13. Probably the last people on Earth who would ever support AOC is American veterans.
    She's wasting her time trying to get brownie points in that Dept.

    Sorry AOC, once a socialist revolutionary always a socialist revolutionary. You can't soar with Eagles while hanging out with crows.
    Now gtfo of America.
    You don't belong here.
    A Veteran


  14. Trump's been in charge of the VA for more than two years. If the healthcare still sucks then it's Trump's fault. Then again he lingered during Vietnam and mocks gold star families.

  15. The VA told my father who is a former Marine There was nothing they could do and he should go home and die!

  16. Why not ignore the alley cat 🐈 Totally. She gets way too much publicity for a novice who thinks she knows but does not know that she doesn’t know. Ignoramus. Cut out the pictures and comments and move on to someone who has something meaningful to say.

  17. First hand family member experience indicates more needs to be done for the VA healthcare system. Status quo is not an option.

  18. This woman is a waste of education… They should make partys illegal in college so these idiots actually learn something

  19. Since this is such a great system, please AOC make all of congress use this system as their only source of health care. They should receive the EXACT same benefit and schedule as veterans. Possibly with those that have military service getting priority over those that do not. The system will be fixed very quickly.

  20. I have no idea why FOX continues to give digital space to OAC. She is a joke, and a cow fart in the wind. Every time she opens her mouth stupidity flys out. I think of the idiots that elected her and I discard that such people exist let alone have two brain cells to rub together…which would be 2 more than OAC. Give her air time and you give her the gift of relevancy. PLEASE stop!! If college is producing such as she…God help us all.

  21. I have no idea why FOX continues to give digital space to OAC. She is a joke, and a cow fart in the wind. Every time she opens her mouth stupidity flys out. I think of the idiots that elected her and I discard that such people exist let alone have two brain cells to rub together…which would be 2 more than OAC. Give her air time and you give her the gift of relevancy. PLEASE stop!! If college is producing such as she…God help us all.

  22. Sorry been in 2 VA hospitals, never had a problem either time, my father had 2 hips and a knee done over 20yrs, 10yrs ago diagnosed with prostate cancer, diagnosed at FortDix and treated within a months time at Jefferson in Philly.
    Over a dozen visits never had a issue, talking to others they seemed satisfied, try the fried chicken @ PhillyVA, it's awesome.

  23. Cortez is as stupid as she's ignorant. The more she speaks, the more people DISLIKE her — she's VERY off-putting.

  24. VA looks after veterans which is a small number of US population of over 300 millions people and still cannot manage the long waiting list. Wait until the healthcare is free for all the patients will die before seeing a doctor. This woman Cortez talks about what she knows nothing about. What a stupid woman pretending to know everything.

  25. Goes to show how much Love and Respect she has for our Vets….. Lets see if she can give of her own to help our Vets through their day instead of being vindictive towards them.

  26. How does someone that young and a non vet know how the VA is? I'm pretty sure she isn't speaking for vets..

  27. She don't respect veterans just illegals and doesn't know anything about life….she a stupid waitress period

  28. In Psychiatry the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias by low IQ people(AOC) mistakenly assessing their ability as equal to people with demostrably higher IQ (Trump). It is Delusional🙉Equality.

  29. Rep Ocasio Cortez could be a Human-Alien Hybrids?. I'm really suspicious of her because the way she talks or maybe she under Hypnosis

  30. cortez is pathetic,  this is the same government run health care that the democrats are trying to get for EVERY ONE                      walk away from the sick anti American corrupt democratic party and stop watching their fake news propaganda machine

  31. The story of an unskilled Puerto Rican Marxist woman with an IQ of 80, how an academic fraud rose to the highest ranks in the Democrat party without so much as a single pinko ever recognizing she had severe learning disabilities. How a gal without critical thinking skills was propelled into power, & how she goes about hurting society.

  32. 2 vets shot themselves in VA waiting rooms in the last 2 weeks! SHUT UP! I am a DV and this was such crap. AOC is a millennial idiot!

  33. Why do you, FOX, give her time i stopped at 1:56 going to watch a better cartoon ,rocky and the other guy…. just say'in…….

  34. If the demands on the VA are overwhelming the system then perhaps this is a primary indicator that consistent military expiditions are in fact unaffordable and such money is best spent firstly and foremostly in the VA, and that can only be acheived by effective policy restructuring.

  35. Ocasio Cortez is getting smarter. Attacks by Softly speaking and encouraging words. She is becoming a powerhouse.

  36. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer at the VA they gave him the option to just stay comfortable and die or try a treatment with a low chance of success when he chose the treatment the doctor looked visibly disappointed and shook his head. They finished him off with pain meds within three weeks.

  37. AOC baseless 5 below who plays with toys-r-us.
    Veterans of Americans or world Veterans? The Democrats working for World or they faithful for real Americans.

  38. In just a few short weeks I'm going to announce my run for 2020 president.
    Just a few of the things I will be running on are:

    1. People should not have to work and everything should be free. I believe life is meant to be enjoyed.

    2. It's imperative that we build extremely large air conditioners to help counteract global warming.

    3. All Transportation vehicles should be self-driving. So the passengers can party and socialize safely during their commute.

    This is just the beginning of what I will be running on staying tuned for more.

    Of course I am a Democrat duh!

  39. This is the result of chain immigration, people with a communist and third world mentality who were naturalized by their children, husbands or by false asylums are those who are voting for this type of people to come to power …. Adios America. …. goodbye first world

  40. Ppl who have NEVER served and have NEVER dealt with the VA medical system SHOULD STFU!!!! AOC serves herself and a bunch of America loathing asswipes. That lil girl better stop running her mouth … she may get slapped in it!!!!

  41. I don't see her using the VA for her health care. Lets see her wait 2 to 6 months for a med treatment or operation.

  42. That's right lady. Best in the world as far as I'm concerned. Saved my life twice, and I don't want that disgusting corrupt draft-dodger who had Russians in the Oval Office (biggest affront/insult to me as a Vet from any sitting CIC) getting his greedy and dirty little fingers anywhere near it. It's insulting that he thinks we're stupid enough to believe that he gives a crap about us and won't suck as much $ from it while simultaneously eroding it? Please. Like I stated before, "INSULTING!" BTW anyone thinking of sounding off w/o having served, PIPE DOWN. Or better yet earn it! {the right to be treated at a VAHCS hospital so you can give an authentic patient perspective/opinion).

  43. How the hell does she know what the care is? Does she use the VA? Hell no!! I do!! As a disabled vet it's the only care I have as I cannot afford any other care and yes they do the best the can as the are over whelmed but should it take a year to get an appointment for a eye check up? And that eye exam was done by a doctor outside of the VA under the choice program! And that is just one example I could wright a book. Don't get me wrong I am great full that the VA is there and everyone in the VA does their best and yes it is descant health care, BUT it is far from the best and I get a bit pissed when someone like AOC who has probably never even has been in a VA hospital before talk about something they have NO idea about!

  44. Can Democrats please take this dumb woman Cortez out of her seat she has started nothing but drama and makes Democrats look stupid she looks crazy and I'm Latino and I'm not feeling her at all whatsoever she's nosy like the mayor in Puerto Rico she needs to go over there she is a moron and doesn't have a clue of what she's talking about 80% of the time put up the petition and I guarantee everyone will sign it she's not like by the Democratic party at all so why do you have her there🐂

  45. A typical immigrant thinking she’s so incompetent she doesn’t know what r veteran go threw waiting to be seen by competent doctors here in Az so many veterans dead waiting. She’s should go pour herself a tall one. She’s Insulted veterans by her words and her actions

  46. When I had my barber shop I had many veterans as patrons. The VA needs fixed. Every Veteran that sat in my chair hated Clinton and absolutely loved Trump. The VA does help many people but it needs to be improved from what I had heard. It seems veterans use this service if they do not have any other option for health care.

  47. Dear Faux News quit editing the videos to take it out of context.. Why don't you play the whole Speech you hacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvLay2dzYCM

  48. She is ignorant and a liar for implying she knows what she's talking about. She's beyond clueless, she's a fraud.


  50. WHY are we still even "listening" to Ms. Cortez. She's a nit-wit and is poorly informed on all of topics on which she has chosen to speak. Yikes, please just ignore this girl and move on. She really is exhausting and really just so uninformed. Very Sad

  51. Women have no place in political decision making,. They've proved that over and over thru their lame ideas and decisions. Lock Her Up Also, she's as insane/delusional as Hilaturd .

  52. From what I understand, the VA is right now the best it has ever been and probably the best it can be. And it still pretty much sucks. This is why universal healthcare should be considered a hate crime and health care devoid of government interference a human right (to clarify, not to have it free, but to have it free of government).

  53. This one has no clue how the VA operates and under what conditions. Just like everything else she opens her mouth about. Furthermore she should go back to her state and see if she can get those Amazon jobs back. What a nut.

  54. It took me 10 years to get help for my PTSD 10 years! It infuriates me to see this twit talking on a subject she knows nothing about. 22 vetrans commit suicide every day. Most for this reason alone. I worked 2 full time jobs and a part time job 7 days a week from 5 am to 11 pm just to keep my mind on somthing other than the things I think about when I wasent busy otherwise i could have been one of those 22. Democrats are absolutely disgusting they will fund illegal immigrants all day but will watch American veterans die simply to hurt Donald Trump. It is absolutely disgusting to me. The people voting them in are absolutely insane.

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