Ohio State’s Dr. Laxmi Mehta, Cardiovascular Medicine and Women’s Health

Hi my name’s Laxmi Mehta and I’m a cardiologist
at the Ross Heart Hospital. I specialize in prevention, women’s cardiovascular health
and imaging. I chose the field of cardiology since heart disease largely affects many members
of my family and I know I’m at risk and I wanted to make a difference for myself, for
my family and for my patients. My style of care is prevention. It can be either primary
or secondary prevention. We want to prevent the development of heart disease or prevent
future heart issues. I believe in a team-based approach that includes not only the patient
but the patients’ family members and the other members of the healthcare team. As a team
we can improve the patient’s health and work together to advance their care. I enjoy working
at Ohio State because we’re at the forefront of medicine. We get to participate in the
education of future generations of doctors, nurses. We also get to participate in research
and change the care of medicine for the future. And at Ohio State we not only reach out to
our patients but to the community of central Ohio with different community activities to
improve the overall health in the region.

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