Omega Healthcare – Trichy Success Story

Once famous for its temples, today trichy
offers high quality education that attracts students from the region. Launched in 2011 Omega’s Trichy operation is one of the most successful
in the company today and it’s altering the standard of living of hundreds of
families It took 11 attempts and nearly 1 year to get a
job in Omega, after I joined it has been a great journey As the largest corporate employer in Trichy, we have the lowest attrition levels the highest employee job referrals in
the industry over 70% referrals and and an enviable gender ratio 80% females
in coding, many of our staffers are first-generation corporate employees
from largely agricultural backgrounds over 45 percent of them travel to
work from outside Trichy. Our future growth plan will be to maintain the current pace of expansion. This includes, creating strategic outputs and the centre of excellence for non-voice. As a Omega venture, we will never compromise on the basics Customer, people and the business will be always our priority. We have a learning and development
program with dedicated features in Trichy And leadership coaching programs
helps equip leaders for future roles. Omega gave me a chance to prove my intelligence. Here, I got benefited intellectually, morally and financially too. My career took an interesting turn, when i was promoted as team lead and transferred to Trichy location. It has been a great learning experience. Omega is a place, where talent is rewarded. I see this with conviction because, I joined Omega in 2005 as a process associate And I have grown five times since then to become a service delivery head. I come from a family of fisherman, am the only person to work in a corporate. Thanks to Omega. We expect to create more jobs locally, so
more people can enjoy the comfort and security of home Trichy you make us proud!!

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  1. Guys, please don't carried away by watching this video. I was a past employ of this company, here the company earns more in dollars and pays less to its employees. Inaddition there is so much pressure from the team leaders and the greedy managers. They make us to work more than our shift timmings, nearly 10-12 hrs which affects our health in the long run. To be specific for Coding & Payment posters they pay u Rs. 6500 and for AR Rs.9000. My humble advice please don't refer any one to join Omega Healthcare. But some how make these gimmick videos to employ staffs for very lesser salary. Please Don't Join Omega. Greedy CEO Gopi Natarajan.

  2. Working in omega healthcare worst ever organisation I worked never ever go to omega they treat employee like slave break timing Is thier fixed time and no breaks in between target pressure and training is just for two days without giving training for updates they have need to work and reworks will be hell number next day but TL says complete ur target they keep meeting at beginning of shift for an hour and then will ask to do targets very worst organisation not even fit to find out if person made error intended or accidently they just make to leave office saying terminate in mid of shift where we have to leave the office by mid night no transport will be provided…

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