O’Reilly Mocks Women’s Health

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well we like to we like to talk about that what’s going
on in conservative media in there was something that just a
jumped out at me again as it often dozen as Bill O’Reilly he was talking
about the efforts in Texas to ban abortions after 20 weeks in which
legislature they’ve now done that but that he was trying to simply justify justify why there should be why
women should not have rights to their own bodies after their fetus as gone to the 20-week
threshold and here’s what bill reilly said arm most countries in the world
have the 20-week special and I and we have some say so many you
can just kill baby you’re the fetus however you
want to describe it any time you want for any reason you know women’s health such any reason
at all women’s health that’s any reason at all to kill off a
baby marking it um as if you know you know I don’t know the
woman perhaps dying because we’re pregnancy you’re carrying a deformed
baby or whatever or what what what is owed what is that about he’s
pretty despicable character you know the I take it is even a little
more personal to me because when I was doing promotions for the book
I wrote in 2008 the real making I was on his radio show he spent are the time I was on a ranting
and raving about how he’ll about killer the baby killer
doctor George Tiller who eventually was assassinated in May
of 2009 a then and probably helped out the by the rantings and ravings of a lunatic on
the radio intv like Bill O’Reilly who do
dehumanized this person turned him into a murder and then he was saying a similar thing
what he saying now on that show is on which is over woman has appeared foot you know she just go get a abortion
right before the baby comes out I mean other obvious is same garbage she
spews a motor issues we literally doesn’t know is fax in carol is factually known producers
who came out you know in whistleblower lunch box and
admitted that you know the the windmill let me know they let him know that there are certain
he was saying was Paul said he thought was good copy so he kept saying it obviously that actually ridiculous when
he sent you know he didn’t you know even bro versus wade I has banned
late-term abortion did want healthier life is in danger is a different story well you know it it’s not what he makes
it out to be obviously arm he’s just doing it for a fact he’s
just doing it for attention you know maybe maybe his next book after
killing Kennedy killing we can hear it when called
killing tiller himself some credit their will you know i i guess i can. at me and
I can respect that some people for religious views deeply-held fundamental religious views believe in
in the lifestyle you know the unborn fetus and that’s
fine but bill a row is not a particularly religious guy from what I understand and
and at the same point I mean he may he may want to make these
decisions and his family if it’s you know his daughter his grandchildren or
or people in his family he wants to forbid them from having any reproductive rights
after their fetuses 20 weeks in ordered them not to go to a doctor I
suppose you know it that he can do what he wants in his family but the issue is you should we all have the
right to make that decision that incredible life-or-death decision ourselves and I feel it that’s where so
much above what is heard on the right what is said about in the abortion debate just is so either
disrespectful or doesn’t understand that in women who
have to make these decisions they don’t make them lightly they don’t just go off in willy-nilly
get an abortion or willy nilly you know decide to terminate the pregnancy the idea that women aren’t thinking
about this and that therefore the Bill O’Reilly’s the world have to make this
decision for them is ludicrous the course looks like
ninety percent of abortions are in the first three months still which I’m a very small number here
and obviously if they’re happening that later they’re happening for a reason often is a woman’s health is in danger
in there and I mean it is taking something else in turn into
a political football making light of the situation in your
right delivery is right to their own religious beliefs and and if they
believe abortion is wrong no one no one force anybody to to go and enter me to pray as a buffer
many economic reasons often caused by the Bill O’Reilly to the world at war not raise the minimum wage will cut
people’s health care get rid of Obamacare will force women to all users you know
that’s what forces women to allow the situation were at work you know they they have to
make a choice and the choice is theirs alone it’s not Bill O’Reilly’s and quite frankly we were told by the
religiosity a bill reilly I do remember that part love any case it
said they all shall talk about louvers on the phone and a macro your members I meal we should go to be lecturing
anybody on morality give it a rest pal

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  1. This kind of crazy host like OReilly is would never have any kind of tv or radio show in Europe or at least in Northern Europe…. sadly these kind of voices like OReilly are only ones that comes over Atlantic Ocean , and all kind of crazy talk which are big part so called U.S news media, only extreme views get air time, and i hope that average Joe in U.S.A ain't as stupid and ignorant, like these "news" makes them look

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