Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Celebrates 30 Years of Care

Mr. Palmer said it 30
years ago when this vision was becoming a reality. He said, “We always
can and we always should do better for the
children of our community.” I think people knew that we were
going to have a special place. But I don’t know
that anyone back then could imagine that we would
be nationally recognized among the best in the country
level one trauma and all the things that
we’ve accomplished. It’s just everyday I think we exceed
our expectations. I started as a bedside nurse. So thinking back on the
past 30 years of being here. I was actually
here when we opened this building and to
be able to think back of the stories and the
memories that I have for so many patients
and families is really humbling and very
proud to have been here from the beginning. Arnold Palmer came to
visit, looked at everything, saw the great stuff that
was being done 30 years ago, but said “We can do better.” And that’s been the
legacy for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital ever
since. Well the kids always say that they feel spoiled and
then they always love the food. The parents always say that this
place has been amazing to them that they’re impressed. They love the attention
that they receive and they feel like that
they’re not alone here. Orlando Health Winnie Palmer
Hospital and Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital have a
really rich and proud history. We’ve been really successful
in our early stages of our development that
we were able to grow our women’s children
and newborn services so much so that we were able to
expand our footprint into two distinct hospitals. If a family comes in and we’ve
identified a complex care need for a newborn
during the pregnancy we’re able to bring a
maternal fetal medicine physicians along with the
appropriate pediatric sub specialists to
develop a plan of care prior to the delivery. It’s wonderfully
reassuring for families to meet their primary
caregiver for their baby before that baby is delivered. Our mission is so special. We take that mission to heart. And while it’s far
more than just words that hang on the
walls some place in the lobby of the hospital,
all of our team members have taken that
mission to heart. Orlando Health Arnold
Palmer Hospital has numerous awards,
which certainly is nice and it’s great. But really what it represents
is the care, the excellence that our team members
and our physicians have. And so for me, the
awards are really just an outcome of who we are. It’s not that we
chase the awards the awards come because of
who the organization is. I love the collaborative
environment of Orlando Health Arnold Palmer. No any one clinician as
excellent as some of them are as world renowned as some
of them are, acts as an island. We know each other
by first name. We can call about
a mutual patient and odds are that the
physician that we’re calling will know who we’re
talking about. And will know the whole story. One thing I can tell
our community for sure. And with great honesty, if any of
my children or my grandchildren ever had a serious
illness or an injury there is just no question
where I would take them. That would be Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital. I wake up every morning with
just a wonderful excitement and energy and
passion to come here to help our great teams
deliver just world class care to our patients and families. Every single person
that you connect with at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital. I think they just have so
much passion for what they do. They really care
about the patient they care about the family. They treat you like
no one else does. And they really go
above and beyond to make sure that
they really have exceeded your expectations. I’ve been at Orlando Health
Arnold Palmer for 13 years now. And it’s been a
wonderful 13 years, but I’ve never been more
excited about being a physician here than I am right now. I see great things on the
horizon for our hospital and for our
institution in general. And I’m really excited
to be a part of it. It’s exciting to think
about where we’re going to go over
the next 30 years and how we’re going to
change how we care for kids. Happy Birthday Orlando Health Arnold Palmer
Hospital for Children. It’s an exciting
time to celebrate. And I look forward to
the future. From all of us general pediatricians in the
central Florida community. Happy 30th Birthday
Orlando Health Arnold Palmer
Hospital for Children. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Orlando Health. Arnold Palmer
Hospital for Children. I want to say happy birthday to the
team members and physicians that make Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital’s
birthday possible. So Happy Birthday and thank
you for all that you do.

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