Our bonds are our strength

We all seek fulfilment in our lives. Finding it requires an environment that respects personal freedom,
equal opportunities, and fundamental rights. An environment,
where we are free to be ourselves, protected from persecution and violence, no matter who we are, what we believe or where we come from. Free to seek our own version
of happiness and love. Fortunately,
we already live in such an environment. Free to communicate,
travel and work together. A union created on the basis of freedom,
security and justice, to achieve peace and equality. Intrinsically linked values
offering us a world of opportunities. Yet, it is these same values
that have transformed the very nature and scale
of serious and organised crime. Cyber crime, terrorism,
human and drug trafficking, fraud, hate crime, and other constantly evolving crimes
are no longer subject to boundaries, real or virtual. But how do we fight crime
without compromising our values? How do we maintain our security while protecting our fundamental rights? In a common area,
we need common answers. We find them in solidarity. This requires networks that cooperate,
exchange information, and work alongside each other. To this end, nine European agencies
have joined forces under the guidance
of the European Institutions. They establish knowledge centres, judicial and law enforcement
training and cooperation, training programmes and IT systems to
back the countries of our common area, help manage borders,
immigration and migration flows, support the development
of a common European asylum system, promote equality between women and men, tackle drug related problems
and cross border crime. Everyday, these agencies
bring European policies to life for people living in the EU, ensuring the values of freedom,
security, justice and equality can exist,
both collectively and separately, reinforcing one another. Thanks to the agencies’
close collaboration, people in the EU
will continue to find fulfilment in their fundamental rights together, feeling more secure in themselves
and the Union in which they live.

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