Paragon Healthcare – Sheldon’s Story

when I was 13 weeks pregnant with
Sheldon we were given the diagnosis that he would be born with an omphalocele. His
liver and intestines were in a sac outside of his body. He had the first of
four surgeries while he was in the NICU When he left the NICU they told us
congratulations you now have a perfectly normal child he is no longer special
needs of any kind. So my husband and I with our other four children began to
raise him and notice that things just weren’t quite right with Sheldon. He
didn’t eat the same way the other children had. He wasn’t growing the same
way. We met with the GI specialists and it was decided that Sheldon was going to
need a feeding tube to help his growth Here was my small child attached to an
adult-sized IV pole and lines and in tubes and it was all very new to us and
very new to him, very intimidating and I went to the hospital administrator
and mentioned to them that I had heard someone speak of a backpack that they
could get for the kids and asked if they could connect us with someone who could
provide that for Sheldon. Was that same day that we first met Marie and were
introduced to Paragon. From that second that I met her and then got to meet
Sheldon, they gripped hold of my heart and have absolutely never let go.
I had the pump kind of right in front of me as I was I had everything kind of in
my arms and so I walked in and I turned around and Tina was crying, and she said
is that Sheldon’s pump ,and I said yes that’s Sheldon’s pump and she said that
pump is going to give my baby his life back. go go go Sheldon go go go go go look at you. When we
put the backpack on Sheldon and got everything started and running it was
like my child had a piece of his childhood back. I’m very very grateful
for every phone call for every call back for every moment of patience for every
moment of understanding for every team member of Paragon that I have met
over the last five years and for every bit of love that our family has been
shown. Paragon offers me the opportunity every single day to be the best
dietitian, clinician, and leader in nutrition support paving the way to care
for as many patients and people caregivers and family as we possibly can.
I don’t feel like a patient, I don’t feel like a customer I feel like I’m part of
a real family with Paragon. People purpose passion Paragon

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