Parallettes for Bent Arm Pressing Strength

– Hey Ryan here from GMB Fitness. You wanna get strong? You wanna improve your upper body strength and your core strength? Hey, I know you do. This is how you can do it. We’re gonna be looking at
some bent arm movements for the p-bars. Now in another video I covered
the straight arm movements so be sure to check that video out at well because you will benefit from it. But in this particular video, what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna be taking a look at different levels and variations of bent arms movements is gonna help you to build
a stronger upper body and core. One thing that I want you to
focus on when going through these movements in that is form. It all comes down to form. Doesn’t matter if you’re
doing straight arm movements, bent arm movements, leg movements. Whatever you’re doing, focus
on the quality of movement. It might get exciting looking
at some of these movements and wanna just crank em’ out. But take a step back. Focus on keeping your
elbows close your body. Why is that good? The reason why is because it’s
going to create a stronger base for you to build harder movements on top of, and it’s gonna keep you
from getting injured. That’s also a very, very important things. Speaking of injuries, if
you happen to have issues with your wrist, well, that’s where p-bars
can come into play. Now of course make sure
you check your doctor and get the okay before
you start working on any of these movements
if you do have issues but if you have discomfort in your wrist from preforming movements on the ground the p-bars are great
alternative to help you. And also to allow you
to continue working on these movements, even
with wrist discomfort. Lots of stuff that I wanna
share with you today. Check out the movements. Go through all of the variations, the progressions if you will. And hey, I know they’re
tons of other variations of bent arm movements
you can do on the p-bars. This is just one example. Enjoy. Let’s get into. For the push-up series, they’re eight variations that
I show here, ranging from knee pushups, to half pushups,
to side to side pushups. No matter which one you decide to work on, the key point is to
always keep your elbows pulled tightly into your sides as you lower and raise yourself. You wanna pause slightly
at the bottom position of all of these pushups and be sure to squeeze your entire body. For your dip, just start
off in a tucked position. Now the goal for all of the dips is to pour your elbows
inward as you bend your arms. Now be sure to keep from flaring your arms as you lower yourself. Now the second variation
to dip is where you’ll have you legs extended out front of you. So, try to keep your
shoulders over your hands as you preform the dip, just like you did in the first variation. Now the final variation will
have you pull your hips between your hands as you lower yourself. This is a real fun one
but like the other dip make sure to focus on
pulling your elbows together throughout the entire movement. The first variation of the
inverted press is where you’ll start with your feet on the ground and you have your shoulders
back behind your hands at an angle. So focus on keeping your elbows in tight and driving your butt
upwards as you push back. Now next step is walking
your feet closer to the bars and going up on you toes. This is gonna allow you to
get your butt really high up over your hands. So that you can increase
the difficulty of the press. Remember don’t flare your elbows. Now finally you can place
your feet up on a step or something to make this more difficult. It’s the same as the previous variation in which you keep your elbows tight in. And you can gradually
working on taking your feet higher an higher Alright, I hope you
enjoyed those movements. I gotta say, check out the
video that I did on combining straight arm movements and
bent arm movements into a full program using our five p framework. I think you’re really enjoy that. Now remember always focus on form. Keep those elbows in. Enjoy the process and let us know how this goes for you.

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