Patch Adams Presents: Health, Care, & Eating

Okay, get this, in medical school, four years on health care, I did not get one lecture on health or one lecture on care — not one lecture. Not on diet or exercise, spirit or love, wonder, curiosity, passion, hope, gratitude; never mentioned. Health care system? Where is the health or the care? Well, that’s what we found out. When people came to our home, and we were looking at our own health. You know, I grew up this nerd; I didn’t ever play sports, I never really did exercise. But, when I was trying to say: “Okay, you need an exercise program!” I needed one so that I could talk intelligently and experientially about it. For 45 years now, I have done yoga, weightlifting, and aerobics, and so I will be 72 this month I’m fit, and I know it’s been a really important part of my health. And in those days, again, the Wellness movement had not quite hit, and most patients did not have a program for themselves. They ate what they ate. And wow, when you actually checked what they ate, they ate a huge amount of garbage. Stuff that wasn’t healthy. I mean, they say at the turn of the 20th century, that the average person ate three pounds of sugar per year. And by the time I started to practice medicine, they say it could have been 200 pounds of sugar per year. It was in everything. And so, we had gardens. We prepared the food. You know, we were the doctors for the largest motorcycle gang in the US, and these are not big vegetable-eaters. We would have these prepared vegetables, and they would shout down and say: “This is good!” Again, it was a tricky way to move people because it wasn’t just saying: “Ok, you need to exercise.” There was exercise going on. You need to eat healthier food. Healthier food was being served. There was some junk food. You know, we were not pure. And, it was a discovery we were making for ourself, too. To be healthy, and love was so important. It’s so important, first for us, you know, to– Well, I’m going to talk about that later, to tell you the truth, because I want to go deep with this love thing. So let’s go!

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  1. Pasta is carbs 🤷‍♂️ Patch but, cold tasty 😋 pasta burns in the body as a safer purpose for diabetes true events I learned on tv 📺 and it actually gives energy like a protein 😁👍 for me
    Because hot pasta doesn't get used as glucose because of the temperature for diabetics.
    Godspeed Sincerely from LarryWhittington
    Thanks for sharing

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