Patrick McIntosh’s #LifeCycle – Vegan Dinner Recipe for Cycling Stamina!

So, how easy is it to prepare and create
vegan food on a long bike ride? So this is what happened last night. I only did a quick 60 miles in very easy order But I was still quite hungry, so the first thing I did was to cut up raw cabbage, tomatoes, carrots… some lettuce… green beans… mixed it up with some lentils and that was a wonderful, very attractive salad, which we
then mixed up some “veganaise” sauce which is quite a strong powerful chili-type
mayonnaise made of soya… and some balsamic vinegar, a bit of salt and some
oil… mixed it together, poured it over the salad and I tell you it was absolutely
delicious! And of course, in that salad not only are you getting all your vitamins but
you’re also getting a huge amount of protein, from the lentils, and
incidentally, every day, I put a bowl of lentils out, pour water, let them soak
during the day… so I’ve got lentils in the evening. And then for the main course I
boiled up a nice pile of balsamic – sorry… of basmati rice, which was very
delicious and I made a bean stew. And the way which you make bean stew is that you
chop up some garlic and then fry it in a bit of oil, you pour in some wonderful
curry powder, which I happen to have which I brought with me which we picked
up in Sri Lanka, I mixed in two teaspoonfuls of harissa paste, four
teaspoonfuls of Wagamama chili sauce, a can of red beans and a can
of baked beans, a bit of salt and, I tell you what, mixed up and gently stewed for
approximately 15-20 minutes whilst the rice is cooking and serve fresh with
lovely basmati rice and a sauce on top, and it was absolutely delicious.
Didn’t take very long, it was incredibly easy to prepare and it was really easy,.
and of course it gave me all the necessary vitamins, all the proteins, all
the necessary roughage and all the necessary foods for me to be able to
cycle and basically as I reach the top of
Denmark – and I’ve done a thousand miles in a relatively very short space of time –
that’s what I’ve been eating, and it works perfectly well! So the proof of the
pudding, I’m afraid, is in the cycling! Cheers!

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