Pediatric Gynecology with OB/GYN Brittany Stofko, DO

(upbeat music) Pediatric Gynecology – Pediatric gynecology
is really caring for the patient population prior to the onset of the first menstrual period. A lot of times, mom or dad
may get concerned with rashes, discoloration of the external genitalia, even foreign objects
that may have been lodged in places they shouldn’t be and we typically get called
in by the pediatrician to assist in caring
for these young ladies. What Parents Need to Know They need to know that
the exam is always done with them present and that
everything is explained. Most times, depending
on the level of an exam that needs to be done, if it
needs to be an invasive exam, the patient is typically put to sleep and mom or dad is always present
during all of those exams. Pediatric GYN Care at Summerville With the pediatric ER here at
Summerville Medical Center, we’re available as a specialist
consultation service. If a young girl would
be brought into the ER with some type of pelvic or
external genitalia problem, we would be there to
assist the ER physicians and provide services that
we feel need to be rendered. (upbeat music)

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