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  1. What about "optimism of strength", life has so many sides to it, both good and bad. One man can't be aware of them all simultaneously, but he does have the power to choose which ones to focus on, and it is that focus of his that determins the nature of his human experiance. Having the strength to admit the negative aspect of reality and still look for the positive ones is the path I think is worth pursuing.

  2. You blew my mind as soon as you showed the picture of Kronos devouring his children. I've never made that connection before. Nice

  3. Nietzsche's  thoughts and convictions on this topic (time, pain, loss and the affirmation of life despite these) are complex, as he insists he does not have any system or program, and the virtues and human reserves of strength he points towards resist attempts at specification. But speaking very generally (and thus cautiously) his most radical gesture is to call not for the acceptance of pain and suffering (stoicism and ascetic religion) but for LOVE of the particular pains and sufferings that are part of any concrete life (Amor Fati).This is powerfully expressed in a hypothetical encounter with a demon who is thanked and praised for bringing the news of eternal recurrence– all that has happened in this life, no matter how painful or difficult, will happen over and over in future lives, ad infinitum. Such love in the face of radical fatalism calls for all kinds of virtues which must be "cultivated." The problem with all of this is that, as Nietzsche well knows, "we" (he doesn't believe literally in personal identity, since "man is dividuum not individuum") are not in charge of our own emotions, thoughts, actions. Nietzsche says that "free will" is an "error," and when he talks about cultivating virtues and loving/affirming life unconditionally, he uses metaphors like "sculpting" or "giving style to character" — all of which is far from clear. He never claimed to embody all these virtues,or know the state of amor fati from personal experience. In fact, he noted that he was "decadent" in Ecce Homo. I would argue that his varying descriptions of total affirmation of life are utopian, or at least rarely, if ever instantiated. More problematic still, they constitute a kind of telos or ideal end which exists only in a possible future. If you love your fate already, then you don't need to cultivate virtues, "will a self" or engage any particular project at all. You're already strong despite fate. But if you do believe that you need to "become" something other than who you already are (say more courageous, honest, hard, and other Nietzschean virtues) then you are back to the problem of measuring the value of the present in terms of an ideal future ( i.e. possible state which is not yet, and may never be). This in turn often leads to discouragement, self-deprecation, vain introspection, and unrealistic expectations. But most of all it presupposes some kind of agency by which we can not simply accept but alter our natures. Nietzsche was aware of this tension between fatalism and "self-overcoming" in his thought, yet his discussions of "self-overcoming" and notions of "willing a self" or "creating a self" are filled with internal tension and contradictions (e.g. to will a self supposes a prior "self" and the efficacy of goal-directed willing, both of which he denies). In the end, his response to this problem is to say that he uses language more as a poet than theorist, and that each individual must feel his/her way through the metaphors uniquely through interpretation. This leaves us roughly where we started. If a tour-guide claims to point only to interpretations and not objects, then it's not clear when 2 tourists are pointing at the same object. In this case, it's unclear just which people, if any, can be said to exemplify amor fati or pessimism of strength. But Nietzsche defends a radically playful/poetic view of language use. He famously remarked (no doubt poetically!) "there are no facts, only interpretations." Of course, this begs the question, "Interpretations of WHAT? Other interpretations?" Even a poet has to touch the ground in order to poetize about it. Nietzsche's extreme statements can't be taken at face value, but the point is that there is an undeniable tension between an emphasis on personal growth and the unconditional love of life. The most tragic problem of all is that unconditional love (by definition) cannot be "cultivated." For cultivation is conditioning  of one kind or another. It's like the commandment to love your neighbors. If you already love all your neighbors, the commandment is superfluous. If you do not, then the commandment may not be something you can obey (since we are not in charge of what we feel). In that case it is likely to weigh on your conscience and sense of worth, as you will feel that you "should" love them all. Then you cry out "What's wrong with me!?," and possibly fall into self-loathing which brings you even further from unconditioned love or the affirmation of life. Niezsche knew all about such conundrums and called it "The Tyranny of the Should" which he associated with the history of western morality. I would say that his poetic evocation of an ideal state of fatalism characterized by love and strength falls prey to the same problem/s he diagnosed in other philosophies and religious systems.

  4. where does Nietzsche develop his idea of Pessimism of strength? It is "thus spake zarathustra" or is it "The Gay science" or perhaps some other book that he wrote?   

  5. Bunch of belly achin.  My War God eats your time god.  I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!  The inner mantra, as you slay your enemies and spread your seed.  Vessel of the Eternal Beast. 

  6. It apears to me that u are a man of great knowledge and i think it will be unfortunate if u keep it to yourself and maybe few freinds/deciples of yours. I wish that u continue to make vidoes you dont need to be popular to be a good youtube teacher.

    It is better to wrote for one self and have no public thatn to wrote for the public and have no self -cyril connoly.
    "An emerald will shine none the less though it's worth not be spoke of." – Marcus Aurelius
    and after all neitzsche said i dont write for them(the herd) i write for the caste

  7. Please come back. You offer such a great help for everybody, and many of your veiwers like me are just high school students who love philosophy and need some guide.

  8. I'd have advocated Camus over Nietzsche for a pessimism that wasn't resignation. Nietzsche, I've always felt, was over compensating with his thought and writing on strength and will. The man was a pensioned writer who spent a of time just walking around and thinking but ended up having a collapse and becoming an invalid dependent on his sister. His life was mostly in his head. In a lot of ways, he took Schopenhauer's notion of sectioning yourself off from the world into practice.

    Camus, by contrast, was involved in the world and with people, just as he advocated in his writings. He had his fair share of knocks but he stuck by his principles. His writing came from his actions and impressions of the world at large. He resigned himself to the worthless will of the world and accepted life anyway.

    Personally, though, I'm with Schopenhauer.

  9. It would be easier to relish one's problems if any of them could be solved or weren't getting worse but every year I've got less to do and people are somehow managing to be even more stupid than they were before.

  10. Recommended Readings:
    Pessimism: Philosophy, Ethic, Spirit: Joshua Dienstag – http://amzn.to/1WR4WGy (affiliate link)

  11. Fantastic video! Also, you are dead right about Dienstag–one of the best books that I have read in the past twenty years.

  12. If you're really into philosophy of pessimism and love watching TV show, you gotta check out 'True Detective' Season 1. The main character, Rust Cohle is literally a pessimist.

  13. Thank you for these video lessons! Pessimism of Strength sums up my headspace for the past few years: "trust in life is gone…. Yet… even love of life is still possible, only one loves differently" 👏✊

  14. this channel is very high quality im so glad i found it! hope you keep making videos and are successfull 🙂

  15. We were told last century there wasn't intelligent life here but people kept breeding anyway. Some people still wanna play on Mars too. Our stupidity and insanity should be quarantined to this rock alone. Maybe we can battle drugs in far away galaxies some day. Yay, optimism… not :-/

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    HUMANITY. fight your own goddamn war next time around.

  17. Dozens of times have I seen this video on Suggested, but never actually saw it. I always thought it'd be about the pessimist nature of the Need for Strength, in a sort of lament of the famous "Si vis pacem para bellum".
    Now i find myself amused of my preconception but I still think such a theme deserves some insight. Maybe if I watch all the videos I'll find something of the sort.

  18. re: Nietzsche's idea about The Past… the stone "it was"
    From a Stoic perspective, this represents something outside of one's control or ability to change. Therefore, a stoic would not concern themselves with the past except to use it as a lesson on how to avoid repeating it in the present. A stoic derives satisfaction and value from their knowledge of the past…. no matter how bad it seems.

  19. Another idea discussed here is the concepts of Order and Chaos. You could look at Chaos as representing the Future (unpredictable in the near term, unknowable in the long term) and the Past is represented by Order (as certain as your knowledge of it and utterly unalterable)

    The passage of time could then be described as Orda ab Chao… order out of chaos! 😉

  20. There is no such thing as linear time. It is an illusion! Why does Darwin so much influence our philosophies and Einstein has yet to? The meaning of time is found when one steps outside the illusion of time. Only by stepping outside the illusion and looking at it from a wider lens does one see that one is not its prey. But I have no problem with you thinking you are. It's produced some interesting philosophy and great art (And I do not include Schopenhauer on that list).

  21. Good talk. "It is related that His Holiness Christ—May my life be a sacrifice to Him!—one day, accompanied by His apostles, passed by the corpse of a dead animal. One of them said: ‘How putrid has this animal become!’ The other exclaimed: ‘How it is deformed!’ A third cried out: ‘What a stench! How cadaverous looking!’ but His Holiness Christ said: “Look at its teeth! how white they are!’ Consider, that He did not look at all at the defects of that animal; nay, rather, He searched well until He found the beautiful white teeth. He observed only the whiteness of the teeth and overlooked entirely the deformity of the body, the dissolution of its organs and the bad odour. This is the attribute of the children of the Kingdom." ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Star of the West

  22. schopenhauer is such a sad and ugly being. he advocates being afraid to get hurt by life and thinks life is meant to be painful because of his experiences. realistically tho life isnt meant to be anything and we should try to create vivid moments so a blend of past present and future is just a healthy way to go so long as you dont get caught up in any one of those

  23. as a pessimist i can be both weak and syrong its impossible to be strong at all times i think most people familiar with their own shadow are in possesion of duality.

  24. Sometime I hold on to the thoughts of what would life be for humans if Adam wouldn’t eat from the tree..! God already warned Adam by saying do not eat from the tree or u and ur children will suffer hardships.! Paradise is the only place that mankind can never feel empty or dissatisfied no matter how hard we try to turn this existence into our pleasures it will never give the taste of paradise so that’s why that little short moments we get by living in nice house or driving nice car etc etc but again we get hit back with the ugliness of this existence and we feel stressed out that maybe this existence will satisfy if I turn it to this and that and so on but yet again it won’t work..! The best option is just the way you get money every day starts filling up ur bags with good deeds.! Or keep browsing around and waste time the choices urs

  25. I dont know if Nietzsche invent all of this (the ultraman, the hero and the herd, etc) but always sorprise me that i come to conclusions like the ones he did. Or maybe im influence by him in some other way that this videos

  26. I wonder whether Nietzsche saw himself as a weakness or strength pessimist? It seems in his personal life he really didn't do a whole lot in the world outside of writing books and we must face the fact that he couldn't keep his shit together. Now maybe that was out of his control. We can only speculate on that.

  27. "We never live, but we hope to live; and as we are always preparing to be happy, it is inevitable that it should never be so…" damn.

  28. If there are 10,000 philosophers, there exist 10,000 philosophies, each of which nurtured and shaped by each philosopher's circumstances, and innate characteristics.

  29. Thank You. Again! This is one of those "I told you, I'm not Pessimistic at All. I'm Realistic. I can't help it if you think of realism as negative." I Love Nietzsche. He is at the top of people in history, I really want to talk with. He knew how the world was and even eerily would be. I love this Channel. So I joined as a Member. Yalls love of Knowledge and Learning is Awesome. I rarely come aross this kind of mind. Thank You So Much! Peace and Love Always ♡ Tauney

  30. I came ,across this,awhile ago,and it has become my "mantra" – Pessimism and Cynicism will keep your head on straight, Your vision clear, and your understanding of reality firm.

  31. Dude i just started watching this channel the other day and havnt watched anything else since. Appreciate the effort it took to make these very comprehensive, interesting, and relevant.

  32. well for these it was strictly material' people also ought to inhabit "spirit and create" p passages through time

  33. I bet some money that non of those hired as psychologists and assigned to do therapy for KAISER have any concept of this.

    This bring memories of prompts in highschool. I need to collect these and pass them to those seeking needing value in life.

  34. Strength is repackaged and relabelled from century to century.. In our age. The pen is mightier than the sword. Before it was the gun and now it still is tempered by the Law!!!! Never underestimate your own strength. You can use it for good or evil.. Intent is everything!!!!! Choose your enemies wisely, some maybe damaged inside to want to kill or worse still!!!!

  35. Schoepenhauer: "We'd been better off had we never existed."
    Sure, that makes sense. What an advantage nonexistence brings!

  36. Bro I feel sorry for ur all these times reading these so called dipshits philosophers sayings and their way of explaining everything and everyone as boggy man. I bet if u live a life of solitude u will become the best philosopher.!

  37. How I envy the inanimate object for its non-consciousness! I'd like to not exist at all. But what's next best to that would be to exist as what has no mind. To exist as what cannot think a thought. And to exist as what cannot feel an emotion. Yes, I envy the inanimate object indeed!

  38. It's videos like these that should be stored in a bunker so the knowledge they contain may survive any war or natural desaster and live on as an elixir of wisdom to those that survive. Lives can be fixed with these lessons. I think mine has taken a positive turn so far. Just need to find the gas pedal.

  39. Pessimism seems a logical view for those paying attention.
    Assume the worst – if you're wrong, you'll be pleasantly surprised

  40. Neutrality is the most sane idea one can have in the mind (in my point of view) for It is detached from toxic drama and exaggerated perceptions. Realism of strenght should be better, i guess.

  41. That sucked. Talk about beating a dead horse. The 2nd worst vid from this channel and it stinks of nwo propaganda bs too. Expect less is the message. Neither grasp at the future nor hold onto the past is the Buddhist/ Taoist/ eastern mandate. I'm convinced. Pessimism suuuuccks. Buddhism = spiritual psychology = freedom. Pessimism seems to say… why bother, your chained until death. Suck it up pessimists.

  42. I am a huge fan of philosophy. I admire the deep thinker. most humans are disturbingly shallow. my conclusion on these matters is……, a knowledge of ones own personal truth, and to embrace and except it is the most likely pathway to personal peace. the world is always what it is. what is important is to be what you are and to stand by that.

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