Philippine Healthcare System

Healthcare Access to healthcare is a human right It must be universal It must be physically accessible wherever and whenever needed It must be comprehensive It must be affordable But here in the Philippines it isn’t At least not for everybody

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  1. Hi Gwenn, I really liked your video. It really told the story of the health problem in the Philippines.

    I'm a director of a NGO called Big Hands.
    Our facebook page has pictures of our activities.

    Wanted to speak with you about possibly working together so we can get the message out about the problem of healthcare.

  2. How far has our great nation fallen … when will God send a true leader that truly cares for the betterment for the entire nation.

  3. The Catholic church destroyed the Philippines. They own a lot of hospitals, Schools and prime real estates and they don't pay taxes. They are the most corrupt institution in the world. Its heartbreaking that Jose Rizal did not destroy them for good. Filipinos have become gullible and helpless. The Catholic church like it that way.

  4. This is indeed the sad reality of the Philippines' healthcare system. When I was still working for a pharmaceutical company, I've talked to a lot of patients who has a similar concern: money to finance their medical expenses.
    This should not remain a problem, rather a solution has to be sought. That's why we've founded Medfunding – an end-to-end dedicated medical crowdfunding platform that would connect patients to their communities.
    I'd like to personally speak with the subject on your video. I can be reached on our Facebook page at Hope to hear from you. #HereToCare

  5. 😭😭😭😭😭 grabeee naiyak ako kay nanay ,totoo naman kasi na kapag wala ka ng pera wala na tlga kahit magmakaawa ka pa sa kanila.

  6. Hi Gwenn, If I may, I would like to use your documentary for our class about social issues in the Philippines, I would really want to share this in our class, as we have aspiring doctors. It would really be a big eye-opener for everyone. Thank you for your video.

  7. Sis, I searched "Philippine Health Economics" (for our exam tom) and this appeared on top of the list of videos. Sobrang ganda 🙂 I'm so proud of you! Continue to touch other people's lives through your videos. God bless 🙂

  8. To everyone who will read this: apply for philhealth or any other health insurance while you still can.
    Do not blame the rich for being poor. If you have a job, it is because a rich person decided to start a company. All the things you have now, some company made it and brought to you. The Philippines have offered plenty of avenues to change one's socioeconomic status. We just tend to live and make a series of bad decisions. Example, vote buying, boboto ng mga incompetent decision makers, teenage pregnancy, not going to school, "konti nga lang pera, mag aanak pa ng lima", drugs, bisyo etc.

  9. how can this video exlpain my patients i catered who had no money, whom i personally checked and personally witnessed that they were entertained without hesitation?

  10. hi Gwenn i loved the video that you posted. Id like to ask persmission to use some of your clips for my presentation in my class project 🙂 it will greatly help us medical students 😀 thank you in advance!

  11. I love the content of the video. Can I ask your permission if i can borrow the video just for the purpose of my project presentation? Thank you!

  12. This business & profit-driven, American based medical insurance healthcare system is very 19th century. Public healthcare is near nonexistent or services is poor or only for the few.

  13. Much better if may subtitle in case na mapanood ng foreigner maintindihan nila kalagayan dito sa pinas anyway good job creating this documentary video to reveal the truth in our society 🙂💯

  14. Hi maam, im doing a presentation for the universal health care law in the philippines, i would just like to ask for the permission to use some clips of this video for my introductory part. Thanks po.

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