[Music] welcome to tabatha yoga today I’m going to be taking you through a Pilates class dedicated to runners now the reason I’ve done this is because I’ve had so many requests for yoga Pilates for runners the beauty of Pilates is that it gives you a fantastic core strength and that is essential for running what that means is that your limbs can move for longer and faster it improves your performance and that’s what we want so whether you are couch to 5k or whether you are a marathon runner having a strong core is essential also Pilates improves your balance and that is key if you’re a runner the last thing you want to do is fall and injure yourself so whether you’re a road runner or a fail runner balance is essential so enjoy your Pilates class programmers if you like what you see please subscribe and then let’s get going okay so posture is key so gonna stand up straight I’m gonna face this way but you can see from the way I was standing that I have my ankles my knees are my hips and my shoulders totally balanced so stacked on top of one another I’m going to look forward mm-hmm relax my shoulders and just stand nice and tall okay so I’d like you to just maintain this posture just feeling what it’s like and then we’re gonna do some balance work so I’ve got this mental piece here but if you haven’t got a mantelpiece then please work on your balance I’m not gonna need it but use the wall use the door whatever you’ve got nearby and all you’re going to do is kick your leg back and forth so just the first one is always the hardest so work on your mobility kicking back and forth keeping upright lifting your chest a little to place that down and we do the same on the other side so standing nice and tall lift the chest lift the pelvic floor and lower belly pulled and when your way seven six five two and one brilliant and rest down even more balanced standing tall draw your knee in and kick back and I want you to take it really slow improving your balance and tickling the foot back tree kick back point the toe extend and then this is your last one brilliant knee high and drop down into the same on the other side so feet hip distance they’ll rooted connected pull your belly in and extend one side is always wobbly other than the other standpoint draw in top wall find a one squeeze in feel that in your tummy and extend come back up mother okay back to nice posture standing tall just a simple hip flexor stretch often when you see runners you see them stooping and running kind of running into the hill brilliant for running but terrible for your posture so knees together push the hip flexors forward stand up nice and tall nothing more swamp feet back to hip distance standing nice and tall relax shoulders lift your chest push the hips or just a little bit more girl and drop your feet down have a little shade okay you’re gonna come to the back of your mat and you’re gonna roll down one vertebra at a time so feet to hip distance again stand tall and drop your chair and you’re going to roll down really slowly as if your hands are really heavy and you would have reached to the ground because what you’re doing here is making space in between each vertebrae relaxing down then pull up again run us off to the run and they’re quite tense when they run there’s a lot of tension in the arms the arms are moving really strong so this built up a lot of tension here and this just releases all of that off so rolling down reaching down to the floor and then you’re going to walk your hands back out and bring yourself into downward dog we just tuck myself in this is ginger okay down dog feet easing to the ground closing the chest of the thighs and your moon to just rock up onto your toes and ease yourself down now down dog or this pyramid stretch is a total full body stretch it stretches everything it’s the best so you’re getting the calf stretch hamstring stretch shoulder stretch and your back setting the chance to lengthen so it’s a wonderful post to run stretch then I’d like you to hook your big toe round the back of your heel and ease your heels around a little bit more calf stretching do the same on the other side just see how notice pout and I just have further I can go down it’s brilliant come back and drop your knees brilliant hands under your shoulders knees under your hips and we’re gonna have a ironically have a little cat stretch so it will round your back pull your tummy in stretch the battery we’re on across the shoulders and breathing and look up let your body relax grounding tuck under and then inhale and look up and you can do this for as long as you want because it feels so good especially people in for a long run strengthening out stretching out the hole in the back come back to all fours then please making sure your alignments good and I’d like you to extend and opposite arm so I’ve got my left arm my right arm and my left leg looking between where your thumbs would be hold it hold yourself in Superman looking forward and down hold it and then bring yourself back get stable and then you go to you to the other side extend your leg extend your arm looking forward hold it and then coming back well done so from here I’d like you to come up one two fingertips round your back and tuck your knee in and slowly step through a little block back and forward easing into this deeper every time you come back a little deeper foot flexed walk forward a little deeper hold it here and then rest over there just slightly just feel like you’re lengthening in the spine and rest fingertips again back to all fours let’s do the other side so draw the knee in and the reason why you come onto fingertips is it just creates more space for you to step through rock forward come back take it easy to begin with rock forward and you can make this deeper flex the foot sinking the hips flex the foot good let’s do that again really sink into your hips so you’re getting a nice stretch through the thighs here and rocking back and forth and then come all the way back toes to the ceiling lift your chest and fold over that leg enjoy that hamstring stretch walk all the way up you’re going to do that one more time rock back hamstring stretch all the way up take yourself back to down dog Oh that’s it and drop your knees and then you come up to lie on your back okay so again have your feet hip distance apart your knees in line and then you know that your hips are balanced to roll down onto the back maybe bring your feet a little closer to your bottom so you can touch your heels look at your knees check they’re in line and scoop the pelvis so the lower back goes into the floor and roll up squeeze your bum what you’re doing here again is working your hip flexors stretching your thighs opening up here and also getting a little movement of the shoulders – and then you’re going to roll down one vertebra at a time so breathing in to prepare your body and bring it out rolling down and rolling it one more like this rolling down and as you want up when you scratch your bottom muscles you’re also strengthening your lower back if I feel my lower back muscles there they’re really fired up so you lift your head check your knees haven’t opened and then you’re going to bring you a litany in extend your leg up flex your foot and slowly drop your foot down point your toe come up and flex down lovely view point and flex point and flex and four keep your hips up three two and one yes nice release there okay hips still lifted please draw your knee in extend and flex point and flex five more I’m working my core keeping my hips stable strengthening my legs here lost count three two roll down gently join your knees in just to stretch off your back a little rock massage your lower back good then you’re going to extend your legs along the whole of your mat so the body is in a nice mutual space and all you’re gonna do is draw your knee in so if you notice now you can fit your hand underneath your back and you’re going to bring your knee in and flatten your back firing up your abdominal muscles warming them up squeeze squeeze not complicated but hugely effective building up strength in your core squeeze also amazing mobility here so you can get a good range of motion on the road or on the hills so you’ll no longer a short Strider you’re leaping up those hills like a gazelle four three two and one rest down hands behind your head this time same exercise but a little twist but even though elbow to the knee breathe out our breath for three two and one and actually you keep going for those four miles because they’re really effective next bit of mobility flexibility work so if you can’t get hold of your leg hold your thigh if that’s still quite far off use a strap or if you learn a plant a strap or a yoga strap a dressing-gown tie a tea towel anything that you have you’re going to hold onto that leg and draw up towards it and extend hold and swap eight seven six five four three two and one and we’re going to swap the change and hold on this one work on that flexibility we’re going to do another eight hold it eight seven six five four three two and one enjoy that stretch easing it to your body bring both knees in and then rock yourself up to sitting great we’re going to do some back strengthening right now so rolling onto your tummy and back strengthening is my least favorite but it’s really important if you go to strengthen the front – you need the balance of strengthening the back or so you’re going to have a tight front and a noose back like this so move that first of all we’re going to stretch off the core work we’ve done so coming up into a nice Cobra stretch you know your back so you can come up full if your back is healthy and happy or elbows into ribs and stay here I want you to feel the stretch in the tummy from pelvis to chin opening up through the front spine and then roll down we’re gonna do one more of those inhaling exhale you great come down now from here we’re going to come into swimming but ease down with it I’m going to extend my arms and my legs but first of all they lift my legs up and just kick them slowly for eight seven they can see where I’m strengthening hamstrings gluts and number four three two one rest and then they leave my arms reach and eight seven six five four three two everyone home well done so from here full swimming full extension arms and legs and I’m going to do it slowly for control eight seven five four three two one over relax just not nice butts so good for you bit like spinach okay head down knees wide feet together forehead resting on your hands and lift and squeeze your bum lift your knees now I often find that with teaching us in class that some women women and then struggle to get their knees off the ground here but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter it’s the it’s the sensation of pushing the pelvis in and lift it and feeling the strength here and here and here stopped in the back of those legs making sure that the pelvis and the hips and the lower back are really strong to support your names lift lift four three two and one brilliant comes to the floor is extended child pose lengthen the spine brilliant and you can come into a nice simple stretch so take your legs out in front of you again toes pointing up to the ceiling and you’re gonna rock forward now you should feel this here if you’re rounding in the back just hold yourself here flex the feet if this comes easy to you and you come down a little deeper out-breath takes you deeper out right takes you deeper walk your hands back in close your legs sit up tall and then you just go enjoy a nice stretch over the legs there and again our breath takes you deeper take hold of your big toe draw it in breath out breath in arms up and fold forward in hell let’s swap sides reach up and stretch over mmm wriggle into it feel that stretch in the back to walk your hands back in this time with the soles of the feet together drop your knees down relax your shoulders looking ahead tilt again pelvis tilt keeping all that sitting give free your all that stiffness in your hips from that long run come back and cross your legs I’d like you to just round your back bring your arms up push away and take a little side stretch come all the way back up you’re nearly done take a little side stretch push up again and forward so remember whether you are a foul runner a couch to 5k or a marathon runner please try and do this a couple of times a week after your long session remember to subscribe and like Tabitha Yoga [Music]


  1. I've been running for a good few years and by practising Pilates after running, I've found I can run for a lot longer without feeling tired, plus what I really love, is that, I don't hurt the day after a long run either, which is definitely great. Tell me what difference it makes to your running, I'd love to know 🙏🏻🌸💕

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