Planet Strength in Astrology.. How to Master Your Birth Chart!

Life certainly has its grace and its challenges.
Situations and experiences in our life are consistently requiring us to grow and evolve
as spiritual beings. Powerful tools such as astrology can help us see exactly what these
experiences are and what we can do to use these experiences as opportunities for our
spiritual development. In astrology our life experiences can be seen
by the planets in the birth chart. Each planet has a unique type of experience associated
with it. For example, some planets like Venus are considered benefics where the experiences
related to them are about opportunity and enjoyment, while malefics such as Saturn are
about challenge and necessity. Regardless of the planet involved each of these experiences
give us an opportunity to evolve and grow into more well-rounded and healthy individuals. The most important concept about each of the
planets is that there is an over and under extreme associated with each of them: polarities.
One side of the planet is trying to pull us into the upward direction, of over emphasizing
that planet’s dimension of experience. While the other side of the planet is trying to
pull us downward, of under emphasizing that planet’s experience. Either of these extremes
are unhealthy and can lead to an unbalanced life style. The key as you might imagine is balance. Cultivating
the centered, healthy expression of each planet’s attributes. To do this, we must understand what our birth
chart says about our personal life experiences. This is done by looking at the personal planets
in our chart. These are the Sun, Moon, and Chart Ruler. Along with the inner planets
of Mercury through Saturn. If you are new to astrology and not yet familiar with how
to identify these personal components in the chart.. you can watch the quick video explaining
it in detail. Before we continue you will need a copy of
your birth chart. If you don’t already have one, you can use this quick and simple-to-use
online chart calculator. Now, as you know up to this point, each planet
has a sign and house position associated with it. The sign placement shows the ‘qualities’
of these experiences that we are bringing into balance, and the house the ‘area of life’
we are balancing. However, not all signs and houses are comfortable
for each of the planets to be in. Some planets are stronger in some signs and houses, while
weaker in others. For example, Mars’ assertive and achievement-oriented nature is at its
best at the top of the chart in the 10th house, or in Capricorn. Conversely, he is not very
comfortable at the bottom of the chart, or in Cancer. How a planet is placed in the chart, both
in sign and house placement, can show us the natural tendency of the planet to be balanced,
or imbalanced. In other words, if a planet is placed in a sign and house it is strong
and comfortable in then those qualities will be easier to balance than if the planet is
placed in an uncomfortable sign or house. This is known as the sign and house ‘strength’
of a planet. You can use these PDF’s to see the sign and house strength of the planets
in your birth chart. Write down each personal planet’s sign and house strength. Starting
with your most personal planets first. The next important thing to look for when
analyzing the strength of a planet are its aspects. Like it’s sign and house placement,
how a planet relates to other planets in the chart shows us whether the natural tendency
of the planet is to be balanced or imbalanced. Planets with sextiles and trines are considered
easy to work with, while squares and oppositions more challenging to work with. Conjunctions
are considered inherently neutral and are dependent more on the planets involved. Like before, start with aspects to and from
your personal planets, then work your way to the more outward planets. Write the number
of easy and challenging aspects next to each planet. At this point in the exercise you should have
a general idea about which planets in your chart are easier to balance than others. This
is based on the strength of each of the planets in regards to their sign, house, and aspects. Number your planets from strongest to weakest.
Note that within each planet there are likely some attributes about it that are both easy
and challenging. Precision is not required for ordering them, just use a general method
that works for you. Let’s look at your strongest planets first..
these represent your greatest personality strengths. They are great attributes to channel
your time and energy into as they come natural to you and don’t typically require extra attention
to cultivate in a healthy way. These are excellent qualities that can be easy to continue to
sharpen and hone in on. Here is a list of what each of the planets represent to give
you an idea of what these easier expressions of your personality are all about. With your more challenging planets.. these
are your greatest growth potential, and where you can evolve spiritually. Focus on balancing
these aspects of your personality. The more integrated and balanced they are the more
goodness you will see for yourself and those around you. Consider these the areas that
can be worked on so that you have a more well-rounded and healthy life. Note that these are your
greatest gifts to the world when integrated in healthy ways. You can use the same planet
meanings list to see these growth potentials of your personality. To go deeper, you can look at how to specifically
balance each of the different signs, houses, and aspects associated with your personal
planets. You can use these PDF’s to see how exactly this can be done. Remember that the
strongest planets in your chart will have an easier expression of these qualities, areas,
and aspects of life. While the weaker ones require more attention to bring into balance
for your spiritual development. By cultivating your strengths, and balancing
your weaknesses, as seen in the birth chart.. you are able to gain a tremendous advantage
in self-actualization and mastering this wild ride we call.. life.

14 Replies to “Planet Strength in Astrology.. How to Master Your Birth Chart!”

  1. As usual, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to place these things in sentences that describe the flow of influence.
    Does the planet influence the sign or the other way around?
    Which planet influences which when they are aspected? Outer trines the inner? Inner trines the outer?
    Is my outer blocking the inner or the inner blocking the outer? Or is it the rulership? Does a planet in Rulership aspect the other, or the other way around?
    If 1 planet is aspected well by one and not well by another, do they cancel each other out?

    Your system is great!

  2. Quick question, are Neptune and Uranus not on the list for a specific reason? Are the energies strong no matter where they are located? I’m new to this…

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