Plant-Based Diets and Diabetes

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  1. Something interesting… the people over at beef magazine came out with 6 reasons to ignore the new documentary "cowspiracy" and one reason is because insulin made from byproducts of the meat industry treats diabetes. There was no mention of a plant-based diet reversing diabetes (Dr. Barnard's work) or overconsumption of meat and diary causing it. Geez.

  2. Damn!
    I always thought: "One serving of meet every 2-3 Weeks can't be harmful. That's way to less meet to be bad. To be completely vegan is to extreme."

    Maybe i was wrong 🙂

  3. Hi Michael, thanks for keeping us informed. Very much appreciated. This is the one site I happily recommend to all of my friends.

  4. How strict of a plant-based diet should one eat to avoid diabetes?

     Watch below or click the link to watch on

  5. Anybody tested out the Hybetez Remedy (google search it)? We've heard several awesome things about this popular cholesterol home remedy.

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  8. I am curious:   Are frozen vegetables as good for you as Non-frozen veggies.  Which Isle in the store should we shop in?

  9. Do you have any information on type 1 diabetes? What role does diet play in controlling symptoms and reducing medication?

  10. I can't understand why even one vegan would get type 2 diabetes ? This makes no sense. They should put an asterisk next to that person indicating their BMI and that they are fat vegans eating junk food. There is no other possibility than them being a lard ass vegan. If you stop all animal products and eat WFPB and exercise moderately the incidence of type 2 should be 0%.

  11. I am happy to hear that no Diabetes nor cancer in VEGAN. Proud to be one . Every morning, I woke up and knows that I am amazingly saving someone life as a vegan. Whenever I have meal, I am glad that I give them freedom what animals deserve . On the other hand, I am also saving my life healthier.

  12. On the average I believe the data is correct. However, I personally know a sizeable (no pun intended) number of obese vegetarians who are also T2 diabetics. H'mmm… All this means is there is no panacea, but hedging your bets is always a good idea. Or, as my sainted grandfather used to say: "Nu, it couldn't hurt."

  13. Eye opening…..check out this guy – he eats various food then test blood sugar. You could call it practical, real life research. You might be surprised what he finds. It's the Beat Diabetes YouTube channel.

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