Power Rangers Mystic Force – Solaris Knight vs Koragg | Episode 15 “Inner Strength”

(heroic music) I stopped your spike, I will not let you wreck havoc on this city. Solar Cell Morpher! Magical Source, Mystic Force! (upbeat epic music) Power of the Sun! Solaris Knight! Go get him! I will trample you! (spanish flamenco music) Where he go? Up here! (ominous music) I am Koragg, the
Knight Wolf, who are you? I am the Solaris Knight. Do you think you have
what it takes to fight me? I’ve been trained well
in the art of battle. Koragg, where has he been? (intense music) Come on, Jenji. Let them fight while we finish our task. Yes! (evil laughter) Looks like our battle will have to wait. I will be ready.

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