Power Training vs Strength Training:What’s The Difference Between Strength Training & Power Training

What is the difference between strength training
and power training? Often times strength training and power training
are used inter changeably but they are not the same thing So what is the difference
between the strength training and power training let’s start with the definition
of the strength training and the power and after that we can deduct how the trainings
for strength and power looks like the definition of the strength is the ability to exert force
to overcome the resistance and the definition of the power is to exert force in shortest
period of the time and there we can already see the difference the strength is the exerting
force and overcoming resistance without being timely power is the ability to exert force
in short period of time so the amount of time or the short time spend is more important
than the force you can exert in the strength training most of the time its about overcoming
the resistant what that means that we have to work with higher intensities above the
80 percent of the 1rm 80 85 percent it depends a little and it’s not written in stone so
we work on the higher intensities lets say 80 percent 1RM and the idea is to overcome
the resistance so lifting the load it doesn’t we lift slow because we discussed that earlier
force is mass multiply but the acceleration so its also important about how much the acceleration
we put on the ball. But the main focus is the overcoming the resistant and lifting the
load for power training on the other side its important to overcome the load as fast
as possible so what that means that we work with lower intensities so now it’s a bit
difficult to explain what exact intensity is as there is a range of intensities we have
a little bit higher range of intensities that 60 to 80 percent of the 1RM then a range in-between
40 to 60 percent than another range of 40 to 20 percent so it’s a bit of ranging scale
but anyways the focus is overcoming the resistance as fast as possible if we work on a range
of 60 to 80 percent mainly we using free weight or free weight with bands attached or chains
the idea is to really accelerates if we using the range between 40 to 60 percent we will
still use the free weight but its ballistic so which means jumping in the air and throwing
something and if use lighter weight loads 40 to 20 percent its still ballistic but its
also lighter implement such as medicine both roles and these kind of the activities. So
as a recap definition of the strength exerting force to overcome resistance definition of
power to exerting force to overcome resistance in shortest period of time strength training
higher intensities 80 percent of 1RM and higher power training lower intensities below 80
percent on focus on strength the main focus on strength training is overcoming the resistance
the main focus on power training is overcoming resistance as fast as possible.

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  1. To make the definition simpler,
    Strength is how much force and pressure you can take.
    Power is the amount of force you can give.

  2. Hey Christian. Hope you're doing fine. I have a question for you. There are athletes that they easily enter in CNS overtraining due to plyometric effort training and they need a lot to recover, and then…injuries in joints like ankles, etc. My question is…do you think there is an alternative to plyometrics training? Can dynamic effort be a alternative to plyometrics to become faster? Thanks

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