Power Workout Test – POWER, SPEED, STAMINA in One Exercise

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  1. In the exercise you showed, I read in the description of achieving 60 jumps in 30 seconds. Is that per jump that we make, or is it 2 jumps (left to right or vice versa) counting as 1 rep? Thanks in advance =D!

  2. GreatVideo Man …its amazing how Jeff at his age maintains such a ripped physique…..great going Jeff!

  3. Used to do this workout in football with tackling dummies but a question i got is the dummies are wider but shorter than the cone so instead of having to jump higher, you have to jump a bit further….does this happen to train more on the legs or it makes no difference?

  4. @BobbleHeadWobbler If you dont have dummbells or something do what i did as a kid…go with your mother when she goes grocery shoping and grab some bags that are kinda heavy…there are your weights =p or

  5. Hey love your vids! I have a small request, can you post a vid on how to train on stamina, not by just continuous running. I'm a football player and stamina's very important for me. Thanks!

  6. After I took a arrow to the knee, I would work out non stop. But then I took another arrow to my other knee. Now I only do it 5 days a week. 🙁

  7. wow did the test fell one short at 59 hops my heart went straight threw the roof thanks for another great workout jeff.

  8. 60 in 30 sec.
    Took a few tries but I got it. The higher I raise my knee, the faster I can drop my feet for the next knee raise. This is a back, core, and full leg workout. Thanks.

    To the guys who diss this workout.. Smh

  9. if your an olympic rower your legs arent as important what would you classify as a similar test incorporating upper body strength?

  10. Hi,
    First of all, i love your videos.
    I wanted to ask you, does taking whey protein get in the way of losing weight/burning body fat?

  11. Hi Jeff,

    Can you post some more lower back strengthen exercises. And what to do if you have issues with your lower back. I saw the one posting, do you have any more exercises?



    PS: Getting your program soon!!

  12. well you should make a video named how to control youre explosice power ive did those exercises for 2 weeks till i was ready to do it perfectly and a few days ago in my karate training i kicked the guy i was fighting and broke his nose

  13. just found this channel today and i keep saying ok i gotta go to sleep but every time i finish one of Jeff's videos i see another one that i really wanna see and do!

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