Powerlifter 110kg VS Powerlifter 90kg – Greek Strength Games – 05

Nikitas: Welcome to Greek Strength Games Nikitas: We are in Crossfit Comradery Nikitas: Today i have two very strong athletes with me Nikitas: On one side Giorgos Konstanto Nikitas: On the other hand, i have an athlete who has come from Aigio for Strength Games, Michael Anastopoulos Nikitas: Today we have 5 stations Nikitas: First, bench press 100kg for 20 reps Nikitas: Second, push sled 180kg for 2 routes Nikitas: Third, Dips 40kg for 15 reps Nikitas: Fourth, dead hang 20kg for 90 seconds And last Deadlift 180kg for 10 reps

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