Powerlifter VS Powerlifter – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #3

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  1. quick question why was the 18 year old only using one arm for the clean and jerk, was he not aware you could switch arms or something, seems really unfair if he didnt realise that he could switch arms

  2. One thing I noticed was that Marcus the winner was trading off on the clean and press dumbbell and Vicktor was using his right side only throughout the lifts. So I consider that an unfair win. I think bodybuilding rev should look into that. Comment your thoughts people. Good lifts btw.

  3. The comments here regarding the athletes age. Although a reflection of experience, age doesn't always trump when discussing strength. Bodies develop differently, a 16 year old with zero weightlifting experience could be stronger than a 20 year old power-lifter given the right circumstances. Body size, lifestyle, genetics, etc, all play, in my opinion, a bigger role when talking strength instead of sheer age.

    Yeah, this kid is younger and is clearly as strong as the 22 year old, but that doesn't necessarily reflect the time and effort committed to the sport.

    The 18 year old is very strong and I congratulate him on his accomplishments, but don't let his age take away from the other lifter, because he is always very impressive.

  4. Here we fucking go again. That sort of deadlift is not a sign of strength, neither proves anything. The distance from bending over to straight is very short. If you can't agree on that go learn a fucking technical & biology subject at school.

  5. Second exercise, dumbbell clean n press i wouldn't recommend even to my worst enemy. By doing that you risk injuries. Just the looking at them doing that exercise makes my arms and back hurt. Unnatural.

  6. Stop trying to synchronize your camera screen to match the song! It makes it very difficult to watch cause it gets dizzy and hard to focus

  7. Both are pretty strong for such ligthweigth, i was going to brag about how i can lift more but i´m 1.80 and 95 kgs so it´s unfair…

  8. Did the blond guy know how to do the second exercise? It saps your energy very fast if you don't know how to do them

  9. I'm a HUGE strength wars but this was a shockingly poor video! Did Beilmann complete a single full deadlift, apologies if he did but I missed it amounts the 15-20 he didn't lock. Half of the no rep dumbbell pressed where better than some of those given as reps, judging criteria on this battle made for your worst video to date!

  10. In the Dumbbell Clean & Press the guy on the left keeps the bell with two hands and then raise it to this shoulder and does the rep and the other one does it with one hand. What a load of crap….

  11. Oh boy, none of them looks under 80kg, yet one of them is even 72… another proof that scale number is just nothing – look is what matters, and both of them look great.

  12. +BodybuildingRev I want to beat this chalenge, but i want to know how is weighted the things: What is the lenght of the olympic bar? In total weight is it counted? So, here i have a olympic bar who weights 45 lbs (20kg) and have 1,80m of lenght. To do my deadlifts, can i put 4x45lbs plates (4x20kg) by side plus one plate of 22,5 lbs (10kgs) by side and match 200kg for deadlift? bar (20kg) + 4x20kg + 1x10kg (by side, 90kg) = 200kg. Sorry for the bad english.

  13. Sure. Fuckin sure. And here I am, repping 140kg for 5 at 77kg bodyweight, thinking I'm somewhere near """"strong"""".
    Jesus fuckin Christ, they made the 200kg look like childs play.

  14. kann mir mal jemand sagen was das für ein bullshit sein soll !!! Beste art und weise seinen körper aufzuarbeiten.

  15. For the dumbbell press the shirtless guy used both arms, but the guy in the black top only used his right arm. Was that allowed?

  16. I thought I had pretty impressive lifts for my age and weight but this guy is crazy, doing 20 reps of 200 dl lol, I'm 70 kg 17 yrs old and can only do that withr 120 🙁

  17. Just an observation why are powerlifters always so short, is it because they stunt growth by lifting heavy things? So cute

  18. I knew result already because german peoples are weak….we can see it in this show…one german strongman loses one quit now he lost

  19. These guys are animals. Since when do the lightweitghts get 200kg deadlift for 20 reps? Faceless and Anabolic Horse were competing with those weights, and they are super heavyweight

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