Powerlifter VS Street Workout – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #1

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  1. الإسلام هو الدين الحق -لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله مفتاح الجنة.

  2. I mean I really expected the calisthenics guy to kill those pull ups way more easily… surprised he didnt

  3. Well…. so long for the big ass mouth calisthenics guy….
    the other guy beat his ass like a cherokee drum… and he was very humble!!
    Really enjoyed the video! 🙂

  4. Completely favored the lifter….like why weighted pull-ups?! 20 clean hollow-body pull-ups should have been a test. Also…Muscle-ups…I bet the lifter can’t even do one. Lifts are easy, anyone can perform, though it is a challenge to lift super heavy

  5. Dope vid by the way…..If they did calisthenics the calisthenic guy would win. This is fun and entertaining but pointless. It doesn’t prove who’s stronger but only stronger in a respective field. If they did body pushups and dips and pull ups the other guy would of smoked him. He’s body is conditioned for that. It’s kind of like the fastest sprinter vs the fastest long distance. Both are fast but one needs more stamina than another. Or who’s a better fighter top boxer vs top kick boxer. Top wrestler vs top BJJ. It all depends on the rules. And I think this competition showed it.

  6. The black man did street workout only to his body fit , not to lift more weight , this is why street bar workout man can't lift more weight. If u go other friend (white man) he also can not do the same of that black man doing on bar rod.

  7. Not exactly a fair competition, the weight-lifter was in his own element. I think also it might have made a bit of a difference if the calisthenics guy went at his own pace from the start. I think he went too fast for himself.

  8. This guy was clearly stronger, why complain about it if both of them knew what this competition is about and should expect that there will be weights to lift, its not calisthenics wars or stamina wars but strenght wars ffs

  9. The black guy could of win but he didn’t had a good technique on his bench press, his hands are too close

  10. for now he is my enemy i dont really like him come on dude let ur actions do the talking romano whipped ur ass jaja

  11. I came to the comments to watch these kids coming from Austin Dunham and Chris Heria to “teach us their science”

  12. In my opinion, you should be strong on all compound movements while being able to manipulate your own body weight. To get good in one you have to sacrifice the other to an extent, so you should meet somewhere in the middle. The power lifter was more like what I just described. The calisthenics dude could manipulate his body weight and that’s it.

  13. Bertrand did bench press very narrow AND that exhausted him. You can see with that that he doesn't lift weights

  14. wtf youre both 25 yrs old? but you guys already looks like 40 yrs older. and your hairlines de
    here in philippines if youre 25 you look like 15 yrs old

  15. The calisthenics guy had no clue what was coming when he went for that bench press. I guess he might want to make a move to weight lifting lol

  16. Powerlifter vs runner…whomever benches more wins. Powerlifter vs basketball player, whomever deadlifts more wins. Hmmm, seems fair.

  17. We know most of the Comments are just Racist, mafe in a nice Form, because most of the People have a small dick and zero stamina. so they got tp say stupid things like Ouhh Ahh yeh but he lost!, Mimimimi go grow a dick

  18. these kind of match could never be fair
    lifting is pissible without skills but what can powerlifter with no skills do? They can’t compete with muscleups nor handstand pushups, planche, and so on

  19. Well this is what happens to people with a big mouth,you really had nothing in the engine of that machine you said yourve got,pretty sad really,as thay say,nice paint work but nothing under the hood,🤣

  20. I honestly think that this was a pretty fair battle yes it started with weightlifting but then moved into pull ups and dips which is certainly what a calisthenics person should excel in considerably.

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