Prayer To Stand Stable and Strong In The Face Of Opposition | Strength Prayer

welcome to the prayer to stand stable
and strong in the face of opposition. this is a prayer I’ve put together where
I’d like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice. all I ask you to do is
to agree with me as I pray and together we will seek our Heavenly Father let us
pray Heavenly Father we gather together and come into agreement in the wonderful
and powerful name of Jesus Christ or two or more gathered there you’ll be in the
midst of us and anything we agree upon is touching you will surely do father in
Jesus name there’s no distance the spirit and we thank you for the person
I’m praying for who desires a prayer to stand stable and strong in the face of
opposition father we ask you to please forgive them for any times they may have
backed down in fear and not trusted you to hold their ground in Christ we ask
you to please help them stand strong and fearless with their faith in you they
want to be true to who they are in Christ because of your great love and
mercy they have no reason not to rise up against any opposition that comes
against them they do not need to be fearful about their circumstances or
embarrassed and ashamed about what others may think of them they need not
run away from what seems to be like a Goliath that stands before them we ask
for boldness to rise up from within them whenever they are tempted to be weak or
to draw back afraid to go forward and face what is before them your word says
that you take no pleasure in those who draw back in fear therefore the person
I’m praying for refuses to be intimidated they refuse to be frightened
they refuse to be terrified since you are for them who can be against them
they are righteous and they are bold as a lion you promise to never leave them
nor forsake them therefore they will not fear what man can do to them or what
comes against them in Jesus name we decree and declare that they will not
back down in fear regardless of what comes against them we decree and declare
that they will not try to hide nor apologize for
being a believer of Jesus Christ we praise you that the power of God that
works through them is empowering them right now to hold their ground we thank
you that supernaturally they stand boldly with the anointing of your Holy
Spirit empowering them the person I’m praying for will hold fast to their
trust and faith in you unashamed of who they are in Christ they are standing
stable and strong through the power of your might as a result the opposition
that stands before them will melt like wax in the presence of your awesome
power and majesty we believe and receive everything we’ve prayed and give you
glory in advance for this prayer is answered in the wonderful and precious
name of Jesus we pray amen thank you for praying with me. this is
Daniel the creator of Daily Effective Prayer. Be sure to subscribe to the
channel and share it with others if you haven’t already God richly bless you.

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