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The road to pregnancy isn’t always a smooth one. But when it comes riddled with bumps and scars, the best advice one can follow, is to be brave and power on. Because when its your time, the road left behind fades into memory, and life ushers you onto a new path. They say when a child is born, so is a mother. The woman she always existed, but the mother, she just came to be. In addition to the internet’s gigantic stash alone, there are so many other available sources of information that’s sole focus, is fail-safe procedures on getting pregnant. In the end however, it all becomes extremely confusing for couples hoping to start a family because all these conflicting sources make it impossible to decipher what’s fact and what’s hacked. In our last two episodes, we spoke about the first steps to motherhood and all the things you need to be emotionally prepared for a stress free pregnancy. We also went over what the science behind actually getting pregnant is. If you missed any of those, we suggest you bring yourselves up to speed by watching them. To help us separate the fact from the fiction we have Dr. Monika Doshi here with us today. Hello everyone, I’m Dr. Monika Doshi and I’m here to clear up all those common misconceptions you may have to make this process as easy as possible for you and your partner. There are countless women out there who don’t really understand the meaning of their monthly cycle and so a lot of them think that they can get pregnant at any time during the month. Well, this is not true because there is actually a 5 day period in the middle of your cycle where your chances of conception are highest. Ovulation is basically when the ovary releases a mature egg. It then goes down the fallopian tube and makes its way towards the sperm and uterus. This happens once a month. Now conception happens when a sperm fertilises an egg. The ovary releases a single egg every month through one of the ovaries which is when you are fertile. So if you’re having intercourse during this period you are increasing your chances of getting pregnant because the egg is being released specifically for this purpose itself. Scientifically, the highest chances for pregnancy occurs on the day of ovulation or 1 or 2 days prior to the day of ovulation. After ovulation however the probability for pregnancy drops significantly, maybe even to zero and only begins again during the next ovulation cycle. So as it turns out, you cannot get pregnant at any time during your monthly cycle. The best way to know for a fact that you’re ovulating is to use an ovulation kit, so go get yourself the iKnow Ovulation Kit to assist you along your journey. If there’s anything we’ve all heard a dozen times it’s that bit of advice that goes, ‘just relax and it will happen.’ However, most of us do not pay heed to this useful bit of information because we’d like to believe that stress has no effect on fertility. But let’s hear what Dr. Monika has to say. This is a totally false statement, this is because stress affects the functioning of the Hypothalamus, which is a gland in the brain that regulates emotions, as well as the hormones that direct your ovaries to produce eggs. Stress may cause you to ovulate later in your cycle and if you haven’t used an ovulation kit then you will not know the correct date of ovulation and you may have sex many days prior to your actual date causing you to miss your opportunity to conceive. We’re always struggling to gain weight, lose weight or maintain the weight that we worked so hard to achieve. So, we asked Dr. Monika if weight plays an important role in a woman’s fertility. Being overweight or obese definitely has potential to cause a problem that hampers your chances of getting pregnant. Dropping some of that weight can drastically improve your chances as it improves ovulation. So, it’s important to maintain the right BMI in order to make the process of conception easier. This is one of the more common myths out there and most of us may have googled this in times of crisis or confusion. Can you get pregnant on your period because most women believe you can’t. Well, the casual attitude about this myth is what makes it super risky because having your periods does not magically stop you from getting pregnant. If have you have a short menstrual cycle but bleed for too many days it is possible that you may have already ovulated before your periods have stopped, in which case getting pregnant might be a possibility. So there you go ladies, now that you’re aware of what’s myth and what’s fact, you can get started on the next big step armed with the right information. With that we’ve come to the end of our series, we would like to thank all the medical professionals who supplied us with valuable information and we would especially like to thank all of you for reaching out with your questions. We also have a Live video coming up soon with more tips, and an opportunity to interact directly with the gynaecologist so do stay tuned to our page for more information on that. And as always, stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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  4. Hello team glamrs…knowledgeable series. I'm too trying to conceive..undergone prelim exam with doc..but unable to calculate the ovulation period as I don't stay in India n I can't get these I-know strips..though my dates quite differ every month 1-2 days ahead or back..plz suggest..thanks in advance..

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    Is it true that if someone is taking I- pills day by day and getting chances for obesity?

  6. I got my prolactin, thyroid and v-zoster immune tested everything came out normal. Even my husband's tests are normal. But still we are not able to concieve. Am 32 please help.

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