President Trump drops by the Women in Healthcare panel hosted by Seema Verma

The President: Well,
thank you very much. I appreciate you being here. It’s a great honor,
very great honor. I want to thank Vice
President Pence, Secretary Tom Price, and
Administrator Seema Verma — who’s done an
incredible job, by the way — for all of the time and
energy they’ve put into repairing and replacing
Obamacare ahead of tomorrow’s crucial vote. Big vote tomorrow
in the House. I want to especially thank
Seema, the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — a wonderful job she’s doing, and definitely a complex job, but you have it under control, right — for hosting this very important meeting to
discuss the vital role women play in healthcare
and the hardships inflicted on them by the
Obamacare catastrophe. It’s been bad. Administrator Seema Verma
is playing the leading role for us in helping us to repeal and replace Obamacare. The doctors, nurses and
healthcare professionals here today represent the
millions of women — millions and millions
— who play a vital and indispensable role in
Americans’ healthcare. Unfortunately, Obamacare
is making their lives so much more difficult, as
we all know, and putting enormous barriers in the
way of helping patients who we are going to help. We’re going to get
this thing done. We’re going to get
it figured out. It’s a tough situation our
country has been put in. It’s not easy. Women doctors and
healthcare leaders have changed the face of
healthcare in America, saving and improving
countless American lives. In 1965, only 9 percent of
accepted medical school applicants were
women — 9 percent. Last year, nearly 50
percent of newly accepted applicants were women. Congratulations. Good job. It’s a good job. Thirty-eight percent of
physicians and surgeons are women, and that number
will continue to grow. That’s a big victory for
our society, big victory for America. I want to also thank all
of the women nurses and healthcare aides for their
incredible service and dedication to our country. What you do is remarkable. Unfortunately, Obamacare
is making it much harder for all of the doctors,
nurses and healthcare professionals, men and
women alike, to do their job. As insurers flee
Obamacare’s broken marketplace — and it is
broken, it’s broken badly; the insurance companies
are fleeing — millions of patients can no longer
access the healthcare professionals the
know and trust. In other words, “keep your
doctor, keep your plan” didn’t work out that way. You don’t get your doctor,
you don’t get your plan. So, that is one of the
more vital reasons why we must repeal Obamacare. It’s one of the reasons
why we’re here today. So, with that, I want
to turn it over to Administrator Verma, and
we’ll start a meeting. Administrator
Verma: Thank you. The President:
Thank you very much. You could probably do
— stay for this little while, and then we’ll
clear out the room and talk, okay? Go ahead. Administrator Verma:
Well, thank you, Mr. President. Appreciate it. This gentleman has been
very supportive as I started my position
at CMS, and I am very appreciative to be a part
of this great healthcare team. The President: Thank you. Administrator Verma: And
thanks to all the women that came today. It’s great to see so many
strong, professional women that are on the front
lines of healthcare. So thanks again
for coming today. Obamacare has just
been a broken promise. Instead of meaningful
healthcare, we have higher costs, less choices,
and more mandates. Right now, we have the
government that’s making decisions about our
healthcare, not patients and not doctors. As a mother and as a
woman, the most important thing about my healthcare
is being able to pick out the doctor that I feel
comfortable with, but unfortunately, with Obamacare, we have less choices. One-third of counties and
five states only have one choice of health plan. And so that tells us
we are not getting the choices that
Americans deserve. And the problem
is getting worse. We have even more insurers
that are saying that they’re going to
leave the marketplace. And I think the other
thing that concerns me is hearing from providers. Many providers are
faced with dealing with regulations and mandates
instead of focusing on high-quality care and spending time with their patients. They are forced to
deal with regulations. And I came to D.C. because
I was so concerned about the direction our
healthcare was going in because of Obamacare. I want to be a part
of the solution. I’m very excited about the
American Health Care Act. There’s a vote
on that tomorrow. I think this is an
opportunity for us to finally get rid of
Obamacare and move towards a system that’s going to
drive costs down, give Americans more choices,
and put patients and doctors in control
of their healthcare. So once again, thank
you for coming today. And I look forward to
hearing all the stories. The President:
Thank you very much.

100 Replies to “President Trump drops by the Women in Healthcare panel hosted by Seema Verma”

  1. Our President is doing his job, and doing it well, even while the Socialist-Globalist Neo-Libs slander and threaten him. If Trump ever needs special help, there will be a line of pickup trucks and Harleys as far as the eye can see, rolling into Washington DC, every cab with hardware in it……….

  2. In 2007 my Blue Cross health care was 1200 bucks a month. Today, under ACA my similar plan is 200 bucks per month. I am self employed and ACA offered me the only insurance I could ever afford.

  3. I recently got ling Cancer, I can't get the surgery I need because, Doctors say they can't because of my insurance and that it is left the state, and will no longer cover it, that's Obamacare for you, killing the American people!!

  4. The one in the blue is so pretty ! Well I mean they're both lovely but yeah she stands out lol. Smiling the whole time next to trump 😉


  6. "Drops by"
    Bruh dropping by is showing up because you're in the neighborhood the President doesn't "drop by" anywhere – you can't "drop by" when you have an armed guard at all times, a schedule that plans just about every event of your day, and people in the White House whose job it is to monitor your position constantly in the interest of national security.

  7. there should be equal limits for everyone,. why irresponsible people who drink smoke and lead unhealthy life and get sick and insurances pays millions for their care while others who are responsible cant even get normal care to get covered?

    that cant even be considered insurance, its straight out robbery

  8. These ugly nonwhite women need to go away. Trump, get a fucking spine and stop saying "we need more women physicians and doctors". NO WE FUCKING DON'T. We need more WHITE mothers who have lots of kids and help nurture healthy families. I can't believe how rotten to the core our country is.

  9. HMO + Medicare or Province + Medicare mix an match, simply. Wow very complex system wonder is Obama Administrations, health care deal ("aka" Obama Care) something like 1 big HMO type deal ? anyhow just do something forget it all the this an that's or let the major health insurance company boycot the whole system an back out of everything an force an change.😁👋🙈🙉🙊

  10. I don't know why so many people are disrespecting this man! He's only doing what he said he was going to do when he was campaigning. He's such a hard working guy…the first president in history, I'm sure. Trump 2020!

  11. More pandering to women… fuck men. So sorry we built this easy living society for women to throw us under the bus. Another asshole president that wants equality of outcome for women… why do I bother voting, Hillary was a phony feminist at least. Damn!

  12. How dare they have gotten into our private lives/healthcare to begin with. If none in D.C. ever ask us out here anything yet expect us to follow their words they've gone mad. None of these women know what I want.

  13. Doesn't sound like a misogynist to me, how about to the fake media! And unlike Bill Clinton has not been raping girls or sexually using-abusing trusting young girls, staff, like Monica Lewinsky.


  15. Whoever is in charge of tanning Trumps face needs to be FIRED! he/she is neglecting to tan those pale little hands! lol

  16. Every time Trump posts YT vids, he publicly recognizes and honours the hard work carried out by his team, this in turn inspires loyalty, honesty and more hard work in those people recognized and the American public, well done Trump

    Conversely, with all previous Bush/Clinton/Obama administrations, everything to do with government was secret and smoke nd mirrors

    OMG the American public must think wow, their voices are finally being heard by President Donald Trump


    Trump in 2020 🙂

  17. We need justice for Haiti (you know, the Clintons?). Stop the chem-trails, Mr. Trump. Arrest those in the US government that were involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing and 911. Allow the free energy devices to come to market. What's the problem? Stop the police state (TSA, DHS, Patriot Act, etc.). Abolish the Federal Reserve and Print from the US Treasury with no interest. How long will this enemy of We the People be allowed to exist and hold us all in bondage? People understand that there is a time to arrest, a time to expose, but don't wait forever. What ever happened to appointing a special prosecutor? Or is Hillary Trump's friend or something? What's going on here? Hillary is a career criminal and if you don't do anything about her, then at least free those in federal prison who had committed lesser crimes.

  18. It would be nice if you could replace that typing machine or whatever is making that noise so that we could actually hear what you're actually saying without the interference of that noise !!!!

  19. All this time around women and no one has been inappropriately grabbed. On the other hand Bill Clinton is a rapist.

  20. The PEOPLE want a FULL REPEAL of Obamacare!

    We are REJECTING the Obamacare 2.0/PaulRyanCare/Obamacare Lite. Whatever you call it, we don't want it!

    VOTE NO!!!!

  21. Right. And we are asked to believe that Donald Trump really cares about women? He just likes to grab them. He's such a phony.

  22. You are wrong, President Trump. Obamacare saved my life. Your plan will price me out of health insurance.

  23. Yeah, a "system" that allows (ILLEGAL ALIENS), and they're anchor babies, to continue the bankruptcy of a once great nation. Remember, ryan was involved in this "new" healthcare package. All he cares about are illegal aliens and his masters. Trump, middle America won't stand for this betrayal. Say goodbye to Pennsylvania and Ohio if you keep siding with Benedict Arnold.

  24. Donald J: Do not give us Ryan care. We, Americans are not sheep. We do not want the Federal Gov't in charge of our health care., Get the Feds and the Ryans, and the McConnells OUT OF THE WAY. Health care is none of their business.

  25. What we need is a single payer non profit public healthcare system for all. This will provide equal protection of the law for all. This will also put an end to the subjection of We The People serving the insurance industry.

  26. President Trump is on the right path, and it is not going to be quick or easy to turn the Obamacare nightmare around. Obama care took care of illegals, refugees, and people who could not pay. But Hardworking Americans individuals and families especially could NOT afford the costs or the headache of doctors/insurances dropping out. OR paying for services they didn't need like a single man paying for GYN or childhood dentistry?? Useless, costly and lousy planning. We need better, we deserve better. Unfortunately Obama was not focused on hardworking Americans, he and his "well provided for" chose to let regular strong American suffer with health care that was not meant to serve them, only the obama liberal agenda.

  27. Oh wait… but, but, I thought President Trump was against women's rights! It clearly looked to me that these two women were respectful, professionals and enjoying their time with our President. Obamacare has got to go. I am sick to death (no pun intended) of having to PROVE on my tax return that I have medical insurance or face a penalty. Obamacare was FORCED on Americans, there were limited insurance companies with limited physicians to choose from. Which lets me know that those limited insurance companies were making millions if not billions off of Americans who were FORCED to pay! People talk about how President Trump is only supporting big companies? Well here's your proof that Obama was REALLY supporting BIG medical insurance companies! MAGA

  28. With Trump Care you are all alone with no help, no health care. Hand out to the wealthy. Trump has no idea what it's like for the rest of us. Fix the Affordable Health Care. It is fixable. Or give us a single payer.

  29. Obamacare quite simply was created and effected so that he could move forward his Agenda 21 NWO and hopefully had Hilbiotch gotten the Presidency, Obama would have totally brainwashed her and Bill Clinton and he would have seen to it that she would have been comfortably medicated in the WH and Oval office and they would have in fact pushed through all the OBAMA bills and mandates! Simple as that! BE GLAD TRUMP IS NOW OUR PRESIDENT AND WILL FIGHT UNWAVERINGLY TO PROTECT US ALL! FROM OBAMA, HIS LIES, HIS POLICIES AND HIS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT KILLERS WHO WANT US ALL DEAD!

  30. STOP calling it 0bamacare; its the Affordable Care Act…forget 0bamma and MOVE ON using your OWN merits.

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  32. hey my name is ryan fransted i was around the show BATTLE CREEK , i live in jackson Michigan now I NEED HELP THEY ARE HATING ON A SUPERSTAR I GOT IMAGES AND GOD BLESS TRUMP AND HIS CABINET , he did in fact inherit a MESS..PLEASE HELP ME THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL ME OR FRAME ME…

  33. Federal funding to Planned Parenthood does not fund abortions. Planned Parenthood was cleared of charges (Fake News!) of selling fetal tissue.

  34. What a piece of trash. Trump is going to make the insurance companies even more wealthy by requiring the public to pay more in penalties.
    Trump care is raising rates even higher and offering less subsidies to the public.
    I am loving all of these Trumpflake tears because it is them who is being hurt.
    The uneducated poor hillbillies. lol
    Where are your jobs at? hahahaha. China where Trump has ALL of his products made.

    Trump is selling out right in front of your eyes because that is what he does. He makes money for him self. Using more tax dollars for personal expenses in 1 month than Obama did in 1 year

  35. Admin Verma: "Put doctors and patients back in charge of their health care" – except when it comes to reproductive health?

  36. Big vote that failed, BIGLY.  You are a disgrace to humanity.  You don't fool us and even the Trumpsters are seeing you lies.

  37. I don't believe in killing babies, a woman should have her rights to decide and if she does decide on abortion, Well that's her business and God. She should not go to jail. We are coming to the days when God will say enough is enough. What would you say standing before God about a woman that had an abortion.

  38. Berniecare is THE Solution to Healthcare Reform. Healthcare should be
    available to ALL as a right. STOP this profit driven healthcare cycle.

  39. You promised cheaper, better healthcare for all Americans. This bill gives tax breaks to wealthy and hurts the middle class. You lie.

  40. My husband and I are both on Medicare (this means, we have to pay out of pocket for our plan since we are old and unable to work). This is something we all pay into and are only entitled to when we retire — including you out there. However, I am concerned, I've heard the costs of Medicare will be increasing. Does anyone have real information for us? We can barely make ends meet now and we live from month to month on our monthly income. Thus we are on a fixed budget. Medicare is not even good coverage, but it beats a blank. Anyway, can anyone fill me in on the truth of this matter? No naysayers need reply. Thank you!

  41. If he really supports women, he'll keep the universal coverage for contraception, funding for Planned Parenthood, maternity care coverage, the Medicaid expansion and well-women visits as part of his healthcare plan. Also, he would appoint a Supreme Court Justice that will defend Roe vs. Wade so that all women have control of their futures and are able to have children when they're ready. The ACA is far from perfect, but the best thing to do is keep it and make changes to it rather than gutting it altogether. We would be able to fund a Medicare for all-type system that just about every other industrialized country has for its citizens if we didn't spend so much on the military industrial complex and a wall that won't keep us safe.

  42. Had noticed such impatience in doctors who had formerly been kind and interested; sure they're always limited with the time, but the anger has been plain in the shortness of temper. Several doctors actually asking me WHY I had made the appointment?? or Why I was at the ER?? Has anyone else noticed this?

  43. How about the problem that 14 million would lose insurance, elderly people cannot afford insurance and most people have to advance premiums until year end when they receive tax credits?

  44. 6 Million people lost their health insurance under Obamacare.
    24 Million people will lose their health insurance under GOP Plan.
    Do the math. .. Use your expertise . . . . the Art of the Deal . . . fix Obamacare so the 6 million get their insurance back.

  45. BY this time, after failing as VP candidate, and not being able to get ACA passed (which should have been easy) Ryan must realize "HE DOESNT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES"..Time for him to step aside. By the way, Mitch McConnell should aside also, if and when the ACA vote comes to the Senate, I predict McConnell wont muster the votes. Hey folks, observing all this doesnt take a high IQ. Too bad some of the team Trump has cant be as smart and strong and focused (perhaps Bannon, and Ivanka) can keep up with President Trump. MAGA!!! Gennaro

  46. I shirk back a little each time I hear the word Obamacare. It should be called Barry Care as his real name is not Obama…But Barry Sotoros…. not even a natural born citizen of this country and he has his name all over this huge endeavor… ensuring the health of Americans. oh let's take the word care out of it too. The care has been sporadic. I know. I've been a recipient. I have never been politically minded in my life. Seems like we are getting higher nudges now to step up to the plate and recapture or reinvent our nation before our Fall. Not a moment too soon.

  47. Must repeal burdensome Obamacare regulations in the nursing home industry redundant forms and paperwork takes away from caring for elderly and makes the focus redundant paperwork


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