President Trump Gives a Statement on Healthcare

The Vice President: Well,
thank you, Dr. Price. And good afternoon to all. To the families who are gathered
here from all across America, on behalf
of the First Family, welcome to the
White House. Since the first day of
this administration, President Donald Trump has
been working to keep the promises that he made to
the American people to rebuild our military,
revive our economy. And this President has
worked tirelessly to repeal and replace
Obamacare. President Trump knows
that every day Obamacare survives is another day
that American families and American businesses
struggle. As we’ve traveled across
the country, we’ve heard firsthand from Americans
just like those who stand behind me today, from
families who are bearing the cost of skyrocketing
premiums and plummeting choices, from families
who’ve lost their doctors, lost their insurance, and
from families who are starting to lose hope
that Congress will ever respond. But as I’ve told every one
of them and people all across this country,
thanks to the leadership of President Trump,
help is on the way. President Trump hears you. He is fighting for you,
and he will keep fighting every day until we give
the American people access to the world-class health
care they deserve. Tomorrow, the United
States Senate will have the opportunity to begin
the debate on a bill to repeal and replace
Obamacare. And as the President said
this morning, after years of talking and campaigning
on it, now is the time for Republicans in
the Senate to act. Republicans in the Senate
will have in his words a “chance to do the right
thing” to keep their promise to the American
people and these families and families all
across this country. And this President and
the American people are counting on the
Senate to act. So, with gratitude for
his leadership and his persistence and
determination to make American health care great
again, it is my high honor and distinct privilege
to introduce to these families and to all of you, the 45th President of
the United States of America, President Donald Trump. (Applause.) The President: Well, thank you
very much Vice President Pence, Secretary Price, and thank you
everyone for being here today. For the past 17 years,
Obamacare has wreaked havoc on the lives of
innocent, hardworking Americans. Behind me today, we have
real American families. Great families, just spent
a lot of time with them, who are suffering because
seven years ago a small group of politicians and
special interests in Washington engineered a
government takeover of healthcare. Every pledge that
Washington Democrats made to pass that bill
turned out to be a lie. It was a big,
fat, ugly lie. Democrats promised
Americans like Steve Finn, a former police officer in
West Virginia, that they would save $2,500 a
year under Obamacare. Instead, his premiums
have more than tripled. That’s pretty bad. As a result of Obamacare’s
skyrocketing costs, Steve and his family and many of
his employees had no other option than going on
Medicaid and giving up their existing coverage. That’s pretty bad. Pretty bad. No choice, right? No choice. For them, Obamacare’s
promise was a nightmare. Marjorie and Kevin Weir
from South Carolina have a son, Monty, who suffers
from spina bifida. Washington Democrats
promised families like the Weirs that if they liked their doctor,
they could keep their doctor. But now there is only one insurer
left in the state exchange, and Marjorie says that every
year she waits anxiously to learn if the doctors and
hospitals which her son needs the most will
remain in their network. More Obamacare Lies. And you’ve seen that up
front, unfortunately. Up front and personal. The Democrats promised
Melissa Atkerson that her son’s preexisting
conditions would be covered. The Atkersons quickly learned
that Obamacare’s promise of covering for preexisting
conditions was meaningless, though, if the doctors
you need to care for you aren’t on
your Obamacare plan. So you just have a
meaningless promise and everybody knows it, and
most people on Obamacare know it. After an excruciating series
of events and complications, Melissa and her husband found
themselves, just before Christmas, emotionally and
financially devastated, crying in a doctor’s office
faced with yet another seemingly unpayable bill. When insurance wouldn’t
cover the Atkerson’s care, they emptied out Melissa’s
401k to pay their bills. They’re not going to be
and they haven’t been the first. There are many, many
cases such as that. The 401ks. The first rule of
medicine is do no harm. What Obamacare’s lies
have caused this, and throughout the whole
country families like this, nothing but pain. Erin and Andy Witzig are small
business owners from Illinois. They have six children. Their youngest daughter, Poppy,
has a rare genetic condition. Children born with it are
sometimes called “butterfly children” because their skin is as fragile as the wings
of a butterfly. Poppy has to wear special
bandages all of the time. Unfortunately, under
Obamacare, Poppy’s insurance has been repeatedly
discontinued and replaced with what Washington
deems equivalent policies. But for Poppy, these plans
are not equivalent, and Poppy’s family has to
spend precious time and tremendous resources
fighting for exceptions for Poppy. The Washington politicians
who made those promises to Steve, Marjorie, Melissa,
Erin, and their beautiful children, want to ignore
all the pain, all the suffering, and all of the money,
tremendous amounts of money that these
lies have caused. They want to forget about
the countless Americans they’ve hurt and the many
that they are continuing to hurt every day by
refusing to help us replace Obamacare. For the last seven years,
Republicans have been united in standing up
for Obamacare’s victims. Remember, repeal
and replace. Repeal and replace. They kept saying it
over and over again. Every Republican running
for office promised immediate relief from
this disastrous law. We as a party must fulfill
that solemn promise to the voters of this country to
repeal and replace, what they’ve been saying for
the last seven years. But, so far, Senate
Republicans have not done their job in ending the
Obamacare nightmare. They now have a chance,
however, to hopefully, hopefully fix what has
been so badly broken for such a long time, and that
is through replacement of a horrible disaster
known as Obamacare. The Senate is very close
to the votes it needs to pass a replacement. The problem is we have
zero help from the Democrats. They’re obstructionists. That’s all they are. That’s all they’re good
at is obstruction, making things not work. They say all the right
things and then they do exactly what they’re not
supposed to be doing. The Democrats aren’t
giving us one vote, so we need virtually
every single vote from the Republicans. Not easy to do. The Senate bill that is
being considered outside of the outright repeal
of Obamacare will also provide emergency relief
for the law’s victims, and it will deliver truly
great healthcare and healthcare reforms that
our citizens want, need, and really should
be demanding. Some are demanding. You’ll see that at the
voter booth, believe me. Here are just some of
these terrific reforms that we will be doing if
everything works out the way it should. The Senate bill eliminates
the painful individual mandate. It eliminates the
job-killing employer mandate, repeals other
burdensome taxes, and will significantly lower
Americans’ premiums. It will stabilize collapsing
health insurance markets and give Americans far more
choice and far more flexibility. The Senate bill protects
coverage for preexisting conditions, and you don’t hear
this from the Democrats. They like to tell you just
the opposite, and they didn’t
even know the bill. They run out, they say,
“Death, death, death.” Well, Obamacare is death. That’s the one that’s
death, and besides that it’s failing, so you
won’t have it anyway. It dramatically expands
popular health savings accounts. It provides tax credits so
Americans can purchase a private plan that is right
for them and their families. It devotes substantial
resources to fight the opioid, and this is a
tremendous problem, the opioid epidemic. $45 billion is being put in
so that the people of many states like New Hampshire, Ohio,
and so many others that have such a big problem can
be helped and helped greatly. Going to be fighting the
drug problems very, very seriously in my
administration. And it provides, among
many other things, higher-quality care and
more flexibility for states to administer
Medicaid to better serve their poorest citizens. Tomorrow, the Senate will
vote on whether to allow this urgently-needed bill to
come to the Senate floor for debate. The question for every
Senator, Democrat or Republican, is whether
they will side with Obamacare’s architects,
which have been so destructive to our country,
or with its forgotten victims. Any Senator who votes
against starting debate is telling America that
you are fine with the Obamacare nightmare,
which is what it is. For Democrats, this vote
is a chance to make up for the terrible harm they
have inflicted on Americans like those
who are with us today. Obamacare has been,
for them, a nightmare. There is still time
to do the right thing. And for Senate Republicans, this
is their chance to keep their promise. Over and over again they
said, “Repeal and replace. Repeal and replace,” but
they can now keep their promise to the American
people to provide emergency relief to those
in desperate need of help, and to improve healthcare
for all Americans. To every member of the
Senate, I say this, the American people have
waited long enough. There’s been enough
talk and no action. Now is the time
for action. We are here to solve
problems for the people. Obamacare has broken
our healthcare system. It’s broken. It’s collapsing. It’s gone. And now, it is up to us to
get great healthcare for the American people. We must repeal and
replace Obamacare now. Thank you, God bless you, God bless the
United States of America. Thank you very much. Thank you.

100 Replies to “President Trump Gives a Statement on Healthcare”

  1. He speaks like a middle schooler trying to reach the word count on an essay they know nothing about. Please get these crooked idiots out of politics and let people who actually want to make this country better take over.

  2. My fellow Americans. I have no idea what I'm doing. But because Obama did it im repealing the Healthcare bill. Who cares we have no replacement or about 20 million Americans rely on it. Just because Obama did it Its getting repealed

  3. So maybe instead of repealing and replacing it, you should TRY TO FIX IT. It's helping and insured way more people that it's hurt. So modify it so that it helps those that face higher premiums and copays. Jesus Christ.

    You've had years to develop a new healthcare bill/plan that is better than the ACA. When it finally came time present your work you FUCKED IT UP and came up with a horrible plan. Obviously for all the talk that you had all these years, you didn't have shit to back up your words. So now you're going to have to put up and shut up with what you caused. Deal with it. And taking away the healthcare that the ACA provides to literally millions of people, insurance that now a lot of these people depend on is not the way to deal with it.

  4. I don't get why we are trying to prevent people who are meant to die, die. Its like trying to keep the road wet on a summer its pointless we definitely need a population reduction there are so many worthless criminals and lives in one generation so if a person is meant to die just let them have their peace and comfort on death. Why live a miserable life? This planet is running out of resource cant keep up with human demands
    To recover. Be logical people.

  5. In other words Trump's Speech Writers, make the pertinent information clear and to the point. Obamacare encourages and finances Medical Fraud, Dishonesty and Theft. Obama are is corrupt!!!! I heard Clinton billed Medicare for a Monica Lewinsky's head job.

  6. These poor suffering family's will get some relief when the republicans repeal replace is enacted… Yeah right.  The things we all hate about our system will get worse.. But almost every other country somehow figured out how to give health care to all citizens as a right… We choose to let people suffer and allow health care to be the number one cause of financial ruin.

  7. Trump aid: put the Asian kids in so it could seem we care about minorities. And include the eyebrow lady so it could seem like we care about weirdos

  8. Your high honor your high all right. you and your followers are the liars I read your proposal if your followers would read it they would see that preexisting, condition is not c overed insurance companies can reap havoc with premiums coverage and prescription drugs. Obamacare has made it so so many have coverage, ER not demanding copays paid before doctors see you as they will be able to do under this rapeplace . This presidency is litterly making me I'll, Everytime he speaks and plays his superiority game, and lies about Russia turning it on to Obama, his petty attacks on Hillary Clinton and his idiotic statements of school lunches not proven to make a difference to education, seniors and meals on wheels funding cut but not improving assistance. A woman who's only knowledge of education is a brother who works for Trump and a rich husband but no actual understanding on improving Education System. Every time I hear or read from Trump and his lackies my stomach rolls, nausea and vomiting rears its head and ulcers become active. under his medical policy none of this will be covered. killing me like I said.

  9. I suggest the president present a simple bill taking away any penalty for not getting insurance. If Congress/ House do not go for that broadcast the list of the traitors who do not want to give an inch and even slightly undermine Obamacare. Those need to be targeted and all America KNOW who they are and give them hell for that. The people will be shaken enough to see the EVILS behind Obamacare and the EVIL supporters to help future attempts to take it down.

    A better plan needs to be pushed that gives freedom to people to CHOOSE in a SO CALLED free country, held in bondage by corrupt swamp critters in DC and their NWO controllers/masters.

    Take RINO RYAN down. One reporter showed pictures of him after the first failure to stop Obamacare. He was upset with shrapnel he got from some Republicans. Left and got into a car where Obama's drivers took him to a building where Obama probably was. He went in sad and came out grinning ear to ear. Take down the swamp critters Mr President or they will keep on trying to undermine every good thing you want to do. Take out the traitorous enemies in the Camp.

  10. Corporations pay us to behave this way. Please don't blame us for being so greedy. We politicians protect this system and it will never change. Accept it, join us, make America great again.



  13. I feel as though I live in a nightmare. Wait I do, this horrific person has dismantled YEARS of progress, spilt his own party, and acts as if running the country is like the fucking "Apprentice" with his termination of staff that were misfits in the first place. If this person died today, he would make America great again.

  14. I love my president. God bless him he is a wonderful human being and this country will finally be at its finest again.

  15. I saw President Trump shake hands & acknowledged the little boy in wheelchair, even though JK Rowlings sent out about 6 tweets as to Trump ignoring the little boy and she added some other colorful criticisms. She lies & should stay out of our American Politics. It is not her business. She hates our President & works with the left.

  16. I hope my Senator, Dian Feinstien at lasts drops political posturing and affiliation to act only as an American and especially tomorrow, at last acts on the behalf of the taxpayers she represents.

  17. We are living in the Twilight Zone. Donald Trump stating completely false claims which we now consider normal. I mean, straight BULLSHIT coming from his INSANE BRAIN. He has the chance to FIX Obamacare, but instead DOES NOTHING. Just keeps on blaming others because his plan is even WORSE than the ACA. Hell, I could do that job AND play golf at the same time. Easy. Pay me money instead, at least I won't lie to you about this bullshit.

  18. They look like some kind of stepford religious cult willing to sacrifice their children, and everyone elses. for his highness tRump.

  19. Do all of these people think that fully privatized healthcare will provide them with high quality plans at a low premium?
    Do they actually believe that the Obamacare itself raised their premiums?
    Do they believe that insurance providers WANT to cheaply cover people with pre-existing conditions and for some reason aren't allowed to by Obamacare?
    Are people in our country dense enough to believe that they would be better off if healthcare was totally un-regulated?
    That insurers, hospital conglomerates and even family practice doctors would all cut their own profits in the name of the greater good?

    I guess anyone who would have voted for a man who epitomizes the worst of excess wealth… wouldn't have a clue that its all about making the rich richer and the poor… dead.

  20. Thank U…
    Epidermolysis Bullosa is a sad disease! My Son has it— He needs some kind of health care of TN Care n TN.

  21. This is all bullshit. Total bullshit. My gf lives with EB and because of the new changes to the opioid policy, she cannot receive her narcotic pain medication anymore. We called Blue Cross Anthem, her insurance provider and they said that because of the Federal government, they are no longer authorizing Tylenol with Codeine. So basically, this guy, this President, is using EB as a pawn in taking down Obamacare.

    EB is a chronic condition, which has no cure. The fact that our federal government can limit the supply of this medication is CRIMINAL. The war on drugs affects no one but the people who actually need narcotic pain medication. I sincerely hope that the cabinet and the President reads this comment, because someone has got to put a stop to this.

  22. Would have been nice if insensitive Trump would have smiled at the children. Instead he saves his smiles for the adults!

  23. pluck 'em out, an paint 'm back on. That's okay she won't be needing them to keep the sweat out of her eyes like what they're there for. Vanity is a business too…Israel has perpetual health care, that I bought for them. Why don't we?..We have a line at every pharmacy, and debt to our own money, FUCK YOU… Genetically modified food makes genetic health conditions, Monsanto… Afflicted children is a business…Can't have a mega health care system without creating unhealthy people…Insurance companies need your sickness… Capital means extreme punishment, investment means to place under siege… Get your heads out of your wallets and your asses, and use your heart. Money is not the answer, capital materialism and consumerism is your path away from salvation… Absolutely sure that humanity is an abomination to Earth, God, and all that is Right…

  24. What president would ignore a strategically placed handicapped child in a wheelchair? Stupid, JK Rowling! My favourite part starts at 10:53 however.

  25. My grandparents were too poor for Obamacare. They applied every year and were told this every year. They had to pay a penalty for not having healthcare at the end of the year.
    If it's free and "your right" why are some punished if they can't get it?
    My papaw is a Vietnam veteran.

    Really hope he makes healthcare cheaper. Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only thing available in my area and with a job with "BENEFITS" it is still around $240-270 a month for me a single mom and my son (I can't remember the exact amount)
    I just remember crying my eyes out pregnant finding out how much this was gonna cost me and I did CNA work in an Alzeihmers unit but I'm not CNA certified. My son and I are very healthy so I can't see why I would pay THAT MUCH for something I don't use much!

    I'm forced to stay poor to keep my "free" healthcare (which YOU are paying for btw). Obamacare ruins opportunities and the chance for me to grow financially. Please make something happen Mr. President.

  26. Where are the Asian kids parents? Where are people of other ethnic groups and are the ears on the guy next to eyebrows winking at me. If those two Asian kids are adopted why are they dressed alike and they are not twins but all the other kids are dressed differently from each other

  27. In 1999 this dumb fucking Prick was for Universal Healthcare and Pro-Abortion. Fuck this guy and everyone who voted for him. Morons.

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