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Hi everyone and welcome to PRIME Fitness. My name is Taofique and today I’m going to be taking you through a power and
strength upper-body workout. Strength training is one of the most
important elements to your regime. It’s really good for improving your bone
density and excellent for improving your posture. So I’m going to take you through
seven exercises and you get to choose your level. Beginners intermediate or
advanced. I want to take you through nice and slowly, talking about technique and
form and then we get to hit the workout together. So guys exercise number one is
your wide push up. You want to make sure your hands are wider than shoulder-width
apart, extend the legs. As you come down the elbows go about 45 degrees. Chest to
the floor, press through the hands, squeeze up. Alternatively you can take
your knees down. For this one though guys we’re gonna have a nice slow tempo. Down for four counts and up for one. We go down four, three, two, one. Push up
one. Exercise number two is your tricep dip. You can do this on a chair or table.
Walk your feet away from the body, keeping your chest lifted. You’re going
to bend at the elbow joint. Go in your full depth 90 degrees, press through the
hands and squeeze up. Like your first exercise we’re going to do this with a
really slow tempo. You go down four, three, two, one. Extend for one. Down four, three, two, one. Up for one Squeezing the triceps at the
end of the move. Okay guys, so exercise number three is your shoulder push up.
Firstly you want to find your downward dog position, Walking your feet in
towards the hands. Keeping the glutes up in the air and we’re just going to turn
the fingertips to face each other from here we’ve bend at the elbow bringing
the top of the head to the floor and extend. Alternatively you can do this with
bent knees as well. So our fourth exercise is going to be
your plank walkouts. You want to find your plank position. Shoulders in line
with the wrists. Glutes nice and tight, abdominals engaged and all we’re gonna
do is walk our feet away from the hands going as far as you can until you feel
the stretch in the chest and then slowly walk the feet back in, returning
shoulders above the wrists. So now on to exercise number five. This
is your narrow push-up with a row we’re gonna make sure your hands again are
line with the wrists, bringing the chest all the way down to the floor and then
we’re going to drive up through the hands and row one arm. Making sure we
don’t over extend the neck just glancing directly in between the hands. So onto exercise number six. Your
lying bicep leg curl. For this guys I’m just going to lie back take the knees in line with the hips, holding on to your hamstrings, you’re
going to create resistance using your legs. So as you pull you’re also going to
push with your legs creating a contraction in the bicep and
for our final exercise guys we’re going to be doing skull crushers. So this one
we create a triangle with the forearms make sure your palms are feet on the
floor step it back into your plank position
then we’re going to push through the hands taking all the body weight onto
the hands to control down bring in both arms down together, making sure that the
glutes are tight and we don’t hyperextend in the hips. Keep the
tailbone tucked under. Alternatively guys you can also take the
knees down making sure we keep the hips forward
exactly the same. Push up. Control down. Right let’s get into the workout. So we have seven exercises. I’m going to be doing the intermediate level which is 45
seconds with 15 seconds rest. So get your stopwatches ready or your clocks and we’re in. So starting off with your wide push ups. Nice and controlled. Elbows go back 45 degrees. Ten seconds three.. two.. one. Great work guys. For the
next exercise we’ll need to use a table stool or chair. Going into our tricep dips. Keep your abs nice and tight. Guys, last few reps. Stay
with it. Stay with it. that’s three… two and one.
Whoa it’s burning. All right guys, 10 seconds then we gonna take it back down to the floor. All right guys now we’ve got our narrow shoulder push-ups yeah? Let’s
turn the hands in, bums in the air, top of the head comes down alright guys keep going! So the regression for this guys is just
have your knees bent. It’s still on your toes. You can also have your knees completely down. Right guys, going into our next exercise it’s your plank. Abs nice and tight. Walk the feet out as far as you can go. Squeeze! Final ten That’s five. Good work guys.
Give your hands a little shake off. Grab that water if you need it. Alright guys, so now we have narrow
push ups with a row. Remember the row is optional. So narrows, your hands need to be directly under your shoulders. Here we go guys 20 seconds that’s halfway. Also for this
guy’s you can regress it. You can take your knees down as well. Final five. Great, we get to lie down on
this one guys. Lying bicep curls. In five. Hold on to the backs of your legs and
gonna squeeze our biceps and contract. Keep that resistance. 20 seconds guys. Five seconds. All right
guys, made it to the final exercise, skull crushes. So we want to have our hands in a triangle for this. Push up with the hands. Control out. Again guys, you can regress this and have your knees down Final ten seconds Five. Last rep! I hope you enjoyed the workout and hope
you’re feeling the pump now. So guys training is not just about the aesthetic
and looking good, especially with your strength training. Strength training is
one of the most important things in my life which just gives me discipline and
focus. It’s important that our muscles are in a good condition, a perfect
condition, so you can do everyday things. Whether that’s just carrying your
shopping bags or moving house. So guys just remember, love yourself. Hey everyone and thank you so much for
watching. Don’t forget like, subscribe and leave us a comment.

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