Primum Non Nocere – Religion and Healthcare

The fact that they can’t get, receive sterilizations or abortions at a Catholic health service facility is not a form of suffering at all. As a matter of fact, that we’re protecting
them from evil things that can happen to them. She said that was it a, uh, Catholic hospital and that the hospital had to follow their religious directives. When I first went to the hospital I had no
idea or understand that it was a Catholic hospital and that they would base their decisions upon my medical care, um, based upon their religious directives. The Catholic hospital we went to for treatment couldn’t treat us because they were Catholic so they sent us to a public hospital who couldn’t treat us because the Catholic hospital didn’t send the records. She said that every doctor within my network, every gynecologist within my network was operating under the same rules, The Catholic Initiative. That, because I wanted birth control and then had a type of birth control that they didn’t agree with, that they wouldn’t help a person that came to them bleeding and in pain and asking “please help me!” and being turned away.

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