Problem on Moment of Inertia of C Section – Moment of Inertia – Strength of Materials

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  1. hie I don't get why on shape  3 (y bar) is  5 istead of 195 since our reference point is at the bottom base, so I thought on shape 3 Ad^2 was  500(195-100)^2 instead of 500(100-5)^ pliz

  2. What is the physical interpretation of product of inertia ? e.g. in beams the area moment of inertia is resistance to bending and in dynamics mass moment of inertia is resistance to rotation then what does product of inertia means?

  3. I took my axis system the same way you did, however i split the shapes to be so that the flanges would be seen as 2 sets of 40×10 and a web of 200×10 if you get what im trying to say. This way my x centroid comes to 34mm? is that still a correct method

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  5. a wooden log of 0.6m diameter and 5m length is floating in river water. Find the depth of the wooden log in water when specific gravity of log is 0.7?
    Plz give me the solution of ths question.

  6. sir how this section symmetrical about x axis? cg of each section has different the x-x axis of each section is different. plz clear the confusion. what is the concept for symmetry of a section?

  7. Sir since we know that this section is symmetrical about X axis then why should we find MI about xx axis as well?
    Please sir clearify me

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