Problem on Unknown Load ‘P’ and Total Elongation – Stress and Strain – Strength of Materials

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  1. sir. since from engineering till now (4 years) i have never understood this concept. u made me understand within 20 mins. guru ji. u r great… u r my som guru.

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  3. very very thank full to u sir for giveing such a brief and easy lecture on SOM i got a hope of upstanding in this subject thank u is small word for you sir

  4. dear sir some videos are showing like private video and they are not opening please solve this problem

  5. thank u sir for this problem it would be very help ful for my exam sir please make more videos on design of gears and design of engine parts related to vtu univercity

  6. Sir, your way of explaining is superb. Do you have any other video for a problem with a member fixed at rigid plates at both end?

  7. sir isko hamara sir nehi accept karti he, please sir clarifay me why this happen basically principle if superposition

  8. Sir this is similar to superposition principle . But I have a doubt in superposition principle that is"y that principle is not applicable for larger deformation s yy . That is in the starting only we assume that deformation on that body is small . Can u pls explain me how the text or by sending any link of the vedio . Pls reply me

  9. Sir you are great . Once this problems were very here for me to understand but now I am able to understand this after seeing this video. Thank you very much for help us Sir🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  11. Thanks you so much Sirji for your great explaination, and thanks for the making this video I understand all the problems of analysis of bars of varying sections..😘

  12. The following results were obtained in a tensile test on a mild steel specimen of original diameter 20 mm and gauge length 40 mm = 80 kN Load at limit of proportionality Extension at 80 kN load Load at yield point Maximum load 0.048 mm -85 kN -150 kN When the two parts were fitted together after being broken, the length between gauge length was found to be 55.6 mm and the diameter at the neck was 15.8 mm. Calculate Young's modulus, yield stress, ultimate tensile stress, percentage elongation and percentage reduction in area. IA ns. 213 kN/rn m2; 270 N/mm, 478 N/mm. ; 39%, 38%) what is the solution steps?

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