Protect Women’s Health Care: Our Courts

More than any single piece of legislation or executive order, the biggest threat to women’s reproductive freedom is Donald Trump’s authority to name federal judges. Do you want the court to overturn Roe v Wade? That’ll happen automatically in my opinion because I am putting pro-life justices on the court. He made good on that promise by getting his anti-choice pick, Neal Gorsuch, onto the bench to serve for the rest of his life. But the real scope of Trump’s power to reshape the judiciary goes beyond that Trump is quickly and quietly stacking federal courts with little-known judges who will be able to impose new restrictions on
abortion for generations. Just since January Trump got three federal appeals judges and two federal district judges confirmed by the Senate. This is more than Presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush got each of the first six months combined. Trump’s Judicial picks are backed by conservative groups like the Federalist Society And the Susan B Anthony List that oppose Roe V Wade. Donald Trump will have more power over the courts than any other president in our lifetimes. He took office with more judicial vacancies than any president in
the past three decades It is up to us to make sure Donald Trump does not get to
pack the courts against women’s rights without a fight Go to
to learn more

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